Justice – Shellie’s Last Argument

Written by Clark Kent

Is it relevant to her murder or just teenage overreacting. Justice information on the fight/argument is garnered by what BB has transmitted to Justice via our website and interviews. There is, however, a third person who was present during part of the “last argument.” MF, the 7-Eleven  clerk the night/morning of Shellie’s murder was present as he was in BB’s car on the way to Pembroke Mall when the argument erupted. Sellie had asked BB to pick MF up and mentioned “she needed to talk to me about something upsetting her apparently someone who I don’t talk to no more. It was a person that BB befriended and in fact got him employment at BK. His nae was Jeremy and apparently he spent the night over BB’s house and overheard a conversation with a female friend of BB, his ex from 5th grade from S. Carolina. BB told her he loved her “but only as a friend, u kno” because he knew her for many years. Jeremy misinterpreted the overheard conversation and was eager to tell Shellie which he had the next day at Burger King.

Jeremy’s motivation is suspect, however he probably wanted to score some brownie points and advance his own agenda with Shellie. SO according to BB the whole argument concerned Shellie’s jealousy that BB was cheating on her. Was it a misunderstanding by Jeremy or did he have his agenda? Was Shellie really jealous of BB cheating (especially with what she was pulling off with other males) or was it teenagers acting like teenagers? My response, why couldn’t BB expain it like he did for Ravenwolf in her interview via phone with him in 2006. Shellie, as BB explained took off her rings and was upset. BB on Ravenwolf interview confessed “then later I was hurt after she apologized and I was being selfish just not accepting her apology.’

Now lets analyze what BB said, of course we don’t have Shellie’s version, however we have MF’s presence, however Justice has been unsuccessful at arranging a meeting with him, so we only know BB’s version. Justice finds his version consistent over the years.

Now we sleuths have to navigate between the lines and find the truth. We’re talking about a murder in the same sense we’re evaluating the argument. It’s difficult to imagine a teenage dispute/argument/fight without BB explaining so succinctly in Ravenwolf’s interview that it was an old girlfriend from elementary school that are still friends. Something did not take place in the communication between the two, where it by design or strategy. Was Shellie overreaching and argumentative to hide her own private adventures and trying to put BB on the defensive.

Did BB purposely let Jeremy hear the SC 5th grade friend manipulate the situation to take any infidelity disputes from her own behavior and put BB in the position of defending his own innocent behavior? Shellie controlled the relationship and as we now know, did what was in her best interests irrespective of BB finding out or did BB know what was happening and put up with it to salvage the relationship?

Justice is attaching 2 exhibits A and B. Exhibit A is from #431, dated 12/2011 fro WS/Justice for Shellie and Exhibit B is a written conversation between Ravenwolf and BB on 3/14/06 transcribed the way BB talked to Ravenwolf. Readers let’s hear from you on the argument issue.

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19 Responses to Justice – Shellie’s Last Argument

  1. Renee says:

    Ok I am going out on a limb here but do you all see the inconsistency in the times and calls?
    Now as for this guy Jeremy, maybe HE had motive, maybe he sent the letter to church??
    just a thought….at this point any off the wall point can lead somewhere

  2. Renee My take was that Jeremy s interest in revealing the conversation with B/B 5th grade friend was motivated by his personal desire to get on her good side. He could not be the person who delivered to the Church Sect, the letter because of his age.

  3. Easter Grizzel says:

    I still think Matt, 7eleven guy knows more than he is saying. BB sounds so different in these descriptions. The second note sounds like him but the way he writes in the first note is different. This is public writing as we can ascertain from the writing of the note to the church secretary it was not his writing. BB is believable. BB I’m sorry for your loss but we need to continue working as a team to catch these people. A question for you, BB, how well and do you respect and trust LC, if you don’t know who I mean please lets meet. Please these initials are just that they could be anyone’s so please BB call me we really should talk. These are just initials that I needed to use. We need to obtain some of public writings from the others. Anyone that has written correspondences of the others send them to justice for comparison. The guy at 7eleven may have placed some hand written leave slips in can we get these to compare with church note. He liked to use capitals a lot. BH ought to have some in public, did he ever write anything for the Carson family, Christmas card from along ago, anything like this we can compare writing. CT should be easy to get court house papers he has signed, they will write the same, I will do this as soon as I can. MH may have some from court also. Don’t leave the mother out either she may have been trying to help by writing a note to the church. You see guys you can run but you can’t hide keep wearing the gloves they may help us. Where did you throw them away? As I said before anyone can come forward be the first, we will find your faults everyone makes at least one. Oh, about the psychic, all in, lets go, we can only learn. I may need some help to get the writings please send e-mail if you want to help I will show you how.

