BB – In His Own Words – A Question and Gratuitous Declaration

Written by Clarke Kent

BB was asked a question on Justice for Shellie’s WS thread from McSpy and answer with a post #428. I will attach post #428 and post #429, both in December 2011. It was interesting how BB (CheddahB) answers a legitimate question was Shellie afraid of anyone? BB answers the question with “She was only afraid of dun. I have no clue of anyone else she didn’t shed light on anyones name except FB….that heartless dudes name? He doesn’t really tell us anything new however does mention Tim, a boy working at BKing who sent Shellie a love letter. He brings up CT, however he weaves in that he only recognized him via a picture Miranda showed him. He reveals he heard stories about CT, MH, LJP, etc. He includes his parents hearing stories of these guys just like half of Va Beach. Nothing new as we have heard hundreds of people telling us stories about CT and 4 guys almost like they themselves planted the bad boy image and kept it “popping up everywhere.” Nothing new but reheard hearsay that became public knowledge.

Now his other post #429 in which BB unsolicited presents his declaration of what transpired by introducing his story of what happened. His introducing of “Now if I may point out me and her had an argument that might that honestly truly sorted out. Here he is setting of tone of what he wants readers to believe; since it is his view since Shellie isn’t here to refute what really might have happened in their reconciliation and his point that everything was patched up and was according to him a happy ending to an argument between them . He sets the pattern with his view only. It is therefore very important to evaluate what facts we know as much of his storyline is solely coming from him. Part of my introducing his statements in his own words is because we must look at everything we learned and we are learning to come up with the truth. By looking at his statements we can put the puzzle together with our own logic and facts that we know. Again in this statement that was unsolicited he manages to put in his telephone was his house phone and he contradicts himself by telling us she said call me BB when you get home but he doesn’t. Why? Possible he wanted proof that he was home and that took the storyline of her calling him not the opposite. The telephone calls to his home phone, via her cell never happened and BB can’t explain this. He was adamant time after time that he recognized her telephone when he spoke to her and it was her cell.

Justice has so many statements from BB and I will share them as they can tell us what BB wants us to think. Shellie’s response will be represented by out critical evaluation of the actual truth.

CCI07182017_0005 CCI07182017_0004

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Justice Reveals BB’s Story in His Own Words

Written by Clarke Kent

BB reveals in his own words his story concerning Shellie and that night of the murder. The story appears in WS under Miranda’s thread “Mary Rachel “Shellie” Carson, 18, Murdered in Va Beach, VA 2005.” Please see attached post #409 in Dec 2011 under CheddahB. It is strictly about him and his persecutions by the Va Beach Community. There is however clues that I think are important and may unmask a subtle stratagem to place him at home the night Shellie was murdered. I refer to his statement “I was at home sleep I had no idea what was taking place she told me she was going to sleep at 1 something when she called me on my house phone that was it I told her id get her cigarettes in the morning I thought she went to sleep once again well that didnt turn out to be the case.”

At another place in his “story” he states “I dont even have a criminal record would never put my hand on a female I have morals I would never hurt a person let alone kill them.” His Ex-wife K I’m sure would disagree with the plaudits BB himself implies that he is such a gentleman. Why would she need a restraining order?

He closes his statement announcing “If you ask me I’m very hostile cause don’t matter what I say Im made out to be a liar everyone wants to assume the bf did it that always the case well news flash things don’t always happen like they do in the movies and this is not my doing Im, being 100% real with everyone on this forum.

Justice believes very strongly that BB was using his home telephone contact as his alibi for when he returned home after visiting Shellie. My last interview was terminated after he was confronted with Shellie’s cell records and he couldnt explain why there was no indication or proof that Shellie called him after 1 am as he had insisted. It was her cell phone to his home phone. Do you know anyone who would purposely insist the call was to his home phone. Most people would just say I got a call at 1 AM, unless they had a reason to want to prove he was at home to answer her call, thereby creating an alibi.

There are so many other statements to be read and Justice will keep them coming. Please respond to what my thoughts were as well as BB story line. You be the judge.


