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Donations can be made to:
Justice for Shellie
1083 Independece Blvd. #163
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Students for Justice for Shellie was formed in May of 2011 to publicize the murder of Shellie Carson. Ali Kovac founded the group to spread awareness and bring closure to the Carson Family. She has been involved with the case since February of 2009, where she attended civic meetings and raised money to put an ad in the Virginian Pilot, marking the 5th anniversary of Shellie Carson’s death.

This group wants to explore new ideas to raise awareness of Shellie’s cold case through new avenues. Formerly ads have been put in newspapers and segments on local news channels, but the responses were luke-warm. The 15 executive members of Justice for Shellie brainstormed new avenues to support the newly formed Cold Case Homicide Unit, share updates, and ultimately receive tips. So far, Justice for Shellie has set up a website, Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail accounts and put a billboard up on Virginia Beach Boulevard. We hope that our social networking will get the word out faster about fundraisers, allow anyone to input their ideas, and widen our support group.

We are presently exploring the idea of retaining a noted Criminal Profiler to lead community participation in an open, online dialogue on Shellie’s murder. Stay tuned as we are working out the legal aspect.

Students for Justice for Shellie Objectives

  • Increase and renew public awareness of Shellie Carson’s murder and the up to $40,000 reward
  • Use various media events and high visibility methods to encourage citizens to report information to the Virginia Beach Cold Case Unit that will result to the arrest and conviction of Shellie’s killer(s)
  • Arrange media coverage for fundraisers and events (such as the billboard, memorial bench rededication, etc.)
  • Upkeep and success with our website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts
  • Encourage broad student participation
  • Bring awareness to the youth in the community of the potential danger of risky behavior
  • Give students a valuable project to enhance civic awareness and community involvement


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