The Bottom Line on DNA and Shellie’s Murder

Written by Clarke Kent

The debate has begun – Inquiring Mind in a comment in a post entitled “RN’s DNA Testing For Violent Felonies is a Fine Line” post date Jan 18, 2015, reveals to readers that the possible DNA changes are in the discussion stages. Inquiring Mind also tells us that the proposed law will be heard on Jan 28, 2015, by the VA House Committee and includes violent misdemeanors and possible major traffic violations.

Moles disagrees in a comment on a post entitled “The Evolving DNA Debate” post date Jan 19, 2015 stating “Sorry to differ but they have started.” This difference of opinion is healthy in their debate and Justice will endeavor to get legal confirmation on this issue.

Inquiring Mind further states “the major issue with expansion of included charges/conviction allowing DNA collection tare that they will not include past arrest and/or convictions.”

Inquiring Mind continues “If this bill passes and eventually becomes a law, Shellie’s killer(s) still may not end up in the database. Why? They will need to commit, yet another, crime to finally meet collection standards.” These guys are stupid yet smart. They have managed to not get caught on a lot of what they do that would require testing and have managed to find some sort of restraint to avoid meeting DNA collection status having family members as their consulting attorney on this murder has taught them a lot and what not to do.”

The bottom line for Justice and the LE is patience could indicate that we wait for the killer(s) to commit another violent attack after the new legislation goes into effect. This may be the bottom line however, isn’t it vile to think that another victim will be sacrificed before we can obtain justice for Shellie. However there may be an alternative to just waiting for the killer to commit another violent crime. Let’s explore!

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12 Responses to The Bottom Line on DNA and Shellie’s Murder

  1. RN says:

    Yes it is sad that another person would have to fall victim from shellies killer,
    So lets go back to this…
    everyone always says the 4 guys ect, MH, CT MS ect.. But this is what we do know… we do know that all these guys have been brought in numerous times at different times ect and questioned up and down, wouldnt you think that one would have ratted out by now. I just cant see all these people so afraid of 1 person. It makes no sense.. shellies killing makes no sense either.
    we do know that DNA was obtained from shellie… but the DNA was not in the database no match. We do know that with the DNA that was obtained that it can tell the race, ect of the person. I was told by a media source that the DNA could tell all that info.
    Here is another thing on my mind.. where is the post from the interview/meeting that Clark had with MF and BB
    I would like to reread that and I am not sure what month it was in.
    If I am not mistaken it was said the MF saw a car like bbs so if he really truly did, wouldn’t he have told LE that from the get go?
    What time did MF get off work that morning? and what time was shellie seen on video leaving 711? How do we know she actually left the lot since there is NO video of the parking lot?
    she could have been on the side of the building for awhile, true or false?
    did MF actually see her leave down the road?
    I have a thought and will pass it on via email to clark…

  2. RN says:

    just found this dated march 2014 by justice
    Of course the first question should be where was Drew when BB came over, but no one saw Drew at home. I asked Bill today and he was he was not aware that Drew was home

  3. RN says:

    ok found this… but it contradicts what MF said ti ravenwolf if i am not mistaken,
    Didnt MF say that he got a call from BK about shellie not being there??

    Justice and MF – Interview #1
    Posted on October 1, 2013 by Justice4Shellie

    Written by Clarke Kent

    Finally after years of trying a meeting between MF and Justice was arranged by BB. It was set for 4:30 PM, however both MF and BB arrived at 5:35 PM. This was Justice’s initial interview with MF and Justice wanted to foster an atmosphere of trust since it is Justice’s wish to have numerous interviews spaced out over a few months. Our first meeting was very cordial and Justice took its time on asking questions and listening carefully at how he responded. It was not the perfect set up since while our questions were being directed at MF, BB joined in on the answer, sometimes contradicting what was said.

    Justice however was able to focus the attention to MF and work thru MF’s answers and BB’s comments. Justice’s purpose is to speak solely to one individual at a time without input from others. The good news is that MF was agreeable to future interviews and gave us his cell phone and we will very shortly see our second individual meeting with MF.

    Justice found out the following:

    1) The name of the other individual who also worked the 11 – 7 shift at the 7-Eleven.
    2) BB called MF several times at the 7-Eleven.
    3) MF worked the 7-Eleven from 11 PM to 7 Am, went home, took a quick shower and walked to the BK for his 8 am shift. He clocked in at 8:04 AM.
    4) Shellie’s shift started 11 hour before his at 7 AM
    5) Justice asked if he knew CT and he said he didn’t, however he volunteered being at Shellie’s home, with Shellie in her bedroom when Bill came into Shellie’s room. MF hid in the shower, however, Bill discovered him and kicked him out, while using some very strong language. MF related to us his reason for being there. It appears that Shellie had related her fear, that CT tried to come thru the window, which she slammed on his hands and he left. MF paralleled the same story that “Z” told Justice, and Justice surmises that was MF’s reason for being there, to help protect her.
    6) MF got a “cold chill” when he entered BK and Shellie was not present.
    7) MF had good recall and observations and related who came into the store. He spoke of one guy who always comes in the store and purchases bologna and cat food.
    8) The argument started at Circuit City, and he left to catch a bus home since he started his next job at 7-Eleven at 11 PM.
    9) The atmosphere at the 7-Eleven was quite different from what we heard from others. MF points to an atmosphere of little happening after 12. MF states that they don’t sell beer after 12 midnight..
    10) In the middle of the interview MF had a cell call from a girl friend and it appears that she didn’t believe that he was at an interview. Bill handled her questions and the interview continued.

