Calrke Answers Some Questions

Written by Clarke Kent

Question #1 asks the following:  Was DC or not there in the house sleeping when Shellie was murdered or even there during that afternoon?

Regarding the Sat of Aug 13, 2005 he worked at Avis Rental Car and got off in the late afternoon. He proceeded home. He retired early and slept the whole night until his mother Charlotte woke him in the morning for church. When Justice originally requested Shellie’s cell phone documents, the company supplied all the Carson records including Charlotte, Bill, Shellie and DC. Justice reviewed DC’s cell phone records for Aug 13, 2005 and Aug 14, 2005. The last outgoing call on DC’s cell records was made at 2:35 PM on 8/13/05 and he had an incoming call at 5:34 PM, that was not answered. His next cell phone call was on Sunday Aug 14, 2005 at 10:28 AM and he made an outgoing call at 10:38 AM.

With regard to Sunday, Aug 14, 2005, his mother got him up for church Bill noticed Shellie was not at home, however it wasn’t a great concern since Shellie stayed at her boyfriend’s house or was driven to BK for her 8 Am start time. The family did not check the house phone for messages or they would have known that Shellie never showed up for work and several employees called requesting answers why she was a no show.

Both Charlotte and Bill did not see DC  that evening until Charlotte woke him up for church. Justice cannot find anyone who can confirm seeing DC from 6 PM Sat to 8:15 AM Sun, Aug 14, 2005. If anyone saw DC during that time period please contact Justice. No one can place DC from 6 PM Sat to 8:15 AM Sunday outside his home.

DC as was indicated prior arrive home late afternoon 4 to 5 PM and retired early.

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2 Responses to Calrke Answers Some Questions

  1. RN says:

    Ok so we have MF stating a lie about talk to DC

    • Moles says:

      Why the lip lie MF please answer. Why blame some lie on DC? Don’t you know who you seen, where you walked, brother or who you slept with that night. Did you walk Shellie to the pond or not? Was the sleeping partner male or female or do you know? Why were you working alone or was the other cashier going to partake with others?

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