New Info Surfaces to Bolster Connection of DK to Shellie’s Case

Written by Clarke Kent

The question is what part is DK playing with her unholy association with MS2. I can understand that VBPD don’t want to reveal any information on DK that is in the VBPD files, but why did her meth lab episode have to do with Shellie’s murder? We were requesting her information on her contention of sending info to the LE regarding her problems associated with the blog. If it was related to the meth lab wouldn’t it (being) in a meth lab episode file since it was a drug case, not a murder investigation. Why would VBPD be putting all new information in a murder case investigation? With her revelation of her unholy association with MS2 and the LE contacting her civil attorney as well as the quashing of our subpoena certainly raises questions of her involvement with MS2 and Shellie’s murder case. It certainly raises more questions.

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VBPD Contacts DK’s Attorney – What Does that Reveal?

Written by Clarke Kent

I attended a hearing regarding the lawsuit between myself and plaintiff DK. The procedure was recorded and held in circuit court on Tuesday, June 4 at 4 OM. The attorney for DK revealed in his presentation that the VBPD contacted him regarding a recent post by Clarke Kent on our website/blog.

He did not reveal any other facts about why he was contacted, however the recent posts covered MS2 and DK’s unholy association and MS2 imprint on DK and her home.

The following post: “MS2 Va Beach, VAQ 23455, Ask Google;” “MS2 “Evidence’s Question: What is DK’s Involvement in the Shellie Carson Case?” 5/10/19 “MS2 Visible Imprint on DK – An Unholy Connection.” 5/9/19 “Plaintiff’s Own Words – Judge for Yourself.” 5/3/19 “DK Reveals MS2 Murder Threats;” 4/28/19 “MS2 Involvement in Va Beach Jail.”

The question Justice has is why the sudden interest in DK via her attorney? What transpired was not revealed, but in sudden interest in DK, MS2, and Shellie Carson’s blog Justice for Shellie? Please read and ponder and see if this has any relevance to help us towards the goal of Justice for Shellie.

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MS2 VaBeach, VA 23452, Ask Google

Written by Clarke Kent

On January 13, 2018 a source sent me a copy from a Google search on Ms2 Virginia Beach, 23453. It appears as MS2 was promoting some sort of business at an address blocked off by Miranda that was at the location of DK home address. I have attached this copy of the Google Search with the information that gives us an address, hours of operation (open 24 hours), a telephone number #918-236-XXXX and a photo of MS2 and the address in the photo. You can also get direction to the DK Gym operated by MS2. We have numerous copies of pages from MS2’s promotion of himself at an address that is DK’s address.

We know from what we learned that DK claimed under oath that she never ran a business from her house and specifically told us she never had a gym business at her house. We also know that whoever was advertising this via Google were paying for the ad time/space. The days open has changed to occasional and hours were published. Someone was using these ads to promote what they were offering. A gym operated all night and day in a home is a real novelty.

What were they setting, by paying good money for people interested to come to a private home 24/7? Were tenants of this address participants? So many questions and what the heck was going on at this location? The DK association with MS2 in an unholy alliance? Why and what was really happening?

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Google Map ID’s MS2 ar DK’s House – What’s Going On?

Written by Clarke Kent

During our investigation of Plaintiff DK we spent a lot of time and effort researching what we believed had to do with her association of MS2 and her home. We start off with Googling MS2 in Virginia Beach, her address and MS2 at the address.

We received numerous accounts of MS2 operating a business at DK’s home. During her deposition, she was adamant that no business ever existed. We pointedly inquired about a gym which she denied.

We followed our research and made copies of dated information that was out there on the internet. We have about 2 years of copies we recovered. We were interested because we wanted to understand “WHAT WAS GOING ON BETWEEN MS2 and DK.” We can speculate of what we were trying to understand and why this information was visible on the internet, yet people were still unaware. We therefore decided to open this questionable oddity for our records to contemplate, discuss and arrive at their own conclusion. With that said I am going to share copies of what we learned. We started off with Googleing MS2 in Virginia Beach, her address and MS2 at her address. Please read and review and we welcome your input and thoughts. We have more specific info to follow.


