Justice Responds to Evidence Comments

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice Exhibits two comments from “Evidence” and one from myself in an effort to set the stage for my response:

Evidence says:

A couple of things stand out. In the letter the writer uses the word “Sprit” three times. Of course the level was focused on the Sprit.
Also the fact that the writer is focused on giving it to the Pastor at a Church.
Why there? I think this person is someone that lives in a diverse “Spritual World” This type of speak is probably common in his or her vernacular in their daily lives. (just a theory). Does someone fit that description that attended that particular church? Someone back then around the same age as Shellie at the time of her death? Someone that would fit that description> .Someone that frequents the church and knows the Pastor’s office location?
I have looked at each letter and did comparisons and the R seems to be the most favorable match.
The letter itself is very strange. The talk of the “Sprit” makes me wonder if the writer spent time in some kind of mental institution.

  • Clarke Kent says:

    Mr Evidence Two points of information concerning your above comment. The first is that the person delivering the letter was a white middle age male and the second is that he did not attend that church, because if he did Sect would have recognized him.

    • Evidence says:

      Clark, the letter states that he/she “left at & on mailbox for Pastor to find on day of pansy sale”.
      Are they not telling in the letter what they did? Was the letter turned in during the day of the pansy sale? Has anyone seen the actual mailbox? Is it possible someone at the pansy sale found the letter and turned it in? Was their a flyer box at the church yard?


      To Mr/Ms Evidence – Your feeling that the letter writer use of “spirit” and the focus of Spirit had a connection with a definition of a Spirit Level (a device for determining true horizontal or vertical direction by use of a bubble centering in the middle of a glass tube) and your further thinking that the letter directed to the Pastor had relevancy. While Justice acknowledges it is an interesting thought, it is Justice’s observation that the writer was somehow tied into someone involved in some way with the crime and was only looking for an avenue to direct attention away from the actual killer/s and toward the boyfriend.

      It is use of spirit was also to disguise his identity. Remember he stated at the closing of his letter “I can not ID myself,, because I found major corruption in the police Dept from which the corruption and people  have been trying to murder me.” Definitely a weird statement especially since he knew that this letter would be turned over to the police, since that it is motivation to have police in possession of these anonymous letters, distributed at 3 separate locations. Your depiction of the writer as living in a “diverse” and “spiritual world” and his association with like minded individuals accepting his speech could be relevant.

      Justice does not believe the writer was associated in any way with the church or was in Shellie’s age category. He is believed to be a white middle age man. Justice believes that the letter writer had no connection to the church and that was supported by his letter stating “a few weeks ago I wrote…with info and left it at or on the mailbox for Pastor to find at Pansy Sale Church His knowledge of the church or even its name of the Church or pastor or location of the mail box, to me indicated he was not familiar with the church, Pastor or mailbox location. If he did have knowledge of the location he would not have it delivered it during the day, but would have placed it after dark when Church Sect was not working. Evidence further feels that someone, that frequents the church and knows the pastor office location may have been the letter writer. However the opposite can be inferred from his feeble attempt at delivering the letter. He would have known where the mailbox was and the location if the Pastor’s office and probably more important, where the Sect office was located, however his salvation was the inept way the composite was handled. Finding the actual letter writer might have led to finding our earlier who was involved in Shellie’s murder. The LE had a great lead and it vanished with a sketch depicting a younger male and not the description given to them by the Sect.

      Justice does not believe that the pansy sale was the same day as the letter being delivered. Bill and Char church was known for having pansy sales. The circle had flyers with reward information at least in the early part of the investigation.

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5 Responses to Justice Responds to Evidence Comments

  1. Evidence says:

    Ok Clark, I’m on board with you now. Focus on this middle aged white male. There are a lot of random thoughts going through my mind right now. So bear with me.
    So the Sect saw him. Forget the sketch. She should be able to answer simple question about this man. Was he well dressed? Bald, tall, short, fat, skinny Disheveled, etc.
    The writer takes so much care to not be identified, so I would assume that the man that delivered the letter is not the writer, but has some relationship to the writer to be able to get his hands on the letter and feel the need for the pastor to deliver it to the police.
    Is he trying to change or divert the attention of police away from the real killer, or does he truly believe that the person whom wrote the letter is telling the truth and this truth must be known? There must be a certain urgency for him to get the information out to someone. He is certainly taking a risk of being identified. So, if this great risk, which would, if he was identified, lead the police to the letter writer be worth it if he was trying to protect someone that he cared about?
    Or is the middle aged man, getting desperate to protect himself? Or, maybe he actually wanted to have seen the Pastor personally in some attempt to open up to his own crime? Not actually having the ability to give the letter to the pastor, and resorting to just handing it over to the secretary must have been a let down for him. He had come this far, only to fail?
    The focus on the letter was a finger pointer to the boyfriend. Now the finger is pointing to CT? He seems to want to go with the flow. Any body but himself. Ct, has the attention now, so use this as a way to further the finger pointing.
    The essence of the letter and now the level are similar in the message and the way he thinks.
    I hope this post makes sense, as none of this makes sense to me at this stage. so good luck.

