Evidence’s Shrewd Perception – Last Person M – F- Last Location Park

Written by Clarke Kent

Evidence, in his comments on Post entitled “Some Insight into MF via Ravenwolf, Justice Notes and Other dated July 25 introduced two pivitol facts, the last person with Shellie MF and the last location  – the park and explains options. He states that “I understand that this theory (MF/Drugs) is far fetched but there has to be a reason for Shellie to leave and go to the park.” Evidence expresses the possibility that “another party altogether” is interjected into the puzzle. The caveat to the likely would be Don T sighting further up the road at another isolated location, the park near Sherato Rd. If it is true she was in fact there at that time leaves a big question of why?

The bottom line is what would be the reason Shellie was near the park? We have speculated via comments on the protectors, drug dealing, framing BB, etc. However Justice has two statements from Anon R and Anon X that can explain what transpired.

Justice will present what we believed transpired after Shellie left 7-Eleven at 3:50 AM and her body was dumped at the circle at 5:15 AM and found at 6 AM by a good Samaritan. Justice will use the two Anon statements as well as information gathered by Justice thru all other sources.

Justice will give readers a very condensed version of what happened as we want to be consistent with who saw her last and the rationale on location. Through MF a rendezvous was set up in which Shellie would meet MH at the park area after leaving the 7-Eleven. Shellie did meet MH driving a white Mustang, however after some sexual advance the scene got physical and Shellie was rendered unconscious. MH panicked and a chain of events involving 3 to 4 other individuals ended with Shellie’s body being arranged to look like a sexual attack at a location not far from the circle. The body, along with her bike was then transported by a Ford 150 pick up truck to the circle at 5:15 AM. .Justice believes she was murdered very quickly at the circle and the Ford pick up and a smaller white Mustang acting as the lookout car made a speedy exit from the Kings Grant circle at 5:20 AM on Sunday Aug 14, 2005.

Justice has written extensively and in more details in numerous other earlier posts, however this is what Justice believes. Readers should understand that this is the framework of what we believe happened. We are however always open to new information, and only bring this up at this point to answer the question posed why was Shellie at the park at 4:12 AM.

Justice will evaluate all other scenarios however the scenario present is only a brief explanation of what happened and we believe we have statements of a clue to back up our beliefs.

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4 Responses to Evidence’s Shrewd Perception – Last Person M – F- Last Location Park

  1. Evidence says:

    Justice comments and random notes. I have to admit I am a little confused and lost, but here are some random notes:

    Justice: “Through MF, a rendezvous was set up in which Shellie would meet MH at the park area after leaving the 7-Eleven”
    My notes: MF is Pimp- so was Z
    Shellie most likely met John’s at park
    How was meeting set up? Phone call?
    Why was MH driving white car and not blue truck?

    Justice: “Shellie did meet MH driving a white Mustang”
    My note” MF lying about BB’s car. Knew it was MH, or new White car and who was in it. MF lying about white car. Why? Because he is pimp, Now deep in shit. Now obstructing Justice.

    The body, along with her bike was then transported by a Ford 150 pick up truck to the circle at 5:15 AM.

    Justice: “Why was Shellie at the park at 4:12 AM.”

    My note: OK, meeting time would have been 4:15 to round off, or 4:30. May expain random wavering on bike, waiting for meet.
    Would show that she was not accosted before park? No beer bottle hit on head while she was riding bike?

    Note: Ok, she meets John (MH) around 4-30- What happens? Maybe CT with MH? Shellie gets scared? Sounds like more than one guy in car?(Believe MH to have sexual hangups,inferiority issues, drug induced issues)

    Note: now reduce time line- now not 4:12 but 4:30 add meeting time and sex or non sex . Add getting truck, and disposal of body. Blue truck less than 5 minutes away at MH house. 5 minutes back to park and load body. Maybe 20 minutes total time.
    These are just notes, cannot come up on anything substantial at this point. Maybe someone can see something else that I am not getting or over looked or add. Too tired too think of more details.

  2. inquiring mind says:

    To build on theory above. Maybe when she sees CT or MS2 or whoever was MH she takes off on her bike and they follow her in the car and maybe she is trying to get back to 711 for help. Being that her instinct is to get help from guy friends when she is threatened or plays the victim, she heads to MF. Unbeknownst to her MF knows about the meet and MH and car load catch up with her around the 711 and park area and while he is sweeping the lot she is calling for him but he does nothing. They attack her and she realizes she has no help or hope so when she gets free she takes off on her bike again to head home but instead of taking the KG rd way she tries to go around the other way hoping to lose them. They stop her at that Newcastle house and finish the attack. The truck shows up not being BH at all but a friend of theirs or the rest of their little group of psychos and instead of finding a broken down white car or friends on the side of the road doing drugs they find a group of murderers. The people in the truck notice MH is shaken, offer to drive him home, he gets in the passenger seat while the passenger of the white car drives behind them.

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