PH Daughter – Where working? – Contact Made – False Alibi?

To answer the questions TK made in her comment on “Justice Responds to Evidence with a Fresh Look at PH” posted on February 15, 2020 inquiring “Has anyone been in contact with her daughter who PH was driving to work…verified…this was actual time? Where she was working…could this have been a false alibi?” To answer that question I will quote exactly what I wrote after my first and only interview with PH. This is coming from my post dated Nov 5, 2015 in Post “Justice Interview with PH – Part 1” You will see by the first paragraphs that the question could not be answered. Judge for yourself.

“I arrived early at Bill’s home for our 5 PM meeting/Interview with the Good Samaritan (PH). We discussed the interview and Bill pointed out that PH was prepared to talk about the discovery of Shellie’s body and what transpired at the discovery location across from the Kings Grant Circle.  He repeated that this will be difficult for him and also PH and he wanted me to understand his feeling as well as PH’s. I told him I understood. At exactly 5PM both PH and his wife arrived and were introduced to me and after a cordial chat we began the interview. I was prepared with many questions, however PH made it known that he wanted to tell his story of the discovery. Leaving his home on Suffolk Lane with his 19 year old daughter to drop her off for work restocking merchandise at a business in Lynnhaven Mall. I interjected with can you tell me the name of the store? This basic question ignited an incendiary response from his wife. The wife who preferred not be identified was annoyed at my questions as being instructive in his daughter’s business. She was also upset at how we have her address that was invasive to her. With regard to my question to PH on where his daughter worked he didn’t seem to concern.

Her spontaneous rebuke of the question created a confrontational atmosphere. She perceived that my intention was to conduct an inquisition, instead of allowing PH to tell his story. Justice has waited this long for this opportunity we weren’t going to abort this opportunity. It appeared to me that she was about to abruptly cancel this interview and leave. Voices were raised by myself and the wife. Justice calculation was we have to came to far to let this mini-confrontation conclude this interview. I explained that I was trying to  do a thorough job in obtaining information. I saw the interview disappearing with their abrupt departure. I told them we wanted to hear his story and that I would only interrupt to get better clarification. This seemed to placate the wife and we returned to the daughter’s drop off at Lynnhaven Mall at 5:30 AM.

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Justice Responds to Evidence with a Fresh Look at PH

Evidence’s comment on Feb 9, 2020 on my post published Oct 28, 2019 entitled “VB Citizen DT’s Observation – 4AM to 6AM – Creates No Interest with VBPD” created my interest, especially his comment “Something about the way he was in that position,” to reexamine being at the circle and finding Shellie’s body. I decided to reexamine DT’s observation with an interest of putting PH as my prime suspect in Shellie’s murder. My thinking brought me to DT’s 5:15 AM seeing two suspicious vehicles at the circle area where the murdered body of Shellie was discovered by PH at 6:09AM. My thinking was always predicated on the 2 vehicles being the culprits who were there solely to dump the body and leave the body at the circle. I, therefore asked myself the question: What if these two vehicles had absolutely nothing to do with Shellie’s murder? My thinking was always that it was absolutely part of the murder scene, and Evidence’s comments allowed me to consider looking at the case without the two vehicles having anything to do with the murder investigation. While it did occur (the 2 vehicles) it may have had no barring on the murder.

With that said I realize that our scenario could change to PH becoming more involved than just discovering Shellie’s body. If that young girl on Suffolk Lane at 4:10 AM riding her bike was indeed Shellie and she was in the area of PH’s home on Suffolk Lane being in position to being involved with Shellie is viable.

We must take another look at PH and evaluate his involvement with Shellie, who we knew he was having or had clandestine meetings. With regard to Shellie’s secret times with PH it is important that it was only discovered many years after her death. The information was told to be by a close girlfriend of Shellie’s who identified PH via a picture shown to her.

