Justice Joins RN and Mr. Evidence Urging Level to Police Custody

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice has reason to believe that the level and note may be a fabrication, however if it is true, Jusstice joins commentor “Evidence” in urging that the level be immediately surrendered to police custody. As Mr Evidence so vigilantly pinpointed that this level may be very significant not only as a symbol, but possibly related to the same tools that were used in Shellie’s murder. Someone is delivering a message directly to CT is this is tale is true.

If this tale is fabricated CT would have to relate that to police. If it is a ruse, what was gained or lost by this false report? It made more sense that it actually is true. RN reported that “it was a level and in all caps in RED was written Tell the Truth and then where the bubble is in the level there were in red “quotation” marks. RN further states that I have seen this (the level) and I encouraged him to call the VBPD.

RN tells us that CT “said no it was not worth his time as he knows he had nothing to do with Shellie’s murder and he wasn’t going to plat the games, he has a life to live.”

Justice urges CT to immediately notify the police, and turn over possible vital evidence that you may not be aware of to police custody.

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5 Responses to Justice Joins RN and Mr. Evidence Urging Level to Police Custody

  1. inquiring mind says:

    Not sure if this means anything. Only CT and those who allegedly left said level and so on would know. The “bubble” that RN said had red quotations around it is called a Spirit Level or Spirit Bubble. That one piece that holds the colored liquid with the bubble to measure if an item is leveled at a certain angle/degree. So if the actual level had the words written and the spirit level had the quotations, maybe there were in fact more messages than thought?

  2. RN says:

    As far as I know there were no more that I am aware of…
    Believe me I tried to get him to call LE on it…
    I do have a photograph of it.

  3. inquiring mind says:

    More messages in the sense that the one level had multiple messages. It was a level, possible meaning of weapon? The written message on the level. Then the quotations around the spirit level/bubble on the same level being another message.

  4. RN says:

    thats a good point IM..
    If you want to see the photograph hit me up on facebook… you can find me through some of the people on here that are on facebook

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