    Justice plans a series of meetings/interviews with both BB and MF separately. There are so many questions to ask and we must be patient and observant.

    To our readers, if you have any questions, we will include it with our interview.

  4. RN says:

    ok i found the conversation that i was looking for..
    MF told ravenwolf the brother was out of town with his girl…
    and that the brother called him he was in DC and the bb said that the brother was at home..

    • Moles says:

      The other teller at 7eleven was X right? Will he agree MF got more than one call that night when they working? From who he would know again people just lie and cover up what they know. What is he saying? BB said he saw brother at home easily determined what is D saying was he home or not? What is the girlfriend saying? We must put an end to these sayings. Something other than arguments between BB and Shellie those were natural occurrences between them. Something else happened that night Circuit City argument with BB breaking up they probably broke up more than this one time. Rings given back, then they make up later that night. Maybe Shellie at the 7eleven early smoking a cigarette out back, right? Cameras place her there then she left. Strange man buying cat food and bologna. Was this person homeless? MF should know. Shellie could have left but since MF lied about walking not walking to duck pond, then saying someone in a white mustang that he supposedly saw maybe BB maybe not. MF stated he felt Shellie was in danger why? Who was in this car parked and watching them? He knows who was in this car.? Why didn’t Shellie wait to go home if he thought she was in trouble? Why send her home? Was Shellie about to expose someone for who they truly were? Don’t forget we have PH out early that morning wife not home how did he know that was Shellie he found unless he seen her early at the 7eleven and knew what she wearing already. Maybe he picked her up and innocently chose the circle to talk. Catch up on school and to see what she was doing since she wasn’t in school. Maybe he left someone was watching them then she was murdered when he went back to her he found her murdered. There is a reason he told neighbors about seeing Shellie and he knew who she was. Maybe she was caught in his home that early morning or left something in the home and wife found it after she returned home. She went looking for him and seen Shellie with him. Could have been innocently talking what ever then jealousy took over. Maybe the neighbors know more of who came and went from there home. Maybe Shellie had proof of what she knew and was using it to her benefit? Any pictures of them together on her cell phone or computer if she had one? Did Shellie have a locket that she wore? Check it out. Maybe two pictures in locket boyfriend in front and another picture behind that one. There has to be something left that we are overlooking. To me someone wanted her at that 7eleven. But she waited a long time to go back home, why? Did she meet who she wanted to or did she leave and was followed?

  5. night owl says:

    I have been going to 7 11 every time I leave or come into the neighborhood..I’M doing my own mini investigation..I have notes on suspects..and I have noticed about 3 different guys that are frequently up there ( 7 11) with almost a loitering of the guys drives a motorized bike..he was up at 7 11 two days ago, and his face looked somebody kicked his butt..then there is the blue truck guy (who is bike bound)..and he is the one who hangs out by the first left side pond if you are traveling out of the neighborhood..that’s his spot..he is the one I saw Christmas morning..the guy RN was talking about I do not believe it was the same guy..I’ve noticed that guy visiting a neighbor yesterday, and I got a good look at him..he is not who I’m worried’s these guys who don’t drive..they are probably drunks..they hang out or visit 7 11 often..I know this all sounds confusing but, I get a bad vibe from these men..did the police get a proper list of 7 11 neighborhood regulars? Since I have been purposely frequenting the 7 11 I’ve noticed it’s the same people all the time..I bet there is a pretty good possibility that one of these guys could of been watching Shellie possibly hugging all over that black guy cashier at 7 11..did Shellie hang on men in public??..was Shellie a big PDA person? (Public display of affection) not to be racist but, I can tell these men seem like the type of men who would not honor a bi racial relationship..they give off a red neck thing I know that’s true is Shellies murder did not make sense..but, what if one of those shady 7 11 regulars was watching Shellie and MF and decided to follow her and commit a hate crime motivated murder? Just an idea..I’m full of them..I live HERE..where this happened..the wheels in my mind spin scenarios quite often..there are endless possibilities..has anyone contacted 48 hours or dateline?..I think it would help the case..

    • juliet says:

      I agree about the possibility of someone doing this out of hate for the fact that sheltie dated black meN. Very sad but also very possible. That theory has always been in the back of my mind. I have never brought it up because it hasn’t seemed like that’s the story but possible? Absolutely, unfortunAtely.
      Also, I have asked that she question before. why not contact unsolved mysteries, forensic files, or even Steve wilkos. Lol. At this point, I think we can take all the help we can get.

  6. Moles says:

    There is a homeless shelter (half way home?) for men over that way right? Was it there in 2005 I’m thinking it was.

  7. RN says:

    No half way places there only seton house and I think back then it may have just housed the girls,

  8. RN says:

    Night owl yeah we all know how The grunt is on mixed relationships they do not like it at all… So you did get a look at the guy that goes to ” the neighbors” house right…

  9. RN says:

    The seton house is a safe house over there by Saint Nicholas church by kings grant elementary school.. For young girls up to 18 the homeless shelter is in the blvd but not sure when it opened its doors

  10. mary erickson says:

    Cold Justice could be contacted also. They seem to get results!

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