Carke’s Corner to AJ and Others

Written by Clarke Kent

AJ – Thank you for your comment that you absolutely believe the theory of 4 guys in the car. As Evidence responded that there are many “theories” and these were all hearsay and past from one person to the other. The theory simply is that 3 to 5 guys in a vehicle at one point were responsible for Shellie’s murder and her body being discovered at the Kings Grant Circle. It is time as Evidence states that “what little evidence that surfaced was cloudy and sketchy to say the least and the vast majority was and is now speculation.”

I urge you and others who are serious to read as many posts on our website/blog as you can from all sources and form your own opinion. Justice has worked for 5 years daily on interviewing people and exploring every aspect of this case and still work with the father, Bill Carson and we have digested all the information available to us and have formed out own opinion and conclusion. We also keep an open mind to new information as it presents itself.

What is posted under Justice is that opinion that is always evolving. Nobody wants Justice more than the family and Bill to this day joins me on interviewing people with information on a weekly basis.

We believe that there are still a few missing links that is required by LE to make the case against the killer/killers and your participation is what we need to fill in all the blanks. I urge you and others to take an interest, speak to friends who might have a small sliver of information that could be important in this case.

I thank you and all the other commentors and ask that they arm themselves of what we have posted and begin digesting the information and ponder it carefully and come to your own conclusions.

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