E-mail from Bill to Lt. Perry dated 01/05/2006

“MH and CT worry us.

In the last year and a half, it appears that CT has had at least seven arrests and that four of those were for assault and battery. His most recent assault/battery on KM, a boyfriend of an acquaintance of Shellie, on 7/10/05 was just a month before Shellie was murdered. He was sentenced to 12 months. Was he in jail when Shellie was murdered? Is he in jail now? If yes, can you get inside jailmate(s) to give get information from on CT or others with in trade for time off or the promised of reward?

The specific accusations against MH by “CT” in the attached two are also worrisome, particularly if it is true that MH is back in town.

Is there sufficient justification (probable cause) now to search MH’s car and get his DNA sample?”

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5 Responses to E-mail from Bill to Lt. Perry dated 01/05/2006

  1. Juliet says:

    What is the accusation agaisnt mh by ct? As stated above..

  2. MOLES says:

    Here is information on this person below that Shellie may have come into contact with. Please read and let me know what you think. I e-mailed this to Clarke a few days ago. His DNA should be looked at by LE. I couldn’t get his picture in but if you go to his name it will bring up more.

    7:10 PM. EST January 19, 2017
    (Photo: Virginia Beach Police Department)
    VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) — A former Virginia Beach church employee is facing charges for a sex crime. This afternoon, Jeffery Bondi’s friends and family sat inside the courtroom as the judge denied his bond.
    The judge said the allegations are too strong to allow him back in the community. He will stay in jail until his next court date. His attorney Stephen Pfeiffer says they will fight the allegations until the end.
    Pfeiffer explained, “As anyone would feel, terrible that you are confronted with these allegations and we will take it one step at a time.”
    A grand jury charged Bondi Wednesday with one count of felony object penetration for an incident that alleged to have happened back in 2001.
    “On behalf of mr. Bondi, we will be defending these charges and they are 15 years old and at this point he’s going to rely on the support of his friends and family,” explained Phieffer.
    The Commonwealth attorney says the victim was known to the family and she says Bondi touched her in a forceful manner. She also says the victim was 18 at the time.
    Bondi was previously employed at Young Life in Virginia Beach as a director. Pfeiffer says that’s where Bondi met the suspect.
    Bondi suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and his attorney was hoping he could post bond to continue to receive physical therapy.
    Bondi’s next court date is set for February 2. He will not be present, just his attorneys. They will set a trial date.
    (© 2017 WVEC)

    • Juliet says:

      Wow very interesting. Wonder what church he was with? Do we know if ph regularly attended church during the summer of 2005? And if so, do we know what church he went to?

      • MOLES says:

        Juliet the do believe they mentioned his church in the new article. This is a guy with one charge so far he got caught but I bet this is not all he has done. If you are an alcoholic then you will drink. If you are a pedophile then always a pedophile. People that drink can get help and heal but it is a daily battle but can be overcome. I think this guy more will come out if LE checks. His DNA should be checked. He should be interviewed for additional crimes.

        I had to place this comment here because the blog is placing comments into small spaces. I copied this so bloggers could understand what I am saying.

        Please go back and read this blog entry:
        Clarke Kent says:
        January 23, 2017 at 4:15 pm
        JULIET originally gigi stated that her coach was at the Carson home and talking

        This is the first I have heard of GIGI having the same coach as PH. It doesn’t read as her having the same coach if she didn’t why bring a different coach to the Carson house? So we have two girls one being GIGI and Shellie having the same coach. Is this right? So now I am more convinced than before that GIGI is a drama queen. I have said this before now makes since. I do believe PH was sleeping with both girls I also believe neither knew that the other was sleeping with PH. Now lets go a little younger BW we need to connect her with PH. Did BW also have him as a coach? I guess GIGI was the first and Shellie second. One found out about the other and a revenge set in motion. That’s why she wanted Shellie’s parents and BB to know about what she was doing. Only no one believed her. Playing with fire, plotting two friends against each other. I wonder whose child is really whose child? Come on ANA let me hear from you. Are still not answering questions?

  3. Book Covers says:

    Good stuff. Enjoyed learning about it and sub’d for future content.

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