Darla’s Question – If Someone Talks Will They Get the Reward?

Written by Clarke Kent

A simple question and a simple answer, NO. They will not get the $40,000 reward that Bill had it in one of his accounts that was mixed with other assets and I assume inheritance money was passed on via Bill’s will. I, however made an effort to bring up the $40,000, however relatives acting for other was not interested in my plea and proceeded as if it was part of the inheritance. Bill and I signed a legal document when we hired our attorney, which called for each to contribute 50% to the monthly fees until the lawsuit was concluded. I had brought this up and again the relative acting for the estate ignored my plea and proceeded with collection of all assets and the distribution of the Carson assets as dictated by the will. It was  very somber time for myself to see the greed as they collected all assets for their own benefit and ignored me and the justice for Shellie. Bill and Charlotte, if alive to see this relative combine their assets and completely turned their backs to Justice for Shellie was the most REPREHENSIBLE to me, personally as well as to everyone who participated in helping to fine Justice for Shellie.

The money we helped build for the reward was turned over to relatives with no thought of those who contributed.

P.S. There are relatives who do not know the true story as they had no knowledgeable input.

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Why Was BW Highlighted by J4S

Written by Clarke Kent

I was notified after my Anonymous Source revealed that BW was arrested and charged with the manufacturing/ Etc Controlled Substance (18.2-250) on 11/7/14. On 11/10/14 I reviewed and emailed another email stating that “I have a great opportunity to get a contact to actually speak about what he/she knows for fact regarding the murder due to the fact they are facing 15+ years for the meth lab charge. I know the contact is already talking as they were able to somehow get a not guilty on one of the charges only after being arrested Friday night and the verdict entered today too quick for a possession of Schedule I/II  with intent to be dropped and found not guilty. I believe the person gave up the owners of the lab. If so this may be very beneficial to us if MS2 was given as one of the names.”

Justice has documentary information on BW that explains her motive and fear for her life. My source for this information is Anonymous Source who had told me that BW was impregnated by MS2 and “BW is knowledgeable to an extent what she knows I’ve already told you [observed Shellie’s murder], but she lives every moment in serious fear, she is terrified MS2 or someone else will find out she’s talking…she has been told by MS2…if she even thinks about talking she will be killed the same exact way Shellie was except this time she get to live her own hell…BW was raped by MS2.”

Your opinions?

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Miranda – VBPD Quash Odd Unless…Someone…Meth Lab…Investigation

Written by Clarke Kent

Miranda on a comment on Puzzle Point #2 “VBPD Quashed Subpoena” make the statement. “All of this seems odd to me. I have no idea how anything even relating to DK would end up in Shellie’s file unless there is someone from the meth lab that they might be investigating in connection [murder case]. Seems strange all the way around, but of course that is only my opinion.”

Putting the puzzle pieces  together after all is finding the right piece that fits, in other words, finding the connection between pieces. In my first puzzle piece entitled “Litigation and Research Helped Define the Puzzle” and the initial communication begine to put a puzzle piece together. I revealed this email frames the essence of Duke’s concern and motive. Her concern that around threats on her life and family. After reading her email I knew that MS2 was the one she really was concerned about. A dead giveaway was her telling me that he was getting out of jail. At this point we had no idea that MS2 was incarcerated, however she highlighted this point. This simple fact caused us to investigate MS2 thru the Circuit District Court System in Va Beach, however we couldn’t locate where MS2 was incarcerated, however a tip pinpointed North Carolina. To our amazement we visited the court system and made copies of what transpired. Right now I will only say we confirmed Duke’s email on him being released from incarceration. We will deal with what we learned which in itself is a blockbuster.

In conclusion, Miranda makes the connection – Someone (MS2); meth lab (MS2) and murder investigation MS2. When I came to that conclusion it forced me into discovering Duke’s motivation and guided me to realizing that she was trying to protect someone who would benefit from the Justice for Shellie website/blog disappearing for good.

Could a piece of the puzzle be linked?

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VBPD Quashes Subpoena – Does It Tell A Story?

Written by Clarke Kent

Puzzle Piece #2

During the three depositions Plaintiff DK would answer questions concerning the meth lab episode with a blanket statement that it was turned over to the VBPD. Not once could she produce evidence that she was being stalked, etc, etc. She had no evidence and her rationale was she turned it over to police.

