Clarke’s Corner – Response to Night Owl and RN

Written by Clarke Kent

Night Owl – Your observations are important. Justice will be meeting with Anon Contributor of the private email, early next week. Your observation that the description sounds like Wolfman, leads me to request from you or anyone else, a picture of Wolfman in Aug 2005. Was his picture ever in the Va Pilot? Does anyone know what high school he attended. We could get a picture if we know his high school and year of attendance. Justice needs assistance in obtaining a photo of Wolfman in Aug 2005. His name is JS. Anyone from our cadre of sleuths please help identify a picture so that we can either ID him as the person seen by the email writer or someone not on the radar.

Nightowl – in your comment on Justice’s post entitled “Justice’s Rationale – The Engagement of Citizens via the Internet” post date 1/23/15, you ask for a “picture of the man I heard did handy work on the Carson property.” Justice has his identity and we could get a high school picture to try to help ID him. Send me your email by emailing We will work with you to obtain this information.

RN – Some observations on your numerous comments on the post entitled “The Bottom Line on DNA and Shellie’s Murder.” post date Jan 21, 2015.

RN – “all these guys have been brought in numerous times at different times etc and questioned up and down.” Justice’s understanding the except early on these guys have not been brought in periodically and interrogated. I was amazed to learn from Miranda that when BB accompanied her to the police headquarters, that they were happy to talk to BB alone and in inference was they had not talked to him in years, however because he volunteered they spoke with him. Miranda could better explain this occurrence, but I definitely got the opinion that the police do not periodically interrogate suspects.

RN, with respect to the DNA taken by the forensic team at Shellie’s murder site it may be incorrect to assume that there is no match to suspects we tlak about. If a person had legitimate contact with Shellie, DNA may be present and could easily be defended by the defense legal team. Furthermore the Commonwealth’s Attorneys may need direct evidence to proceed to charges.

RN, with regard to your other question “What time did MF get off work in the morning.” He was cleaning the parking lot at 7-Eleven prior to concluding his 7-Eleven work schedule at 7 AM while working in the parking area he observed and heard police sirens, and other vehicles rushing down Kings Grant Rd towards the circle. He had a bad feeling concerning Shellie’s safety. Your other question was “What time was Shellie seen on video leaving 7-Eleven? Your follow up question was “How do we know she actually left the lot since there is no video of the parking lot?” This is Justice’s response: “The 7-Eleven video will show Shellie leaving at 3:50 Am. It takes 11 minutes to travel by bike to the circle, where she was seen by the Navy SEAL at appx 4:01 to 4:15 AM. We also believe she was on Suffolk Lane between 4:06 and 4:12 AM. That would indicate that she was not interrupted until after 4:12 AM on Suffolk Lane.

Please review the 2 exhibits concerning Wolfman – Exhibit “A” is a post dated Nov 24th, 2012 on our website and Exhibit “B” is a page from WS concerning a post #321, post date 12/21/11.

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  1. RN says:

    Clarke I am going on what LE has said directly to me during our many telephone conversations. There questions to me and also my questions to them and their reply was always those guys have been questioned up and down..and their story had never changed according to LE…

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