Justice has interviewed PH, and has discovered an abundance of information. He is a suspect in Shellie’s murder, along with others in a case that must be solved. Evidence also has a wealth of information and has been a valued contributor in the Justice for Shellie effort of leaning information that will help in solving this murder case. If anyone has information on PH or others we ask that you contribute it to our blog and become a part of the Justice for Shellie contributors.

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BW – Transfixed with Observation of Shellie’s Murder?

Written by Clarke Kent

Was BW so transfixed with the horror of Shellie’s murder that it has influenced her life? BW now in her 30s is still in trouble with the law. On Nov 17, 2019 feeling odd commented the following: “Look up a familiar girl arrested BW 11/11/19, Disorderly conduct and assault.”

Assuming information, which is not corroborated, that BW was present at Shellie’s murder and that she was so emotionally moved for her life, this is her fear that it could happen to her. She has a young son fathered by MS2, who has a threat of something happening to her if she speaks up. BW has always been afraid of MS2, and knows his fury and violent rage.

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VB Citizen DT’s Observations – 4AM to 6 AM – Create No Interest with VBPD

Written by Clarke Kent

I have worked on the Shellie Carson murder case since 2009 to present (10 plus years) and have always thought that DT’s observations during a 2 hour period have been glaringly overlooked by the VBPD. My opinion is that the VBPD missed the opportunity to question DT on what he observed prior and during Shellie’s murder. I have spoken to DT and find that his observations during a period of 2 hours tell part of the tale of Shellie’s murder. I have written many posts about the observations and I realize that Don T didn’t know what his observations were revealing. He believed very strongly that he observed something on the circle where Shellie’s body was discovered that was very strange and may have something to do with her murder. His observations that he brought up to Shellie’s father Bill had to do with two vehciels at the circle area where the murdered body of Shellie Carson was found. The time was 5:15 AM. I believe that he observed a pick up truck and a small car in an exchange that ended in the pick up truck speeding away and the smaller car following very closely behind. As they sped away Don T, who was getting ready to cross King’s Grant Rd at the middle school, watched these two vehicles make a right hand turn and drove right past him. I firmly believe that they were leaving the area of Shellie’s body being dumped on the circle and were in a hasty retreat from the dumping site. It is my opinion that the pick up truck carried her body and that the smaller car was a look out vehicle who alerted the pick up truck to vacate quickly. I believe that Justice can identify the two vehicles and the people involved.

Justice also believed that there are three other observations that also can reveal information pertinent to our investigation.

Justice further believes that 2 vehicles and their rapid departure from the dumping area at the circle reveals where they were heading as well as who were involved.

Please read my early post “Kings Grant Circle Discovery Site – Series A” July 17, 2012, as well as:

-5/30/12 “Old Information Creates New Interest”
-6/2/12 “Shellie’s Whereabouts from 4:12 AM ro 5:15 AM on 8/14/05”
-6/3/12 “Justice to Dave on Last Sighting at Crossroads”
-6/4/12 “Crossroads Sighting Pursued”
-6/5/12 “Justice’s Resolute Effort Regarding PH”
-3/27/12 “Shellie’s Whereabouts 4:15 AM- 5:15 AM”

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Shellie’s Classmates Approach Justice – Considering a Podcast

Written by Clarke Kent

Some interested classmates of Shellie Carson after 14 years have approached Justice for Shellie with the idea of creating a podcast. A podcast is defined as “a digital audio file made available on the internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers.”

Our meeting was cordial and both former classmates and I discussed her murder and how it impacts them now as people in their 30s. Both knew Shellie and were interested in what was transpiring 14+ years later after her murder on Aug 14, 2005. How they and others from the 2005 class at First Colonial High School were interested in explore how they could share information that may help solve this brutal murder case.

My position is that I will cooperate and welcome discussion with people who knew Shellie. Any help from people and students that are not in their mid 30s is very welcome as they have grown part of their families and have children and matured into adults. We welcome any and all who want to share what they now know as adults.

