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Anon Source Reveals Intimidation Tactics

Written by Clarke Kent Anon Source in a email to Justice on Nov 6, 2014 at the time we were looking closely at a party identified by Anon Source in which Shellie was lured and was attended by persons that … Continue reading

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8/14/05 – MF “Imma H8te This Week” – KG “Why Won’t He Help

Written by Clarke Kent An Anon Source, Anon Khee (AK) has been helping Justice in cyber snooping and attributes this quote from MF own facebook. “7 years and still nothing Imma h8te this week some of y’all knew what I’m … Continue reading

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A Closer Look – Love Triangle – BB – Shellie’s Catbatting Around

Written by Clarke Kent Justice in taking an objective look at Shellie, questions the relationship between Shellie, her fiance BB and an ex boyfriend MF. No one would dispute BB’s avowed openly declared love on this website/blog for his fiance … Continue reading

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Miranda Goes Over Shellie’s Phone Bill

Written by Miranda After repeatedly discussing the phone bill issue, I decided that it would be a good idea to look at the full picture, instead of just the 24 hours prior to Shellie’s murder to determine if there was … Continue reading

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Does Shellie’s Cell Records Reveal a Clue?

Written by Clarke Kent Early on in our investigation, I reviewed carefully Shellie’s cells records and discovered an oddity that caught my attention. On the early evening starting around 8:34 of the Sat evening of Aug 13, 2005, Shellie, after … Continue reading

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7/11 – Mysterious CoWorker Become Relevant?

Justice knows nothing about a coworker, except that MF told me on our only interview that his first name was X…, but couldn’t remember his last name. Now on Sept 3, 2013 BB write a comment on a post entitled … Continue reading

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Logical Sequence, Simple Stated. Reveal A Truth

Written By Clarke Kent Sometimes when we look at things we tend to read unrelated events and situations with references to more complex thinking. Justice will present hypothetical situations in a simple way to make a point. Boy and girl … Continue reading

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Perception Matters – BB’s Inconsistency Creates Doubt

Written by Clarke Kent The first time that I heard BB account of what transpired the evening prior to Shellie’s brutal murder was when I was introduced to Ravenwolf on Aug 16, 2011. Please see attachments that are directly from … Continue reading

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Questions Posed and BB Statements to VBPD – Creates Speculation

Written By Clarke Kent This post will deal with 2 VBPD involvement concerning MF and BB dealing firstly with questions posed by the Carsons and secondly with BB going on the record defending what he said regarding getting Shellie cigarettes … Continue reading

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Early on the Carsons Introduce the Possible Drug Related Scenarios 

Written by Clarke Kent In late Aug of 2005, Bill Carson crafted a scenario to Capt Kevin Perry asking a question and supply what he and Charlotte has heard immediately after Shellie’s murder. His question was “were drugs involved in … Continue reading

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