  4. Dave says:

    A CUT TO THE ARM-Miranda made a interesting comment the other day regarding the cut to Shellie’s arm. She said MF said the cut was superficial or just a light cut. (not a quote). I got the idea from BB that it was more than superficial.
    BB says that when he went back to see Shellie, that she did not answer the door, and he had to go over to her window. He also said the cut was bleeding. Now if a superficial cut was now bleeding, could he have been just cut while BB was at the door and Shellie knowing it was BB.
    Could her cutting herself lightly, be a way to mislead BB? A way to diffuse him? He then leaves, and then Shellie leaves.

    • Dave says:

      I need some clarification. BB, MF and Shellie head to mall together. A argument started and MF mysteriously leaves the two and catches a bus home. BB earlier states that he had no idea why MF left on his own. But guesses that it was because MF had to go to work.
      Now, Precisely, when was the very next communication between BB and MF?

      • Miranda says:

        When I spoke to MF, he told me that the argument made him feel uncomfortable, since it was none of his business and he told them they “needed to handle their shit” and left. He did not have to be at work until 10 or 11 pM that night at 7-Eleven. The next time BB talked to MF is when he called him and again told him they needed to work things out and that Shellie had come over to his house on the bike.

    • Miranda says:

      I did not say that MF said that it was a superficial cut. I did not say that it was a cut at all. I said that MF said that she told him that she did it to herself. I also said that the AUTOPSY called it an abraded letter B and I gave the definition of abraded. That definition does not lead me to believe that it was a very serious “cut” in the grand scheme. While all self abuse is serious, it was not something, as described in the autopsy report that would lead me to believe it was deep. Seems more to me like an eraser burn, like some kids would do to themselves when I was in high school.

  5. Dave says:

    I’m sorry, I have read all his statements so many times. There are so many inconsistencies and every thing is a disconcerted mess. He says he had a argument then made up over at his house, but then does not even give her a ride home. She has to ride the bike, makes a strange comment of farewell to his mom,and then goes to MF’s house. He then says he goes over to her house later in order to MAKEUP. Says they made up, but will not even grant her request for cigarettes. Say’s he will bring them over the next day, but just goes to work at 11am. the following morning without even calling her.
    At work, he is causing a disruption, his employer is concerned, his coworkers think he is over the top on trying to prove his innocent etc. Rattles off about world wrestling and on and on. It is really hard to tell about his real relationship with MF. He then Gets paranoid from accusations from MF.

    In fact all his statements even to this day seem paranoid. I do remember him on television news. I really wish posters could see the video. It would surprise you.

    • Miranda says:

      I think that the reason that you feel his statements are inconsistent is because they are a bit hard to follow if you don’t know BB. I have spent a considerable amount of time with BB and his family and when I read his statements at first, it was difficult for me as well, especially with the lack of punctuation. Now, when I read his statements, I can hear him in my head as if he were speaking them. This helps me to understand a bit more. I don’t know if BB would meet with you, but if he would, I think that it would benefit you in reading the things that he writes and also in understanding what I mean when I say that he is no criminal mastermind who has alluded the VBPD for 8 years. Now, on to what I can answer, based on his statements and what I have been told by his family, Bill and MF…

