Trial Set For One Year From Now – May 6, 2019

Written by Clarke Kent

Clarke has received a document from the plaintiff’s attorney entitled “Praecipe” and certifying the following “I certify that the above styled cause (the lawsuit by plaintiff) is mature for trial on its merits and request the clerk to place it on the docket for trial with a jury.” The plaintiff’s attorney continues stating “I certify that a true and correct copy of this Praecipe has been mailed this date to all counsel of record and to all parties not represented by counsel, if any, pursuant to the provision of Rule 1:12 of the Supreme Court of Virginia.” It was filed on April 30, 2018.

I attended the May 7, 1028 hearing and was called to speak to the Court Clerk and was advised that the case was set by a party representing the Plaintiffs office that they request 1 year and the court clerk told me they set it for 1 year minus 1 day by request to plaintiff.

We, the defendant were planning on a trial this Summer and was somewhat puzzled by the demand to wait 1 year since the plaintiff’s attorney testified that they were satisfied that it matured and they requested the date to be 1 year away. Why? It means that Justice’s opportunity of exposing the truth will have to wait after a year. Justice speculates that motive we examine is the answer to the questions of plaintiff motive. I will abide by the decision and work more diligently to build a stronger case.

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Carson’s Liability Dismissed – Clarke to Proceed to Trial

Written by Clarke Kent

In the defamation case in Circuit Court, Bill’s liability has been dismissed. Plaintiff’s attorney agreed to sign the order to clarify his position to substitute Bill’s estate for Bill himself. Plaintiff’s attorney however was unsuccessful as Bill’s attorney objected to his new motion to challenge Bill’s liability to Bill’s estate.

The dismissal was based on Bill’s attorney’s argument that after taking both Bill’s deposition and plaintiff’s deposition there was no evidence that Bill wrote anything pertinent or had otherwise interest in the website or blog and looking at the evidence in the light most favorable to the plaintiff, there still was no cause of action against Bill. So the case against Bill was dismissed and the order stated the following:

“THIS DAY came the parties upon the Motion to Dismiss filed on behalf of William H. Carson, II (“Mr. Carson”), and, after hearing arguments of counsel and giving the matter consideration, the Court finds that taking the evidence in the light most favorable to the Plaintiff, there is no basis on which liability could be asserted against Mr. Carson and, therefore, ORDERS that this action can be dismissed with prejudice as to Mr. Carson and his personal representative.

“Pursuant to the provisions of Rule 1:2 of the Supreme Court of Virginia, the Court finds that the interests of Mr. Carson and of [Clarke Kent, (“Mr. K”)] and the grounds on which a claim is asserted as to them are separate and distinct from those adjudicated in this Partial Final Judgement, the results of any appeal in this matter will not affect the claims against [Mr. K], and the disposition of the claims against [Mr. K] will not affect the claims against Mr. Carson.”

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Clarke’s Update on Lawsuit

Written by Clarke Kent

With the death of Bill, the lawsuit still proceeds with discovery which includes interrogatories, document requests and depositions. The lawsuit forced me into looking very carefully at the motivation of the plaintiff and a reoccurring name presents itself. The name is known to the cadre at Justice for Shellie. Justice believes that the information we are learning will be helpful in our pursuit of justice for Shellie.

Stay tuned.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year

Written by Clarke Kent

With 2018 jst days from now, I wanted to take this time to with all those who visit Justice for Shellie blog a Happy and Healthy New Year of 2018. I want all those who follow Justice for Shellie pursuit of justice for the brutal murder of 18 year old young daughter of Bill and Charlotte Carson. Bill’s untimely death and Charlotte’s death in 2012 will not deter our efforts to find the information necessary to link the killer to her death. Whole Justice has been sidetracked with a half million dollar lawsuit it will not alter my promise to Charlotte that I will endeavor to help in finding the murderer or murderers of her precious daughter. The initiator of the lawsuit has curtailed my effort temporarily, however I am determined to honor my promise to Charlotte.

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There is Support for Justice for Shellie

Written by Clarke Kent

I received an email from a person who has followed the murder of Shellie Carson and has supported Justice for Shellie. Attached is part of the email relating to Clarke Kent


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Both of Shellie’s Parents Have Died. Now What??

Written by Clarke Kent

With the death of Bill Carson, Shellie has no one willing to stop forward to make sure that Justice for Shellie keeps trying to keep Shellie’s murder investigation going. Justice is aware that the cold case homicide unit is still trying to solve this brutal murder. No one thought it was important to contact Clarke Kent or Lois Lane. From what the obituary revealed the family of the Carsons were not interested in inviting myself or acknowledge the 7 plus years were important in his life, which was exactly the opposite of Bill and Charlotte’s passion to solve their daughter’s murder. Justice is alone with Lois Lane interested in continuing our blog and keep her name and murder on people’s radar. Justice would appreciate your input. The lawsuit regarding myself and Bill Carson is still on going as his death does not end the pursuit of the woman who is trying to close the blog at any cost. Her lawsuit has caused Bill’s last year and a half a difficult time for Bill. His girlfriend Pat gae Bill much support and comfort as he fought his cancer.

Please let us know that after this lawsuit is concluded we will pick up a pace from what we learned from the woman’s pursuit which may lead us to learn more about Shellie’s murder. Something doesn’t add up. Legal restrictions hold me back.