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Not Fooled Challenges Clarke Re: Meth Lab Off Track and CT Overlooked

Written by Clarke Kent

In a refreshing criticism of Clarke’s last post entitled “Was RK/BW/DK Storage Experience a Dry Run for Meth Lab Birth?” Not Fooled challengers Clarke Re: Meth Lab off track and CT is overlooked. Clarke is overlooking the real rationale to Justice for Shellie. While the meth lab introduced the DK and MS2 unholy alliance, the purpose for the rationale of our blog is to obtain information that will help the VBPD solve the murder of Shellie Carson at 18 years old August 14, 2005. Not fooled refocuses our quest to obtain the information that will solve this brutal murder case. While the meth lab existence is important because it shows the relationships between MS2, BW, DK, RK and a meth lab which we believe was operated by MS2/DK with BW becoming a central suspect in its operation. That is of course the only arrest at that meth lab unit. We find out however that BW was but a minor person and early on took the brunt of liability for the units existence. We now understand the rationale for the 2 units 105 and 101 and how she was manipulated to be ever present at the unit. Alcohol and drugs were the bait.

Not Fooled introduces more interest in CT as a main suspect. Not fooled introduces him by saying “How have you guys never watched his profile and some of the stuff that he posts. It’s all related to what happened to Shellie that night if you ask me. A girl crashing her bike meme , could they have causes Shellie to crash her bike…seems to me like CT character is playing with everyone’s mind. Just a thought.” Is CT a viable suspect in Shellie’s murder? Is he overlooked. My question is CT reappearing as a suspect and what have we learned about him that would reintroduce him as a legitimate murder suspect?

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Was RK/BW/DK Storage Experience a Dry Run for Meth Lab Birth?

Written by Clarke Kent

It is important to keep in mind that these were 2 separate units related to understanding what transpired. Unit #105 was the storage unit DK refers to as the office for her son. The unit in which the meth lab occurred is unit #101 which was a separate unit about 4 doors away and was where the meth lab was operated. The time frame was that unit #105 was opened July 2014 and vacated September 10, 2014 while the meth lab was rented by a proxy person on or about August 2014 and raided by VBPD on November 7, 2014. So there were two units #105 and #101 that followed each other.

It is firmly my opinion that the RK-DK-BW opening occurred from July 2014 to Spetember 10, 2014, and that the sole rationale was a dry run to confirm that BW would live and exist in the unit 24/7 in preparation for the opening of 101, the meth lab. It is my opinion that DK and MS2 needed someone at the new meth lab unit 24/7 with alcohol and drugs always available as well as someone existing there at all times relate to BW, DK, RK, and MS2.

Things I learned related to BW, RK, DK, and MS2 relevant to the storage dry run for the metho lab birth. It is important to keep in mind that there were 2 separate units, with unit 105 being the test unit to see if BW would exist 24/7 everyday. When they were assured that BW would follow that existence of alcohol and drugs to control her not leaving they vacated on September 10, 2014 and opened #101. They associated with MS2 in the unit 101 and the start of the meth lab was born. Also equally important is keeping in mind that MS2 was arrested in October 2014 for meth lab manufacturing in North Carolina and was incarcerated there until Dec 30, 2-14. It’s important since now the question to who was not in charge of the meth lab. Justice has learned that DK complained to the owner of the entire storage facility and he related to me that she complaned that with the arrest at this meth lab she lost $5000.

Of more importance is the early e-mail to me on Dec 29, 2014 in which DK (Duke) told me the following: “I am trying to prevent the murders of BW, RK and their families by SS, MR and MS2 or any other they would have to do their dirty work. Your posts of meth lab and court are skewed and much of it is inaccurate. You are facilitating these meth addicts by giving out information about victims and their families and posting it. Redact all the information off the website immediately. MS2 reads your site and gets of of jail tomorrow. Do not trust any of your sources about the meth, court or your new anon (Anonymous). Remember we meet at 5PM Thurs.”