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Evidence’s Question: What is DK’s Involvement in the Shellie Carson Case?

Written by Clarke Kent

Evidence asks a basic question in trying to understand DK and propose his thoughts thru a question. What is DK’s involvement in the Shellie Carson murder case? To me it’s a basis of her interest in the beginning when Justice broke the story,, that BW was arrested for the operation of a meth lab in Virginia Beach. Please understand from the beginning that there was not a police report at all about the arrest and following the investigation. Justice found out by a tip from a source who knew what was happening. The Source known as Anon Sourcec was well plugged into the goings ons of the cult of kids in Shellie’s age category.

Let me tell you about what we learned while investigating the meth lab episode. We learned that the owner of the storage facility had a recorder on a surveillance camera that included RK and BW. The recording we received was in the last 4 days of the Unit #105. DK had gone to the owner and demanded that he turn it over to DK. All attempts to get possessions of the evidence on the surveillance tape was eventually given to Bill and myself. What DK didn’t know was that we only got the last days prior to the eviction from the unit. The owner told me he was kicking out RK for dealing drugs. I believe that what DK and RK were interested in was the old tape that possibly incriminated on selling drugs.

We found out that DK and RK were the owners of the unit #105 and this was verified by DK in her deposition, when she states that they did rent a unit, however they called it an office and RK was dealing with computers, etc. We also learned that BW was kept in the unit 24/7 by supplying her with drugs and alcohol. When they were evicted BW found another unit that was just open at unit #100. We found out that RK, MS2, CT and MH were involved. On Nov 7, 2014 the meth lab was discovered and BW was the only one present and was then arrested. The question Evidence aasked was what is DK’s involvement in the Shellie Carson case? We know that MS2 had a party at DK’s home in 2003 and was a close friend with MS2. My thinking is that there is a connection between MS2, DK, RK, BW and the Shellie Carson case. ONLY MS2 is linked as a person of interest in her murder.

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MS2 Visible Imprint on DK – An Unholy Connection

Written by Clarke Kent

While DK accused MS2 of threatening her, and threatening to kill her and her family, her actions reveal an entirely different story. Is she in face creating a subterfuge to eradicate the J4S website in an effort to appease MS2? What power and influence does MS2 have over DK, that forces her into an unholy association? Is it in fact part of her strategy to prevent J4S from proceeding further to find justice for Shellie?

Her actions and participation in an effort to destroy J4s and myself is obvious to anyone reading her trying to blame J4s for all of her problems. Everything from being blacklisted in her community and shunned by all as well as her reputation being destroyed along with being followed, surveilled, yelled at and even hit by a passing vehicle with objects. She claims J4S caused her neighbors to be left with excessive litter. And repeated occurrences of fraud on her accounts. I could go on, however J4s website is being accused of doing everything possible to destroy her life and reputation.

When during deposition she was asked to prove what she stated and she could not produce any evidence or document to support her claims.

Is this not proof that something or someone is pushing to destroy and neutralize the efforts of J4S? MS2 visibility is imprinted on DK and her home. An unholy association exists.

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Plaintiff’s Own Words – Judge for Yourself

Written by Clarke Kent

I will be presenting actual quotes from documents in the litigation of what DK stated during the three plus years of the litigation. I’m starting with some of her answers to questions in Defendants Second Interrogatories dated September 26, 2017. My personal opinion is that after three plus years of litigation I can only describe her as a disjointed, malicious and vicious person, who I found to be very repulsive. Please read and ponder what she stated in her own words under oath with an open mind.

  1. DK to J4S – “I have become a target in my community.”

    Question: Please identify any negative consequences that have occurred at your job…that you contend are a direct or indirect result of the website/blog J4S?

    Question 2: How was your reputation harmed?