As defendants we needed information to bolster our case and prove that J4S was not involved with sending people to harass her. With that said, it was decided to look at what she was reporting to VBPD and to that end we subpoenaed her records at the police department. What we found out was unexpected and a huge surprise to defendants and attorney. It appears that our request was quashed with the reason being #1 “The information requested by counsel is part of the investigation file for an active homicide investigation being conducted by the VBPD’s Cold Case Unit related to the 2005 death of Mary Rachel Carson” it continues with #2 “Pursuant to Rule 4:1(b) of the Supreme Court of Virginia and the criminal investigative files privilege; the requested investigative files and their contents are privileged and not subject to mandatory release. See In re: Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of State Police, 1978 Va. LEXIS; 41 VA. Cir. 571; Decker v. Watson, 54 VA. Cir. 493 (2001); and Harrington v. Roessler, 2014 Va. Vir. LEXIS 106 (Case law is attached collectively to this motion as Exhibit A.).”

“#3. Because the criminal investigation of this matter is still pending and part of an active and ongoing investigation, the City invokes such privilege pending resolution of the criminal investigation and any subsequent criminal proceedings that may take place in order not to interfere with any ongoing investigation or eventual prosecution of the matter. ”

“WHEREFORE, the City requests that this Court grant its Motion to Quash. If the Court makes requisite findings and other disclosure of some or all of the items sought, the City in the alternate requests a protective order regarding secondary dissemination, the specific provisions of which the City asks leave to propose.”

My opinion as your opinion and thinking is requested and important in putting the sub information in the puzzle piece (2) entitled Quashed Subpoena.

Why would a request in an entirely different criminal charge of the meth lab and Shellie’s murder, all be captured in the Carson murder file. The Carson file after 14+ years of investigation must be huge. The question is does this in any way infer that it was a dual investigation and Plaintiff’s involvement is linked to a murder investigation. My opinion is that this quashing of the Subpoena indicates a link to the Carson case.

Your thinking and comments are solicited.


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Wolfman Revisited – New Evidence Explored

Written by Clarke Kent

On April 12, 2019 Justice was contacted by a source  to be named Anon CCC, stating “I have some personal information that is…most probably directly related to Shellie Carson’s tragic murder…I would really appreciate a contact from someone from the investigation…I was present along the same path at the same time as Shellie. I have information.”

Justice responded immediately and an interview was set up and Justice has learned some new evidence presented at the meeting. Two young women, 23ish, got together and had a friendly time together at Anon CCC’s house. A few drinks and smokes and much laughter. It was about 2 am on August 14, and they needed to get more cigarettes so they decided to bike to the 7-11 store. Together they both biked to the 7-11 store, picked up their cigarettes, socialized, left the 7-11 and started the return home, however they decide to stop at the duck pond and took a break for a drink and some smokes that lasted 30 to 40 minutes enjoying themselves. They then biked to CCC’s friend’s home and when CCC reached the corner to her street she observed a person who recognized as JS however JS turned from her view and changed direction to avoid her. At this time one estimates it was early morning and the sun was rising. Estimate time close to 6 AM. She thought it was peculiar and took note.

The relevance was that when she learned of Shellie’s murder, she recognized JS and her seeing JS at about the same times as when the body of Shellie was discovered. That has bothered her ever since and as she tried to tell the police she brushed aside and got nowhere. She wanted someone to listen to her.

I spent over 2 hours with her including an exact trip in her car to the exact places she was that early morning of Shellie’s murder. She was very specific on where she observed JS and I saw the area and took note.

Why is this important? It is important because JS was known at that time as “Wolfman” and was a teenager who was described to Justice as weird, spooky and different. He also was known to roam the neighborhood at all hours of the night and day. One person said that he was known to sleep in a tent behind his house. The police, early on, considered him a prime suspect. The day after the murder, police executed a search warrant at his residence on Kemps Lake Drive. His house is one block from where Shellie’s body was discovered. The only point of interest is that with the warrant and affidavit was signed by a judge to allow the execution of the warrant. We have tried to get a copy of the evidence supporting the action and it is sealed. If a piece of the affidavit considers an alibi concerning the whereabouts of Wolfman between the hours of 4 AM and 6 AM, the information from Anon CCC could contest that as Anon CCC was positive that she encountered JS between the hours just prior to sunrise on Aug 14, 2005. Since we don’t know what is in the affidavit, this information is a small piece that may or may not interest the VBPD.

Anon CCC also brings up the point that conflicts with an article written by Duane Bourne’s headline stating that “Va Beach Police Shift Focus of Homicide Inquiry.” It relates that “Days after police searched a home in King’s Grant for clues…the investigation has shifted towards the last place she was seen alive. Investigators want to talk to anyone who stopped by the 7-11 store at 425 King’s Grant Rd between 2 and 5 AM Sunday.”