      BB said that they went back to his house to make up, but then also said that he was hurt. He did not immediately accept her apology and was being selfish. BB’s mother does not allow smoking in the house. Only outside and in the garage. Shellie told BB that she was going downstairs to smoke. While she was down there, upset about his being selfish and not accepting her apology, she decided to leave without tell BB she was going. It appears from what I have been told, that she was not sure they were going to make up at all. She talked to his mother and told her it might be the last time she saw her and told her that she loved her and left on the bike and headed to MF’s house where she stayed until MF had to go to work. MF called BB and told him she was there and they needed to work things out. Until then, BB did not even know she had left the house. Between the smoking outside and the fact that she was close with the family and sometimes spent the night there, it would not be unusual for her to hang out downstairs with BB’s mom, especially with him being upstairs and acting selfish and hurt. There have been times where I have been at BB’s house visiting and he went up to his room while I stayed downstairs and just hung out talking with his mom –and sometimes even his dad. (It is worth noting here that while I have seen his bedroom from the doorway, I have only ever been upstairs to see what the layout was and to see his sister’s baby right after she was born. I have never been in BB’s room or hung out up there.) Shellie walked with MF to work and then headed home on the bike and called BB while she was on her way home. He knew she was still on her way home because he could hear her breathing was rapid, as if she were riding and when she got home, she heard the bang of the door knocker on Bill’s door. After this, BB went to Bill’s house and that is when she didn’t answer the front door, but instead went to her window. For Shellie to have visitors come over and come to the window was also not unusual. I have spoken to several people who have told me they would come in through the window and hide in her bathroom shower if Bill or Charlotte came down to check on her.

      She was not forced to ride her bike home, he didn’t know she left. She may have taken the bike for her prearranged meeting, if there was one.

      The only disruption he caused at work, to my knowledge, was wearing the picture of Shellie that asked people to call Crimeline if they had information. The company did not want him wearing it or talking about it at work. He had to be at work later than she did and when he had to work in the mornings and she also had to work the breakfast shift, which starts early at fast food places, she would get a ride to work from someone else because he would be too tired. There is no sense in bringing cigarettes to her house on his way to work, when by then she has already been at work for 4-6 hours.

      As for the wrestling, he was young and interested in wrestling. I known grown adults right now that are into wrestling and NASCAR who are extremely dedicated to their sport of choice. Shellie, as you can see from some of her secret myspace pages and others was also very into wrestling and even named herself on one page as “BatistasSexyDiva.” Batista (sp?) is a wrestler.

      If I had gone through what he has gone through over the years I would be paranoid too. I spoke with him mother, as recently as last year, calling me to ask for help and advice because the family was getting threatening messages about someone coming over to kill BB because of what had happened to Shellie. I am not 100% certain, but for some reason I think that blowing up the house was mentioned. If it was not, I am not sure why I remember that, but I remember for certain that she was afraid to call the police because the messages said not to and that the police would not make it there in time because whoever was leaving the messages claimed they could get there first and kill everyone. She was very scared and sounded shaken because of the small children in the house.

  6. Dave says:

    Miranda, in your comment you say “MF called BB and told him she was there and they needed to work things out. Until then, BB did not even know she had left the house. ” What does it mean when he say’s “they”? Is he referring tp Shellie and BB, or is he referring to BB, Shellie and himself? Renee and I have been having a discussion about MF’s relationship to Shellie. I don’t want to speak for her, but she seems to feel that MF wanted or was having a relationship with Shellie. Regardless, there really appears to be more of something going on between BB and Shellie that BB is not telling us. What ever it is, seems serious, and he is obviously very hurt to the point that this is causing him a lot of stress. Not accepting her apology over a trivial matter does not seem logical. There is obviously something more.
    What bothers me about BB is not just the paranoia and anger that he demonstrates, but the fact that after 8 years he cannot move on in life. He was young when he met her, dated her for about a year, later remarried and then clearly see’s that she was extremely unfaithful to him.
    The majority of his post are anger and pity for himself, and seem over the top in defending himself. He really never talks about the “Person” Shellie.
    When I asked him (last year) “BB, who do you think killed Shellie?” He said he had no idea. Why after 7 years, would he have no idea? Only now he is on the band wagon against CT.
    What exactly was his relationship with MF? As you mention, there was much activity going on between Shellie, BB, and MF the day before Shellie’s death and into the early morning hours of the day she was murdered. We have to have more input from BB on that day. I really believe he needs to sit down with Justice and be more thorough in describing on the events of that day and any other questions they may have.

