Behind the Scene – Web Snooping – What is Learned

Written by Clarke Kent

Part of Justice investigation into Shellie’s murder is dealing with a cadre of sources that are supplying Justice with information pertinent to our investigation. Some of our sources have the ability to infiltrate areas on the web that are closed except for a select few. On April 4,a conversation on facebook was recorded and Justice will share part of the conversation between CT and MR, an older friend in which CT tells MR of an incident of MS2 coming to CT home and looking for CT, however he assaults his father thinking he is assaulting CT>

CT – did you hear what MS2 did to my dad?
MR- No
CT – He came by my house coked up crazy thought it was me for no reason kicked my door in and assaulted my dad put the old man in the hospital.
MR – Is he in jail?
CT – broke his ribs shattered his jaw and has felony breaking and entering his footprint was on the door for cops to compare.
MR – Wow
CT – He is not only in jail for that, M he got out on bond and on Christmas night strangled a woman in Richmond.
CT – He got his bond revolked and faces felony strangulation charges plus assault on another black dude. K is still free just went to Virginia Court Case When he is apprehended it shows “in custody”
MR – Where is MS2
CT – MS2 is in Virginia Beach Jail after my dads shit (which he will go to prison for felony breaking and entering the night time dwelling with intent)
CT – MS2 will have to go to Henrico County in Richmond for felony strangulation. Main reason why I want out of here glad you see that truth too. I mean I got people saying I am a murder and shit fuck this place.

MR – Why
CT – Shellie Carson got killed and LJ and 36 others called homicide and crimesolves saying I did it so they could get 40K. BS.

MR asks further questions of LJP and I will reveal that tomorrow.

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5 Responses to Behind the Scene – Web Snooping – What is Learned

  1. Evidence says:

    Who is CJ? Interesting to see him bring up the murder of Shellie which really was not following the converstation. It obviously was on his mind and brought a certain trepidation of fear out in the open. 36 people have called crimeline? Is he paranoid?

  2. Moles says:

    Ms2 has a lot to answer for. If he can strangle he is capable of other acts. If thirty six people called in and said CT did this then a lot of people want money but that is not what we need, what’s needed is facts and proof. The world can say he did it but where is the proof that’s what I ask of those thirty six people. When MS2 was first introduced to justice people had all sorts of reactions. But truth is truth and friends tried to take care of each other but that is not working. It seems friends want to blame CT first but like the level on his doorstep the blame is. “Whose?” Friends that have said they lead from behind he is now in the spotlight MS2 so I guess soon you will have to answer and provide to LE what you know. CT has been smart he didn’t once let others try to blame him he stood his ground. He has assaulted others true but if this was my father I would have reacted the same. At that point in time friends no more, but MS2 did this for some reason was CT talking to much or was he standing ground? MS2 doesn’t care about anyone as long as he gets what he wants well LE will have the last word in this story. I would almost say Duke is helping but again what’s needed is proof. So no rest until we have what is needed. But what key started this murder in motion and for what reason, and to determine who benefited who and who controlled the outcome. We will not rest until all is told.

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