Anon CCC states they were at the 7-Eleven as well as spending time at the local duck pond between these hours and were never contacted by the VBPD. The video Anon CCC states would identify them at the 7-Eleven at the time police requested.

In conclusion we have identified two areas of interest to VBPD. Anon CCC 1. being at the 7-Eleven but never contacted and 2. Eye witness of JS at the location at sunrise on Sunday, Aug 14, 2005 at approximate time the body of Shellie was discovered.

I would urge you to read November 12, 2012 “Wolfman” – An Early Obstacle to Early Resolution, as well as December 4, 2016 entitled “Wolfman Affidavit Indicates Rationale for Search Warrant” and Feb 18, 2016 entitled “First Focus is Wolfman – Focus Shifts to 7- Eleven.”


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Litigation and Research Helps Define the Puzzle

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice digests what we learned during the 3 plus years of litigation and research as a big puzzle concerning plaintiff motive of bringing a frivolous lawsuit. Her motivation may tell a different story when we put the pieces together. With that said, I have decided to approach the puzzle issue by discussing what was learned piece by piece. In other words, we must look at each piece separately, piece by piece. Each sub-story is a puzzle piece, and while they alone have value, together they tell a story.

An important point prior to me commencing what I learned, there will be factual exhibits I will attach as well as my opinions. I must advise readers that they themselves must read what I write, ponder what is said and make your own conclusion. Justice welcomes your comments, suggestions and your opinion. We will listen along with other readers.

Today I will give you your first puzzle piece. It is entitled Puzzle Piece A and called “Initial Communication”

Puzzle Piece A – The initial communication occurred while on vacation with my wife, outside of the USA. This occurred with 16 urgent emails on December 29, 2014 at 10:41 AM by Duke. I received an email that only said “Is this private email to Clarke Kent?” and ended on January 1, 2015 at 8:30 AM with Duke writing “Bring Bill. would be great. What pseudo name is the other person?” The fifth email revealed the most salient point on Duke’s concern. I attach a copy of the email with name redacted, but with initials. This 5th email frames the essence of Duke’s concern and motive. Her concern centered around threats on her life and family. After reading her email I knew that MS2 was the one she really was concerned about. A dead giveaway was her telling me that he was getting out of jail. At this point we had no idea that MS2 was incarcerated, however she highlighted this point. This simple fact caused us to investigate MS2 thru the Circuit District Court System in Va Beach, however we couldn’t locate where MS2 was incarcerated, however a tip pinpointed North Carolina. To our amazement we visited the court system and made copies of what transpired. Right now I will only say we confirmed Duke’s email on him being released from incarceration. We will deal with what we learned which in itself is a blockbuster.

It is my opinion that Duke had a connection to MS2 to know that he was incarcerated and date of release.

Duke opened a Pandora’s Box to understand some kind of unholy connection with MS2. What we discovered will be discussed in other puzzle pieces, however that is another piece of the puzzle.

Please remember the above is my opinion and I welcome your comments. Alone this puzzle piece has worth, however the puzzle will tell a story.

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Defendant on the Offense

Written by Clarke Kent

Defendent’s attorney recently filed a motion in the Virginia Beach Circuit Court (Civil Case No CL15-5499 in which she cites section 230 of the Communication Decency Act. Basically it states that “No provider or user of interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker and can’t be held liable for defamation for comments posted to the blog by others. Bottom line in Section 230 defendant is not liable. As stated by my attorney the defendant (me) “cannot be found liable for defamation for comments posted to the blog by others, or for information obtained from others that has not been altered from the original meaning.” Defendant (me) has spent more than three years and $34,667.77 in attorney fees and costs defending himself from Plaintiff (DK) and unwarranted allegations. Defendant seeks $34,667.77 in legal fees.

Attachment of three pages below.


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Going Forward and Getting Back to Justice for Shellie

Written by Clarke Kent

During my first three plus years of this lawsuit my quest was to understand why this plaintiff sued me and Mr. Carson. I, at all times, believed that this lawsuit was an attempt to get money from me and Mr. Carson as well as an effort to intimidate us, as well as close down the website/blog of Justice for Shellie. I note here that the plaintiff DK was never the focus of our investigation into the murder of Shellie Carson. She was a bit player in an episode that may or may not be connected to the murder. We were interested in BW, who was arrested at a meth lab and that was our focus of interest. We have heard that BW may have been at the murder site and may have information to share with the LE in exchange for a plea deal in her arrest. It was DK, the plaintiff, who inserted herself in this case. We had absolutely no interest in her or her son, however thru her intrusion she inserted herself in the website/blog with intense negativity. We did learn that her motivation would be key to understanding why she manufactured a frivolous, sham and spurious, unwarranted lawsuit. We did learn (from her testimony under oath) that she did have conversations with one person we believe may be connected to the murder case. We also were anxious to discover other information on the plaintiff that would be helpful in our litigation as well as Justice for Shellie.

