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Clarke’s Theories on PH and Murder Site

Written by Clarke Kent According to the Indictment/Investigation Report we discovered that PH was not the party who alerted VBPD to the discovery site of Shellie’s murder. PH has led us to believe that he was the one who called … Continue reading

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Overlooked Autopsy Report – Points to Savage Bludgeoning

Written by Clarke Kent After reading the autopsy report my thoughts focused on the vicious, savagely brutal attack on Shellie. She was murdered, but my focus was why and how did the killer attack her to savage her and purposely … Continue reading

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PH Personal Account from a “Not so good friend” (Shellie’s Murder)

Written by Clarke Kent A highly qualified software expert who worked with PH in Special Operations responded to a post dealing with Shellie’s murder to help Justice for Shellie secure information on PH’s involvement in Shellie’s murder. An Anon person … Continue reading

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