    • Miranda says:

      I don’t know if you have seen them, but I have replied to some of your other questions on other posts and I am spending the morning trying to catch up.

      When MF said “they” he was referring to BB and Shellie and working out the things from this argument. We have been told by MF’s mother that Shellie and MF were possibly trying to get back together, but MF had no car and Shellie needed rides to work, so she couldn’t leave BB at that time. I don’t know how true that is. MF’s mother does not want MF to talk to us and had advised him against it. The only reason I got to speak with him (briefly) was because BB trusts me and talked MF into speaking with me, and the two of them called me on a three way conversation in the early morning hours (like 2 -3 in the morning) so I was not able to ask things that I would have liked to because MF and I were not alone in the conversation and they woke me up from a dead sleep so I wasn’t thinking at my best.

      As for BB being on the bandwagon on CT, BB had no idea who CT was in the beginning of all of this. I showed him a picture of CT and asked him if he knew who he was and he said he did not know him personally and didn’t know his name, but he told me about the meeting Shellie had with him at the BK and how Shellie came to him and told him that his jealousy and by watching them (CT and Shellie) talk, he was upsetting CT. After he told me about that, I told BB that the pic was of CT and it was shortly after I showed him the picture that BB started asking around and some of his friends started coming forward with answers and telling him about MH’s admissions. BB asked all the people that came forward to talk to me about it. They would then talk to me or Clarke about it and would often provide text messages or facebook conversations with others who did not want to come forward, that were conversations about what they had heard or been told by the various four guys in the car or people who were friends with them. I also believe that BB is reluctant to point fingers until he is sure because he has been accused for so long. I remember when we first started following the stories on CT, he didn’t want to point any fingers until he was sure because he knew “how it felt.”

      From my understanding, MF and BB have always been friends. That is part of the reason that he was so freaked out in hearing that MF might have been accusing him of Shellie’s murder. I am curious about all of that as well, because if MF was accusing him, it would surprise me as well, so I have reserved judgment on that until I can verify that he was actually accusing him.

      As far as his not being able to move on in life, I can see that as well and it does sadden me. BB believes that once an arrest is made and a conviction secured, he will be able to move on because then “everyone will know the truth” (about his innocence). I hope that will be the case. At this point, I attribute all of that to more of that stuff that was none of my business to hear. 🙁

      As far as BB being more forthcoming with information on that day, we have not reported every detail that was given about that day, however, I can tell you that I sat in on a conversation between Justice and BB, including Charlotte, just weeks before her passing where BB went above and beyond in giving details that I would have never given in front of her sick mother. I am sure that if asked, BB would be happy to provide answers to any questions that anyone had, as long as they weren’t posed in an accusatory manner. He is just very touchy when it comes to being asked things in certain ways and doesn’t like to repeat himself over and over again. Especially in text/written word, he is sometimes hard to follow. It is much easier to ask him things in person/on the phone.

  7. Dave says:

    Miranda, you state:
    “We have been told by MF’s mother that Shellie and MF were possibly trying to get back together, but MF had no car and Shellie needed rides to work, so she couldn’t leave BB at that time. I don’t know how true that is. MF’s mother does not want MF to talk to us and had advised him against it.”

    I think the above statement could be more than significant. Miranda, I certainly appreciate the feedback you are giving me in regards to BB. And it is logical that you and I are viewing things from two different ways. I also appreciate that you have feeling for BB. (in a protective way). But when I see BB’s comments, they appear to me to be somewhat evasive. Maybe not directly lying, but he has a big aversion to be forthright and seems to paint things on a very superficial level.
    If MF’s mother is correct, then there is the fact that BB,Shellie and MF were involved in a love triangle. And it could very well be the context of the argument. Probably why MF had to leave the other two and catch a ride home. BB and Shellie, obviously did not make up at BB’s house that day. BB states that when MF called him, and stated that they have to talk has to make you think about what is really going on. As I mentioned, BB likes to make lite of things like jealousy. But the extent and degree of his jealousy is a very important question. Now MF’s mother, I believe made a comment somewhere that BB exhibited a very bad jealousy scene at work one day. Now I understand that this could be the Mother pointing a wrong finger at BB, but I do not get that impression from her.
    My comments do not need a direct answer, but rather something to think about. I’m sorry to have to say this, but I think it is possible that BB was being played by Shellie, having a relationship with MF, and BB knew it. When Shellie left BB’s house that day, she went directly too MF. When BB left Shellie’s house around 1am, she went directly to MF. You do the math.

