Mixed Message Surrounding CT – Doorstep Incident

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice has questions regarding information supplied to Justice so promptly after the incident happening. Justice will relay 4 separate reports of information on the website and one is documented in an email written by a “reliable source” and date stamped via the email to Justice.

Justice will list the information in chronological sequence as followed:

1) Sat, April 5, 2014 at 9PM by Professional Opinion

Professional opinion says:

…Also I’ve just learned that threatening letters have been left on certain peoples doorsteps-with the letter saying and red magic marker all capital letters”TURN YOUR SELF IN”.CTs doorstep to be up front?apparentlysomebody knows something and is threatening for blackmailing Mr.Ct?can’t quite make heads or tails on what the time frame calendar?how can we put this in use.?…

<<snipped for space by Miranda>>

2) Monday, April 7, 2014 at 9:58 AM. Justice will quote what was transmitted and secured in Justice files from Reliable Source “It is true that someone left a dead squirrel and a note on CT front doorstep early Sat morning. Apparently his next door neighbor has a surveillance video of whoever did it.”

3) In a post dated 4/12/14 entitled Justice to Pro Opinion CT states the following in his comment:

CT says:

Justice it was a level with the words “TELL THE TRUTH”placed on my doorstep.Wouldn’t make anything up like that.Didn’t call the cops,will never do that with little things like that.It’s little to me,now i’f i received threats on phone or i’m going to kill you stuff,maybe but it’s not a terrifying message in “tell the truth”.Basic bs.I equally wish that individual to tell the truth and show me who you are.


RN says:

It was not a note.. it was a level and in all caps in RED was written TELL THE TRUTH and then where the bubble is in the level there were in red ” quotation” marks… i take that is the person who left this at his door step was sending a message that they were leveling the playing field.
I have seen this and I encouraged him to call the VBPD but he said no it was not worth his time as he knows he had nothing to do with shellies murder and he wasnt going to play the games he has a life to live…
so there was only 1 thing left at his house, not a letter note a note, but a contractors level…

The real question in this mixed message confusion why all the mixed messages? It looks like the Keystone Cops trying to coordinate an incident that may be a ruse to confuse the readers.

So was it a letter with red capitals stating “TURN YOURSELF IN” or was it a dead squirrel and a note, not a level, or was it a level with “TELL THE TRUTH” or was it as depicted in RN’s photo with “Tell the Truth” written on the level?

Justice asks you to consider and debate these 3 questions. Why all the mixed messages and why did it take 16 days for the photo to be introduced? The second question is how can Professional Opinion write his comment so promptly after the incident happened? And thirdly, did CT have this on his facebook page on April 5 prior to 9 PM?

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2 Responses to Mixed Message Surrounding CT – Doorstep Incident

  1. Rn says:

    I have had that pic less than 24 hours after it was left never heard about a squirrel lol

  2. RN says:

    yes it was on his facebook page prior to 9pm

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