I will share my opinion and let readers evaluate, ponder and come to their own conclusions. I may publish documents publicly available that I believe to be helpful in our quest to uncover the murderer of Shellie Carson.

I will post at least once a week that which I have discovered, bit by bit, for readers to evaluate and debate among themselves pieces of the puzzle that confront us.

Tomorrow will the be the first of many posts delving into what I learned thru our lawsuit. Alone they have worth – together they tell a story.

Special note from Miranda:

Due to the lack of posting because of the lawsuit, the site may not always post your comments right away, as it gets back in to a rhythm, just like Clarke and myself will be doing. As we start posting again, if your comments end up in moderation, we ask that you be patient with us in approving those comments as soon as possible. I typically get notifications on my phone for posts that are placed in moderation and will approve the posts as soon as I am able, which should take no more than an hour or so (could be minutes). However, if your post does not appear within 24 hours, please leave another comment to let me know or send an email to Justice and I will check the SPAM folder to ensure that it didn’t slip that far down. This way, I can pull it from the SPAM folder and get it posted ASAP.

Tips for avoiding moderation:

-Do not use any last names, especially of persons of interest. This is a direct violation of one of the very few rules we have here at Justice for Shellie. If you have a tip that includes a last name, please email us so that we may get in touch and either pass the information to the detectives, or discuss the information that you have with you and proceed as you would like. All tips and information are kept anonymous for the safety of all involved and that is a rule that we never break. In addition, you can contact the cold case detectives directly if you have information, but Justice is also here to help get that information to the proper people should you be looking for a way to submit the information without revealing your identity. Justice will never out an individual who is providing information and fears for their safety or just simply wants privacy.

-Do not place more than two links is a post. While we LOVE when people provide a source for the information they are providing, by putting more than two links in the post, you will increase your chances of getting pinged as being a spammer because typically spammers are posting multiple links that they make money from. If your post needs to include more than two links and you do not want to make more than one comment, please just be patient as I will approve it as soon as I can.

-Do not use multiple or fake email addresses. If the system detects a fake email address, it will automatically put the post in moderation.

Welcome back and thank you so much!


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Quick Clarification on the Nonsuit

Written by Clarke Kent

On April 4, at a motion brought by us to preclude the plaintiff from presenting evidence of economic loss as alleged in the complaint because of her failure to produce complete and unredacted tax returns (as twice ordered by Circuit Court judges), plaintiff’s counsel advised Judge Lewis that the plaintiff would take a nonsuit in this lawsuit. This meant that the complaint against me was withdrawn without an adjudication on its merits. (By law, any plaintiff, before the case goes to a judge or jury, can voluntarily withdraw his/her complaint against a defendant.) The plaintiff can file a new lawsuit on the same cause of action (for the same thing) but has a deadline within which to do so. In this case, we believe she must file a new complaint for defamation within six months or simply let it go.

Justice wanted the suit to go to trial, but that was not to be.

Please stay tuned for our next post which will be entitled – Going forward and getting back to Justice for Shellie.

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Judge Issues a Nonsuit vs Plaintiff (DK) – Trial on Hold

Written by Clarke Kent

On April 1, 2019, our motion as heard before Judge Lewis in the Virginia Beach Circuit Court (civil case #C215-5499) and a judgement was rendered against the plaintiff (DK) of a Nonsuit. A Nonsuit is a judgement rendered against the plaintiff who “fail to proceed to trial.” There are voluntary Nonsuit those that fail to proceed to trial and involuntary Nonsuit for those unable to prove a case. This legal decision is like a dismissal of the case, however a vital factor is missing. It does not address the merits of the case and therefore because of the adjudication is made when the complainant (DK) has simply failed to provide evidence sufficient to make a case, it does not decide the merits of her course of action and does not preclude her from bringing it up again. The term is sometimes broadly applied to various terminations of an action which does not amount to a judgement on the merits.

Justice’s opinion was that we want the trial to go forward, so that we could reveal information we learned in our investigation of DK and possibly be relevant to our quest for justice for Shellie.

Please stay tuned as we expose aspects of the case that add knowledge and insight that may add value to our quest for justice for Shellie. My question is “is it worth it?”

If so, let me hear from you!


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