Losing money ($5000) and her openness of revealing that MS2 threatened her with her fear of being killed substantiates her fear. Ms2 is blaming her for allowing the raid by police and her not protecting BW. Think this out carefully.
Attached are DK (Duke) email 12/29/14 and MS2 arrest in N.C.

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Commentor Help Define Obstacle in Shellie’s Murder Case

Written by Clarke Kent

In a post dated August 18, 2019 & entitled “BW – Unholy Third Party? Did She Witness Shellie’s Murder?” Three commentors express their frustrations with obstacles and the Va Beach Community steps forward. The three separate people who commented are “not fooled,” “Lost DNA” and “Darla.” “Lost DNA” alerts us the forgotten person (Shellie) is caught up in a justice system that appears to protect the criminals and allows the criminal to get away with murder with their attorney’s dealing with judges. Darla brings up that MS2 has multiple lawyers in his family. Lost DNA relates his/her experience in the system with a frustrated complaint of “What are the judges doing. I have been in court an one of these people let lawyers go to extremes and if they know the law better than he then they let them go.” “Not fooled” contributes by telling us that they are complete losers that like to prey on damaged females.” He continues “I do not understand why trash like these guys (MS2 and CT) are allowed freedom to keep committing these crimes.” “Not fooled” continues “I do not believe for one second that his DNA is on file and I feel like VBPD are a joke as far as law enforcement goes.” He/she continues “Please don’t take the focus off these two losers.”

In all these three comments related that people have to step up and talk. We also understand that the person being forgotten is Shellie Carson, the victim. The recurring theme of intimidation is quite obvious and repeated as a fact.

The bottom line is someone with firsthand knowledge of the murder scene and was present has to come forward, and be protected from intimidation and brought to justice by the Va Beach best lawyer to make the case. Easier said than done, however it will only happen if the person has community support and protection. Justice believes that more than one person was at the murder scene, therefore the person who decides to talk will get the best deal for themselves.

What’s your opinion??

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Anon NH New To J4S – Keen Investigator – Discovered Info on MS2

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice has been communicating with Anon NH for about 4 plus months, and have continued to receive valuable information concerning numerous J4S blog/website. On Aug 9, 2019 Anon NH sent me an email “I’m not sure if you noticed, that MS2 is now using your personal address for his 24 hour gym?” Anon NH sent me some documents confirming her discovery that my personal home address was being used in an ad to advertise his gym. I learned quickly that me residency was indeed used, that my address was used to advertise his gym and his association with USALocalGym for Va Beach. We also learned that that his name (MS2) was also in other areas of the internet. If you Google Search “MS2 Va Beach” you would see my address of y personal home is highlighted again in association with USALocalGym.

I immediately took action and contacted my attorney and law enforcement. I filed the appropriate documents with LE and obtained my incident report which is a legal document with LE. In my communication with LE, I learned that this procedure is vital in order to protect my property. I also have been advised to take a number of other precautions. Being an Army MP, I brought myself up to speed at the shooting range. I have also taken other precautions which I can’t discuss.

Bottom line, I prepare all aspects to be ready and prepared. Are we getting close to the unholy association? One last observation, when I reviewed the documents I received concerning my personal property that links that property to the gym, has a google map. Exhibit B attached, with an icon indicating DK’s home address. He/she/they forgot to remove the Google Map of DK’s residency, where it was advertising for years. Exhibit B indicates the gym location which is DK’s address.

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CT Arrested in Va Beach – Probation Violation and Charged in Chesapeake with Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle (Larceny)

Written by Clarke Kent

CT criminal problems in Va Beach and Chesapeake are all pending. In Va Beach circuit Court his case CR15003242-00 and in Chesapeake General District Court his case # is GEC19004920-00. In Virginia Beach his probation was revolked after his trial in July 2019. In Chesapeake he has a hearing set for October 8, 2019 at 10 AM on the charge of unauthorized use of a vehicle Larceny >= 500.

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