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By Clarke Kent

On Nov 10 2017 WAVY 10 Jason Marks authored an article entitled “In Va Beach, Parents Die Before Justice in Daughter’s Death” in which he tells part of the story. He interviews a neighbor named Sally Meyer. Bill in 2011 reveals “Almost every hour and every minute reminds you that your daughter is no longer there.” The neighbor, Sally Meyer reveals that “I saw Bill laying there on the ground” Justice has spoken to Bill’s girlfriend Pat who told me that when she arrived she discovered Bill laying on his back with his arms side by side with his body. She is a nurse and took his pulse and knew he had died. Pat and I have met numerous times and I can say she brought some joy and comfort to Bill, especially when he was diagnosed with cancer. She spent quality time with Bill and I know that Bill appreciated her comfort and partnership. The author closes his piece by stating “Sadly Bill and Charlotte won’t see what they fought so hard for, the face of the person who brutally took Shellie’s life.  It’s now up to neighbors to keep that hope alive.” What is missing is that great effort by the Justice for Shellie group to identify the killer and not only look in the face of the killer, but to find justice for Shellie. See attachment.

I am having technical difficulty with the attachment, so until it can be placed, the link for the article is here and the full text is below:

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The parents of a teenage Virginia Beach woman never saw justice in their daughter’s death.

10 On Your Side has been covering the unsolved murder of Shellie Carson since 2005. That’s when someone killed the 18-year-old in the King’s Grant neighborhood.

Shellie’s parents Charlotte and Bill spent years raising awareness about the murder.

“There was like a wave of disbelief,” said Sally Meyer, the Carsons’ neighbor.

In August 2005, shock hit the Kings Grant community.

“Of course everybody wanted to know who it was,” Meyer said.

Shellie Carson was found just yards from her bike.  Her body badly beaten.

“When it became apparent it was Shellie there were no words,” Meyer said.

Carson was last heard from on the way to the store.  Her death crushed her parents.

“It was just sadness beyond what I can tell you,” Meyer added.

In the years after her death, Bill and Charlotte led the charge to find the person who killed Shellie.

“Almost every hour and every minute reminds you that your daughter is no longer there,” Bill Carson told 10 On Your Side back in 2011.

The Carsons were right there as the community rallied for answers.

“It’s a sad, sad thing that a person 18 years old would be struck down so viciously,” Bill Carson added.

The leads ran cold, and in 2012, Charlotte lost her battle with cancer.  Thursday, Bill, who also had cancer, passed away outside his home.

“I saw Bill laying there on the ground,” said neighbor Don Meyer.

Neighbors say Shellie’s murder was a heavy burden on her parents.

“I think Bill’s heart was broken and Charlotte’s as well,” Sally Meyer added.  “Nobody should ever have to lose a child in a situation that was horrific as that was.”

Sadly Bill and Charlotte won’t see what they fought so hard for, the face of the person who brutally took Shellie’s life.  It’s now up to neighbors to keep that hope alive.

“I think people would like some closure and to know that justice was served and somebody was held accountable for what happened,” Sally Meyer said.

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William H. Carson II – Obituary 1941 – 2017

Written by Clarke Kent

Our friend Bill Carson died Thursday, Nov 9, 2017. Bill died without ever discovering who murdered his beloved daughter Shellie. Justice for Shellie intends to continue to search for justice for Shellie. At this point, Bill and I face a half million dollar lawsuit and I (Clarke Kent) must refrain from discussing what is transpiring in this prolonged legal process, however once it is concluded I will share with all what we learned that will be very helpful for justice for Shellie.

William H. Carson II

Virginia Beach – William H. Carson II, 76, passed away at his home in Virginia Beach on Thursday. A graduate of the US Naval Academy’s Class of 1964, Bill served on nuclear submarines until his retirement in 1984. He earned his master’s degree from Old Dominion University, and then taught math at Bayside High School until his retirement. He was a dedicated member of Kings Grant Presbyterian Church, and sang in the choir for many years. He was a very active member of the USNA Alumni Association and never missed an Army/Navy game. He is survived by his son, Andrew Kirk William Carson, and his wife, Jennifer Michelle Carson; his daughter, Tammy Walker; his son, James Trai Forrester, and his wife, Wendy Forrester; his devoted girlfriend, Patricia Briggs; his grandsons, Ryan Walker, Eric Walker, and Austin Lambert; and his granddaughter, Nicole Forrester. He is predeceased by his parents, Edwin and Martha Carson of Syracuse, NY; his brother, Richard “Chip” Carson; his wife, Charlotte Yates Carson; and his daughter, Mary Rachel “Shellie” Carson. Services will be held at Kings Grant Presbyterian on Sunday

November 12 at 2 pm. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Kings Grant Presbyterian Church or to the Virginia Beach SPCA.
Published in The Virginian Pilot on Nov. 10, 2017

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Justice for Shellie is Deeply Saddened to Hear of the Death of Bill Carson

Written by Clarke Kent

It is with great sorrow that I learned of Bill Carson’s death on Thursday, November 9th, 2017. Word cannot express my feelings. Bill was a wonderful, thoughtful and passionate friend of mine since i met him and Charlotte in 2009. He is a very special man, father, husband and friend. Services will be held at the KG Pres Church on Sunday at 2 PM. I am presently traveling on family matters and at this point cannot attend the services. Bill was survived by his son Drew, his daughter Tammy, and another son James. I was with Bill last week. Bill’s girlfriend Patricia was a dedicated friend to Bill and supported him and gave him comfort. I will miss Bill and I will endeavor to carry forward Justice for Shellie.

To view Bill’s obituary and leave a comment for his family, please click here:

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Mary Rachel “Shellie” Carson Nothing Last Forever

Written by Clarke Kent

I was reviewing some comments that came from a document supplied from the Carson family to Justice for Shellie. I thought it would be appropriate to share on the website/blog. I will be posting them in my next few posts.

the one I chose to be the first was written by Shellie, herself and it reflects her inner feelings as she describes a small thread on a sweater and it’s journey when  unraveled. She sees the beauty of the sweater as it represents a person’s life and shortened by another who prefers to unravel the sweater.


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