Clarke’s Corner – Contact with CT and Hardee’s Girl

Written by Clarke Kent

Hardee’s Girl, the Emissary – is the “go between” for CT and Justice. Hardee’s Girl transmits info to Justice and helps to arrange interviews between CT and Justice. Justice spoke briefly last night to Hardee’s Girl and CT and are in the process of arranging a face to face meeting to be attended by CT, Clarke, Bill and Hardee’s Girl.

CT told me on the phone last night that aside from the criminal charges of assault and battery he is facing a civil action for damages regarding the fight. It appears that the plaintiff is seeking $22,000 in medical damages in a civil court.

Hardee’s Girl told me that CT was found guilty and sentenced to 5 months. Hardee’s Girl feels that in reality the 6 months he would have done 3 months. She also said that they offered him weekend, however CT decided on an appeal. He goes to court again on June 12th. She thinks CT is going to withdraw his appeal and just do the weekends. CT now has a new job and this will allow him to continue working.

Earlier Hardee also transmitted to Justice that the initials “KB” who we have tried to identify as an associate of Dnr/Ndr could be a guy that lives on Baldwin. His first name is known but CT doesn’t know his last name. He goes by KB. That’s what everyone calls him. I told CT that Professional Opinion said he may have been involved. CT said he wouldn’t put it past him. I also asked him if he knew who Pro Opinion is and he said he thinks it’s TN. Also TN tried to have CT set up to get jumped last night. Why? I don’t know. But thank God I was there or he probably would have gotten seriously hurt. Anyway, this is what I learned last night. I got my work schedule for tomorrow at 4 today. If I don’t have to work in the morning I will be taking CT to court. I will let you know. Hope you have a nice Easter.”

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3 Responses to Clarke’s Corner – Contact with CT and Hardee’s Girl

  1. Evidence says:

    Justice, if you can go back on your blog, I am pretty sure you will find a female that was upset at the comments toward a certain suspect. She would however, really go off on CT to draw attention to him as the prime suspect. I can bet you will find one of her post, that say’s “Ct tell the truth”.
    If I am correct, it will be the same person on a you tube video burning photo’s of young women that the alleged suspect had some kind of relationship or friendship with that either went sour or possibility spurned. (it was not Ct) if any one is thinking that.

  2. inquiring mind says:

    If I am not mistaken, the person in a youtube video burning pics was not a female. I, also, highly doubt this youtube person is the one to blame for leaving the level. I do not know that person, nor do I know CT, but I am willing to bet all of my time on this that the person being confused as a female who made the videos on youtube did not have a part in this level drama.

  3. CT says:

    who gives a fluck.a level,a horse i don’t care just try that will be delt with.

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