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Justice on Boyfriend (BB) – Verified Statements – A New Focus

Written by Clarke Kent

Miranda originally started a thread on WS in early 2011 entitled “Mary Rachel “Shellie” Carson, 18, Murdered in Va Beach, VA 2005. ALso in 2011 a young student at Norfolk Academy start a group called Students for Justice for Shellie. The 15 young girls were introduced to me and I took an interest in learning more.I was at a meeting in the Central Library in Va Beach and was introduced to Miranda, the originator of the Shellie Thread on WS. When the WS terminated their relationship with Miranda, my daughter’s group i helped create a website called Justice for Shellie with the idea of continuing our investigation into the Shellie Carson murder. the VBPD were the ones who instigated a complaint to ws and we were terminated  and started the blog on our new website.

As our sleuths understand we seek information associated with Shellie and listen and listen to what others tell us. we report what we learned and share it with our cadre of sleuths with the understanding that much of what we learn is hearsay and advise readers to ponder what they hear, make your own judgment and dialogue via our blog.

With that said we have recently learned via Lois Lane’s interviewing of a very close associate to BB Ex-wife named K. Among what was learned was that the VBPD surreptitiously planted a person (detective) in a location near BB home to spy on him. Blockbuster since it means he was a prime suspect from the beginning. Our focus now will be concentrated on reviewing his verified statements for clues.

Justice will focalize on his published statements in WS thread as well as his statements on the website/blog of Justice for Shellie which can verify his word for word statements. One last word from Justice before we begin our journey of BB words/statements. We have many people who have been with Justice for Shellie and their knowledge of the case  and BB himself is highly valued and respected.

Evidence has followed BB probably the closest and I rely on his thinking and contribution. Juliet, Miranda, R as well as Lois Lane as well as Back to back know the case and also are valued contributors to our overall knowledge of Shellie and her murder.

BB introduction to WS and the case occurred in December 2011 when he posted #403 in which he stated “I am now a member of this site would hope all the slandering against me and my mother is done and over with.” He posted under the name “CheddahB.” He was immediately challenged by AnnelieseMichel in post #404.

See attachment which is post #404, 405, and 406. This from our archives and interesting because of Cheddah immediate reaction in #405 and finally Kimster, a WS administrator who verifies BB as Cheddah in post #406.

Weigh it carefully in your mind as this is the story of the Journey for BB dealing with his participation in his own wording.. Your following now will open up your thinking and give you an opportunity to appraise his statements for yourself. Please believe me his statements will be worthwhile and we anticipate many responses.

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BB & Ex-Wife – BB – Prime Suspect – Part #2

Written by Clarke Kent

In Lois Lane’s interview with Anon XWF (Anon Ex-Wife’s Friend) leaves us on the realization from K that the moment her mother rescued her from BB home was when she knew the marriage was over. After the rescue the mother returned the next day to BB house and secured the rest of her things as well as the blue Ford Focus. She described BB reaction as “not a happy camper.” He repeatedly called her and “left a thousand hateful messages. She secured and was granted a “restraining order” against BB. She described that prior to the restraining order BB complained about not having his car which was purchased by K and she finally allowed him to get the car back and she reveals her story of his reaction. When she went to drop off the car to him, he started taking pictures of her new car and license plate and she asked him what he was doing and he said he was “keeping inventory.” She thinks it was weird and scared her and she just wanted him to leave her alone. She tried giving him the car would get him to stop calling her everyday and bothering her. Her plan obviously didn’t work. He left threatening messages over and over and wouldn’t stop calling her. This prompted her getting a “restraining order.” So K filed for divorce and because of the restraining order, she had to go to the 2nd precinct to meet BB to sign and finalize her divorce. BB leaves and then K learns a bombshell that her ex-husband was in fact the prime suspect in Shellie’s murder. This revelation was learned directly by a conversation between K and the detective that lived in the BB neighborhood.

Lois Lane artfully introduces how K learned about BB being a Prime Suspect. I will quote from her report directed to me with the exact wording K is getting ready to leave the second precinct “She was approached by a detective who came up to her and asked her is she recognized her.”