  2. Evidence says:

    One more thought- when he talks about the spirit world, and how it bothers the killer, I think he maybe talking about “Himself” and not someone that he he listened TO. Could it be that by delivering the message to a pastor of a church knowing that he would give it to the police, be HIS mental logic that the police would assume it to be true given the fact that it was from a “Man of God”?
    Regardless, the level delivered to CT could mean that he is getting desperate. He is taking a risk again of being identified. I also think he may live in the area. Perhaps out late at night.

  3. inquiring mind says:

    I think the letter writer is guilty in a way. Did he have his own part in the murder? He knows who actually did? Is he trying to cover for someone or all of them? Is the writer the same man to deliver? Is he a spiritual and anti-govt or paranoid? Is the person he is covering for spritual or became that afterward? Is Shellie haunting the person this writer is covering for?

    My answer to all of those questions is YES! I strongly believe the writer is someone who is close to one of the parties involved and he himself is partly involved. To what extent, I am unsure. Was he fully involved or just provided some sort of means to the murder? It is quite possible this man played a big part in the before and after. The middle (murder) is questionable but not far fetched. Is this man controlling and still to this day playing a part in diversion and controlling the actions and ideas of one or more persons involved? I believe so. He very possibly could have been one of the men at a certain lunch where comfort zones were breached. Is this man capable of taking care of certain pieces of evidence or were the giver and disposer of certain pieces of evidence? Absolutely. He is not afraid of being recognized because he is not a member of the church, any passer by would not suspect a thing as they do not take great concern as to who is walking into a church. Does he live near the church and in the Kings Grant area? Yes again! Does this man feel protected by a few of his friendly neighborhood associates? Of course! However, his concern is not of himself but the parties he is protecting!

    Why pinpoint the boyfriend? How are we sure the boyfriend he even speaks of is the same boyfriend we all think of? Does the writer mean BB or is he referring to a male friend or a past boyfriend or someone confused to be the boyfriend? Knowing later that Shellie had BB as her boyfriend it could have been a good cover to use the generic word “boyfriend”. I firmly believe that the focus is completely on CT and whatever “boyfriend” to distract attention away from others who can be linked by firm evidence (dna and fingerprint). If we can lay blame on a person who was just there or not there at all and make the suspicion rise, then all focus is away from looking at anyone else. THIS has been effective! CT may or may not have been there, but being his name is dragged through the mud and he has made himself appear even more so a suspect by claiming the murder to friends at parties and his rambles on the blog, no one is focused else where! The two main focal points are CT and BB. Yet, neither can be directly tied to the actual murder. Who can be tied to the murder? Maybe the person being protected cannot be tied to it by any other way than by word and this writer has messed up largely by involving himself and inciting question. Figure out the writer and you have 2 parties involved. Take focus off the level and CT himself and look around, you will find more parties involved. IF CT was involved, one of those other parties will gladly roll when confronted by LE. Not just in questioning. Find that solid connection and they will talk about who else was involved!

  4. Radio Professional says:

    I believe he was a part of this church where spirituals and confessions go hand in hand. He may have not been a believer at first but the more he participated he knew he was where he needed to be. I do believe he had issues (mentally) when electing to go to this church. Please check all records from 2004 to 2006 to determine if you have anybody that fits. Also check for families that may have hosted a family in need. Someone in this church knows more than they are saying. Is there a person that comes to this church on yearly, part-time seasonal basis? I think he attended this church or somehow involved at that time. He either helped by painting and other work, made paintings for the church or helped to clean the church. I do believe he was older somewhat than Shellie. I do believe he met Shellie either at the church or at her home. Could he have been a part-time deacon if that is the right word for this church? Did Shellie ever disagree with views from any member of the church? That solid connection I like that wording. I do believe people will continue to protect until mentally he loses it.

  5. inquiring mind says:

    Thanks. You seem to be really dead set on a painter for the church…. Why, may I ask?

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