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DK Reveals MS2 Murder Threat

Written by Clarke Kent

On December 29, 2014 at 2:41 PM I received an email from Duke (DK) in which she states “I am trying to prevent the murder of BW, RK and their families by[redacted] , [redacted], and MS2…Your posts of meth lab and court are skewed and much of it is inaccurate.¬† You are facilitating those meth addicts by giving tout information about victims and their families and posting it. Redact all the information off the website immediately. MS2 READS YOUR SITE AND GETS OUT OF JAIL TOMORROW [capitals added to add emphasis of importance and told me immediately who was the person person threatening her and her family. It could not be clearer.

The state of North Carolina charges MS2 with (File # 15CRS123) Possession of Methamphetamine Precursor after his arrest on October 16, 2014. Defendant MS2 pleaded guilty and “the court having considered evidence, arguments of counsel and statements from defendant orders that the above offenses, in more than one, be consolidated for judgement and defendant [MS2] be imprisoned for a minimum term of 19 months for a maximum of 32 months.” The court now continues with “Subject to the conditions set below, the execution of this sentence is suspended and the defendant is placed on supervised probation for 18 months. MS2 was required to pay $1955.00 as restitution, attorney’s fees, costs and other fees.” MS2 also got credit for 47 days spent in confinement prior to the date of this judgement. The probation was supervised and required him to “enroll into the rehabilitation program and be at house arrest until enrolled and from 8 pm to 6 am for 7 days a week not interfere with his employment.

So MS2 as stated in DK’s email to me on 12/29/14 was correct and MS2 was allowed probation. What DK failed to reveal is how did MS2 have all the information of what was being stated about the meth lab arrest. How did he get any information since he was incarcerated from Oct 16, 2014 and the meth lab arrest was on Nov 7, 2014? How was he communicating to her and how did she learn about his death threat against her family and herself? How does she have to support this threat from a N.C. jail. This is another in a long line off links, connected with her. There is an unholy connection that we are seeing¬† in their connections. It does not pass the smell test. See attached court documents.

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Information Concerning BW/RK/DK – Judge for Yourself

Written by Clarke Kent

As I begin to write this post, I want readers to understand that this is my opinion on what I learned in working for J4rS. I want to try to explain how these 3 people are connected. I am leaning very heavily on an anonymous source who has in the past been very accurate. I will present 3 separate emails that I feel helps tell the story. Before I begin I just want to explain clearly that there were two separate storage units that were in a storage facility on Virginia Beach Blvd. Unit #105 was opened June 10, 2014 and closed on September 10, 2014 and was rented by RK and DK. The second unit #101 and was opened after unit 105 was closed down. Unit 101 on November 7, 2014 was raided by police and BW was charged with operating a meth lab. The only links between them were that BW was physically there 24/7 and RK’s name was associated with both units as well as DK’s involvement with the owner of the facility.

2) 11/14/2014 (3:19 PM) and 1) 11/21/14 (10:03 AM)

It is obvious that BW was duped into being there 24/7 and given alcohol and drugs to keep her there. RK had her strung out so she wouldn’t leave the unit. Remember she had a 5 year old son and she stayed with the drugs.

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MS2 Inmate in Va Beach Jail

Written By Clarke Kent

On December 28, 2018 MS2 started what we believe is a 6 month incarceration in Virginia Beach Jail. His booking number is #18-014814 and his permanent Identification is POI-034029. His projected release is June 29, 2019. I heard from a course (not verified yet) that the charge was assault on a family member and his case was brought in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts.

Our last information on him was information in the Virginia Beach Circuit Criminal Division. It states the following: 8/16/2018 Violation of Probation and tells us it got revoked as of 08/16/18. Also, on the same date, he was charged with “Fail to Appear” and it was dismissed. On October 11, 2018 he plead guilty to a misdemeanor Fail to Appear. Also on October 11, 2018 his violation of probation was revoked and he pleaded guilty for “Obstruct/Resist W.O. Force” and Fail to Appear.

We are interested in him, not only because he is a person of interest in Shellie’s murder, and thru our 3 1/2 years of litigation with the plaintiff DK we have learned more about him and his unholy connection to DK.

Could the information learned be part of the puzzle story?


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