    • Renee says:

      My 2 cents why would MF mom not want him to talk? Is she or him hiding something if it were my son I would encourage him to talk.. I think he is hiding something

      • juliet says:

        My sentiments exactly renee. And dave, i appreciate all your thoughts and theories but i must say, i know bb, and he is a very sweet guy, dont get me wrong, but it is absolutely 150% impossible for bb to have done this and not be caught. Im not saying he is stupid at all, im just saying, he iant smart enough to go this long without being caught. Its just not possible.

  8. Dave says:

    Renee says:” My 2 cents why would MF mom not want him to talk? Is she or him hiding something if it were my son I would encourage him to talk.. I think he is hiding something”

    Probably because he has talked to the Police already. As you know he already (It appears) to have pointed a finger at a major suspect. Now if that is correct, the suspect is a dangerous out of control murderer. Would you talk any further? Especially given the fact that the murderer is most likely a quick tempered psychological misfit, who can go into a rage even when his name is brought up.I would suspect his Mother would not want her son to end up bludgeoned to death by this sick sob. I would also suspect that the police would tell him and his mother, to keep their mouths shut for their own safety.

  9. Dave says:

    Juliet, your comments “he iant smart enough to go this long without being caught. Its just not possible.”

    I would agree, that this gives a very good argument and the best reason for his defense. I must say, that I have contemplated this for a long time.
    However, I do believe that it is possible that he could deceive police. How, by just sticking to a story that he went home and to bed. End of discussion. Could he hold up under intense pressure? I just do not know. It is interesting that he had two polygraphs. We do not know why.
    Now if the police have in fact cleared him, then I would think that they would have let Bill know. I will talk with Bill later.
    As far as BB just being a nice guy, well sometimes people just really do not know people or how they will react when love is concerned. Or in this case, love loss. I would say that he does not come across as a person that can handle rejection very well. Do you think he has anger issues?

  10. juliet says:

    I dont think ge so much has anger issues as i believe he suffers from depression. I think that is the root of all his problems and if he was seeing a psychiatrist and taking anti depressants, his attitude and anger would tone down considerably.

  11. J M says:

    I am the JM you are speaking about on this. I just ran into this article a few minutes ago and truthfully had no idea this happened. I just called M (because we are still friends) a few minutes ago and asked him about it and he said it was true that I did tell her about that “I love you” remark. I can’t speak as to why I told Mary about it, because I don’t even remember this happening. Now, with anyone assuming I may have done this for “brownie points”, you would be mistaken because during that time I was in a relationship with M’s sister (surprise!). I will say I was not the most mature when it came to minding my own business, if I heard it, I told it. I couldn’t hold water if I tried. Every time an investigator has visited me (which is about 5 or 6 times) I never once mentioned this because I had no clue, and truthfully I probably don’t even remember because they argued so much about so many different things that it’s all just a steady blur now. I do think they should have let each other go long before any of this, due to the constant verbal and physical abuse (which I have seen only once when Mary beat B up in the front yard of his house, but have been told about lots more between them) which I felt was unhealthy for a relationship. Was me telling Mary that an attempt to break them up? Possibly, I don’t remember, but it wasn’t for brownie points or for me to make any such advances, nor was it to just get one to go away. I was friends with both of them, I have hung out with both of them, whether all together or 1 on 1. Even if they had broken up I still would have hung out with both of them after. Now I will say B and I are no longer friends, he became a little unstable for my liking in a person, I do however visit his sister once every few months and if he is there I do engage in small talk with him, nothing more, nothing less. I think I’ve said my piece but if you have any questions I am willing to speak on it, feel free to message me


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