“She did. It was BB’s next door neighbor. The detective. She asked K if she had anything that she wanted to share that she had learned about Shellie’s Murder. She wanted to talk about whether or no BB  had ever said or done, or had she ever seen or heard anything to make her think BB was involved. the only thing she Could say about that was that she asked him point-blank one time if he knew anything about Shellie’s murder. He adamantly said no. But his story always changed. Not a lot. But always little differences or variations of the same basic story. Like it had been rehearsed, And some line forgotten over the months. K then asked the detective if she was working on the Shellie Carson murder case and she said that she was. Wow, what a coincidence that you live next door to her fiance, one of the main Suspects. The detective told her it was not a coincidence at all and that she was working and watching BB and his family.”

The bottom line is that the VBPD suspected BB as the prime suspect from the beginning thereby putting a detective to watch BB and his family. Sounds very serious, however almost 14 years later there is still no progress identifying the killers of Shellie Carson. Obviously they couldn’t create enough evidence for a conviction on BB or anyone else. What is your evaluation of learning that the le at least in the beginning considered BB a prime suspect. Does it tell us anything? Please read Lois Lane’s report several times and your comments and thoughts are appreciated. You may even have knowledge of other incidents that may be key to solving this brutal murder.


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BB and Ex-Wife – Marriage- Divorce – Part #1 – Possible Bombshell?

Written by Clarke Kent

Lois Lane in a email to justice records a conversation she had with BB exwife’s close and personal friend (Anon XWF) It is a sad and painful account of a quick marriage and divorce filled with pain, suffering and dominance and ending in the second precinct of the VBPD, where because of a restraining order on BB the divorce decree was signed with police presence as the ex-wife is leaving she learned information about her husband that is considered a bombshell and may indicate the direction of the Shellie murder case.

Lois Lane does a magnificent job of revealing what the x-wife (K) faced for 2 years and concluding with learning that surveillance was part of her life with BB.

Justice in a 2 part post reveals Part 31 where we discover that BB was using the MySpace Website as a dating service. The truth about the rings are finally revealed. We can comprehend how an utter dominating and controlling BB didn’t allow K freedom to see her parents or friends. We are informed that K is basically held hostage. We discover that BB was fired from his job and we discover why he was sexually harassing 16 year olds and was accused of inappropriate touching. We become aware that K bought BB a car and that she became pregnant however she suffered a miscarriage. We end Part #1 when K sends a text to one of her friends pleading for help to get out of her marriage, something she needed help with. We learned that on the same day as the text her mother in the middle of the night arrived with her friends and physically extracted her from BB house. The next post, Part #2 will expose what K learned after signing her divorce papers. Her bombshell discovery in Part #2.


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Clarke’s Corner – Focus on the Boyfriend – BB

Written by Clarke Kent

Update to Bill Carson – Bill is currently ongoing serious therapy treatment that has exhausted him. We all at Justice for Shellie wish him our best wishes for a speedy and successful out come. While I speak with him often it is mainly concerning legal issues associated with Justice for Shellie website/blog. We all wish him well and pray for him. The website is still viable and I am dedicated to the true purpose of Justice for Shellie to investigate a cold case murder that will have it’s 14th Anniversary on Aug 14, 2017. We have a cadre of motivated people who will not give up this quest.

Justice and Lois lane work tirelessly on seeking information on Shellie’s life and murder. We are contacting many people and are learning new things with every passing week.

Contact has been made with a person who has come forward with new information of the marriage and divorce of BB ex-wife. This person has had personal knowledge of all aspects of this relationship and was willing to share with Justice via Lois Lane what she has personal knowledge of. Because of her close relationship with the situation we can not reveal how s/he has come by this knowledge. Our interview is concluded and we are preparing a post that I consider “A Possible Blockbuster Information on BB.” We strongly encourage you to read it carefully and let us know your thoughts.


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Early Records on JC Does it Have Any Probative Value?

