Justice position of 4 guys in car scenaio

Written by Clarke Kent

Concerning the 4 guys in the car scenario seems to be the heavy buzz lately. We have all type and versions of this scenario, but they are all similar. The same 4 names keep reappearing with an additional one supplanting the original 4 on occasion. We have identified 6 people. The usual 4- CT, MH, LJP, and TN, but also MS has appeared along with one other. I have reviewed e-mail correspondence from Bill Carson to Lt. Perry sent 1/5/06 and Lt. Perry’s response urges the reader to “please read between the lines”:

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2 Responses to Justice position of 4 guys in car scenaio

  1. Darla says:

    If BW was a witness this would be 4 guys + one girl scenario

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Darla BW was Observed by one source. however it was only one and we have no one confirming it. We have information, however the info would not be used in a trial.

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