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Charlotte Y. Carson Obituary 2/29/12

Everyone here at Justice for Shellie are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Shellie’s mother, Charlotte. It is our promise to continue to seek justice for her daughter, as she would have wanted. You will be missed, Mrs. … Continue reading

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Carson E-mail 12/12/2005 to Lt. Perry 12:07 AM

Lt Perry: Information: AM told us the following a few weeks ago. We passed this information to you in my email 10/31/05 6:43 am in which I said: “MH – AM said that LB told her the following story last week. … Continue reading

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Lt Perry responses to Carson E-mail 12/12/05 8:44PM

Hello Mr. Carson: I am copying Sgt Hoffman on this so that he can check on the information you relayed concerning LB. I currently have 2 detectives working on Shellie’s murder. I am agreeable to informing you when the investigation … Continue reading

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Mary Rachel Carson Obituary 08/17/2005 in the Virginian Pilot

Mary R. Carson VIRGINIA BEACH – Mary Rachel “Shellie” Carson, 18, of the King’s Grant neighborhood tragically died August 14, 2005. Born in Carrollton, Texas Shellie was the beloved daughter of Bill and Charlotte Carson, both retired Virginia Beach teachers. … Continue reading

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Considerations in Shellie’s Case 10/31/05

Lt. Perry, We have the following concerns and requests for your consideration. 1. Handwritten letter  With regard to the hand-written letter delivered to me through our pastor, Dr. SH, and his secretary, Mrs. DP, on Wednesday (10/26/05): It seems like … Continue reading

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Cheif Jacobs 12/30/2007 Letter to the Carsons

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Carson: Thank you for you November 15 letter concerning the investigation of the murder of your daughter. I understand and share your frustration that Shellie’s case remains unsolved. However, this is not due to a lack … Continue reading

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Carson Questions to Police 03/17/06

March 17, 2006 Document prepared by Bill Carson for the VA BEach Police Dept concerning the unsolved (Aug 14, 2005) murder of their daughter Mary Rachel (Shellie) Carson – Entitled Questions: … 3) Possible Suspects in out opinions a)  CT … Continue reading

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Ford 150 Pickup Keys at Murder Site

Written by Clarke Kent I review my post on Websleuths and I quote what I wrote on post #691: “[A knowledgeable locksmith] in an interview related that Detective Brian Seabold knows that he worked as a locksmith in Pembroke Mall. Detective Seabold … Continue reading

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Web Snooping at Work

Written by Clarke Kent The following CT conversation was retrieved by our own snoopigator. This was a conversation on 9/9/11 between MS and CT. This is page 3 of 4. It came from FB’s Facebook page. I understand that he … Continue reading

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Don T. Observation at 5 AM on 8-14-05

Written by Clarke Kent Spoke to Don T first in an interview on 12/24/11 and again on 12/27/11. The reason we are interests is two-fold. First, his time line indicates that the discovery of Shellie’s body may have been earlier … Continue reading

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