Written by Clarke Kent

The Carson family has turned over all the records of Shellie’s murder. With regard to JC we have a statement from Oct 17, 2005 about 3 months after Shellie’s brutal murder on Aug 14, 2005. (See Attachment “A”) We also have a document from Feb 23, 2006 that reveals “History of Shellie Carson, JC and DK.” See attachment “B.” Justice reveals these documents for your consumption. It is heavily redacted, however they may be of value for others to contemplate JC as and ex-boyfriend as well as a person who called the Carson house phone at 10:06 AM prior to Shellie being identified as the victim of a murder. These early documents predate a handwritten note left at the Carson home on March 25, 2008. Read these exhibits as well as the “letter” when published with the idea of gleaning and hidden value. Justice thru Lois Lane has learned that the call to the Carson house was made by a friend of JC’s brother. Justice also suggests you also read the attachment “C” written to Det Tucker, from Charlotte and Bill Carson on April 21, 2008. Justice asks our sleuth team to determine if there is any probative value learned with regard to Shellie’s brutal murder or is it just a love letter to Shellie from an ex-boyfriend who just had to express his feelings with the Carson family. your opinion and comments are requested.

CCI06222017_0002 CCI06222017_0001

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Mysterious Call to Carson’s Prior to LE IDing Shellie Creates New Interest

Written By Clarke Kent

There was a telephone call made from an ex boyfriend of Shellie, made to the Carson home phone at 10:06 on Sunday, Aug 14, 2005. No voice mail message was left, however VBPD know that it came from JC, the ex boyfriend while Bill and Charlotte were in church. At 10:06 AM the VBPD did not know the identity of the murdered female found at the Kings Grant Circle. Justice has learned new information from the old boyfriend that pinpoints who made that call. Originally it was thought that it was JC the ex boyfriend, however Justice has learned from Lois Lane some new information that pinpoints another male who was JC brother’s guest at the house the night of the murder and he was the person allegedly who called the Carson household. I’ll quote who Lois Lane passed on to me “He says the night before Shellie died a guy who’s name he can’t remember came to the house from Kings Grant and asked to spend the night. It was his brother’s friend. He stayed the night and the next morning used JC’s house phone to call the Carson house around 10 AM. And then left. JC said police assumed he made that call and he had to get video footage from his job to prove he wasn’t home that night. So whoever that guy was made that call and came from Kings Grant to hide out for the night. That guy had to have something to do with the murder.”

Lois and I will be interviewing the ex boyfriend who is known as JC and who sent a love letter to the Carsons several years after her murder. I will be writing a post on the interview as well as the letter he sent with is a story in itself. Stay tuned.

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Justice’s Facebook Pages – Pay Dividends – “Secret Squirrel”

Written by Clarke Kent

The meeting and interview was entirely written by Lois Lane. I have not read it as this posting but will after I publish it Lois Lane has certainly vitalised interest on the Shellie Carson murder case. People like Secret Squirrel lived in the community and certainly have a greater interest in the case, than the average person residing in Va Beach. the Justice for Shellie website/blog was created to capture local interest of people who might want to help by their participation and sharing of information surrounding the murder of an 18 year old girl riding her bike at night and early morning. Someone holds the key to solving the case and that is why we at Justice for Shellie dialogue about this case, because we believe that information generated on our website/blog might help in solving this horrid, brutal murder. We as all to read as much as you an and if you have information contact the cold case squad or tell us as we share information with VBPD of all pertinent information and have supplied them with many names and phone contact with those persons who want to see justice for Shellie.

Please read the attachment of Lois Lane’s email to Clarke Kent



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Lois Lane/Facebook Advise “Stay Tuned. We’ve Learned Some Interesting Stuff

Written by Clarke Kent

Clarke’s new assistant Lois Lane and her introduction of the Justice for Shellie facebook pages is starting to garner a new following and dividends will follow. I coordinate with her almost daily and I asked her to prepare an email with information we learned because Lois Lane is putting periodically actual post of past posting and a lot of new people are now discovering the Justice for Shellie website/blog and new information is be9ing learned. I will attach her email and you can read word for word about what she is learning. Clark suggests that readers also read a post dated Feb 22, 2012 entitled “Web Snooping at Work” and a post entitiled “Behind the Scene – Web Snooping – What is Learned” dated Feb 27, 2015. Of particular value is the 1st Web Snooping at Work had 145 comments from community participants which is worth the read.


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