LJP Early Jail House Disclosure of Shellie’s Murder Part B

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice left “D’s” describing MH and a friend that D thinks was named first name M. They had stopped Shellie who was on her bike and she joined them in the vehicle MH was driving. They meaning MH, his friend M and Shellie. They drove around for a while and then MH tried to kiss Shellie and come on to her and she rejected his advances. Things got physical and somehow MH hit her in the head with a piece of wood, a 2 x 4 and knocked her out. They drove her back to her bike, got her out of the car, and left her there. Shellie eventually came to, and proceeded to get back on her bike and leave.

In the meantime, MH called either CT or LJP who were together at the time, and told them what had happened. They were already in the area and decided to go see if she was still lying there unconscious. They saw her riding her bike away and sped up and honked to get her attention. She tried to ignore them and sped up on her bike to try to get away from them. This made CT mad and he grabbed a bottle of beer and chucked it out the window and it hit her in the head, knocking her off her bike and rendering her unconscious yet again. They panicked and drive over to MH since it was the closest house to where they were. While LJP was telling “D” this story, he admitted to him, (D) that he (LJP) and CT told MH that he, (MH) had in fact killed Shellie when he hit her with a piece of wood (2 x 4). They did not tell him about the beer bottle and led him to believe that when they rode by, Shellie was still the same way MH had left her and that he (MH) had hurt her badly or killedher when he used the wood (2 x 4). They did not tell MH that they (CT) had thrown the bottle at her and knocked her out again.

Justice’s Commentary

Justice urges all to review carefully all that we are reporting, since Justice is aware that a lot of what we get it hearsay. However this account is allegedly from LJP who is a direct witness what he observed. Please read, digest what is said and evaluate with other incidents to come to your own conclusion.

Justice is looking at this account and will evaluate it with other information obtained from other sources over the last 5 years and draw our own conclusions. Justice has heard several similar accounts with slightly different story lines. The truth may be buried somewhere in between the accounts we have heard.

Tomorrow, Part C – How MH reacts to hearing he might have hurt Shellie very seriously or killed her.


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One Response to LJP Early Jail House Disclosure of Shellie’s Murder Part B

  1. Bill Carson says:

    I am hopeful that with the expert blog comments and other inputs to Justice that we are drawing closer and closer to finding Shellie’s killer(s). LJP again seems to be under the watchful eye of Justice. In light of LJP’s recent arrest for apparent drug related involvment it wold be helpful to solving Shellie’s case if LE would revisit LJP and inquire as to his involvement and his reported first-hand witness and knowledge of Shellie’s murder. Again, I appreciate beyond words those who are devoting so much their time, expertise and effort in searching for Shellie’s killer’s. I hope that LE will follow through on the leads presented to Justice.

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