Justice – A Follow Up to Life in a Storage Facility

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice will be working with several sources in trying to identify people who visited the storage facility that BW was residing in with her boyfriend. Anon Source, a person who has worked with Justice prior communicated with Justice that she is available to help by saying “absolutely. you know im here to help shellie in any way any time. i knew that BW dad didnt go to the unit untl AFTER it was being said he went there and the owner had stopped talking to you. owner refused to talk to mr w as he made it clear that threats were made and he should keep his mouth shut as well mr w keep his mouth shut and stay out of it.

“i will talk with NC (one of my contacts) and see if he will be willing to sit with us and view the pictures. i am sure he will not be willing to speak but maybe he will be up for helping with pics simce he can identify more people than i can. if not then i can help best i can i am aware of what most everyone looks like.

as anon source yes ill still help and do what i can. theres big road blocks up as you can see. BW is no longer one of my contacts because of MS2. ever since lj and MH started slipping on details and things and getting people locked up MS2 haws gotten paranoid and is making serious threats. im not scared of him. as a female he doesnt understand that i cannot bring myself to fear him. hes nothing. but im here. right now ive got alot goin on but soon we can set a time to meet up”

To our readers – Now let’s get to work and identify who was present and visited the unit. Let us also not forget about BW who will need support from all, to final take the steps that are required to straighten out her life. Hopefully eventually Shellie case will be solved.

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4 Responses to Justice – A Follow Up to Life in a Storage Facility

  1. Moles says:

    Shinning pictures of all. WOW

  2. B w says:

    To everyone who seems to be so concerned about my life, what do I have to do with shelleys murder. Since when did I write on your blog as light house? I love assumptions. I didn’t even know about your blog till like two months ago, and I’m a little confused as to why I keep being brought into this? Yea I showed some friends this blog I thought it was a little wild that someone or someone’s would chose to write about me, slightly weird. I was choosing just to umm not comment on your shit till now because their was just no need to yes one of my so called friends wrote that
    comment under light house, would’ve preferred them not too but f*** it. At least they showed me, I’m think you guys might be a little batty. But it’s okay, I am a great artist though so thanks for who ever said that I sell bracelets to if anyone is interested, and I am a nice person. I’m sorry I don’t have any helpful information for you. I keep to myself . I think I’m just gonna stop reading this blog now I just heard there was some more things about me on here and dudes it is a bit f***** up how you talk about my child have the decency to leave my kid out of whatever this is you do here. ^.^ I wish all of you the best in your endeavors. I kindly ask that you stop focusing on me it’s not going to get you anywhere because I have nothing to share nor do I care not that I’m not a decent human being I acknowledge the value of other peoples lives this is just something that has nothing to do with me thank you

    EDITED BY MIRANDA: B W – You are 1000% welcome here. But we do not use profanity here. And I beg of you, if all of this is true (or not, for that matter), we do not want anyone to be hurt an therefore prohibit full names from being used here. Even when it is your own. Comments with profanity and full names go into moderation. I have added your name to that list so that if anyone uses your name, including you, it will go straight to moderation. You may have read that I am dealing with an imminent death in the family and spend most of my time 600 miles from home with limited internet access. It is very difficult for me to spend much time editing comments. Thank you!

    • inquiring mind says:

      Hey, B, look if you want people to believe that you are not Light House than maybe you should be another person and not be so transparent! Aside from those who know you personally and can automatically tell that Light House was you (BW) from every single sign you gave, there was also the fact that you came back on here as BW and made it more than clear to those who have no clue who you are that you are also Light House.

      There were very specific key points in which you made yourself very known to all, as just Light House and verified it as BW. I will not state what those were because that will only give you the idea to come back as a totally different name and keep talking. This is typical you though. Scapegoating and trying to hide behind so much. Yet, you never realize that as much as you try to hide the real you and play the crazy card, you always show through. Those who truly know you can see through your games and this is why we get so frustrated! Your less than successful act of deception makes it really hard to show you that we truly care and that we will not judge you but only try to help you! In the best positive way! We are not trying to change you! We do not want to see you suffer! We only want to help you be the real you and live happily with S and not constantly be here and there unknown if you will live another day or if your baby S will have Mommy there to take him to his 1st day of school ans watch him graduate on his last! I know you THINK that S is okay and safe from evil with Y but you do not realizd that your actions and being away from him for periods unknown DO have a serious impact on him, his heart, his emotion, and his understanding of life!

      Just so you know, BW, the moderators of this blog CAN verify any and all names you use on this blog to pinpoint them back to you as one person. Not saying they will or even need to since you made it perfectly clear who you are in both names, but so you stop trying to act as though can deceive everyone and just be real! I know that is a tough thing to do, you have had to hide you for so long, the real inner you! I want you to know that you are not so closed off as you want to be. While I am at it! You may be able to lie to those who know you or to the blog, but the one thing of importance here is that you cannot lie about knowing Shellie and you cannot lie about having info on her murder! These people here only know what is said and what you give them. Those who really know you know the impact her murder, the murder of your friend, made on your emotionally stability!

      Tell us WHO stood around and “watches while the poor little raped girl got beaten to death” (in your words). Tell us WHY you cannot control yourself or your emotions when her name is brought up! Tell us WHY for so long, even before MS2 raped you and got you pregnant that you KNEW he killed her! Tell us WHY after once again bringing MS2 into the convo as being the killer who laughed at it, that you suddenly changed in a panic and named KU as the killer then bolted out of the door! Tell us why, even when there is kore than enough to prove that you are lying, that you still choose to lie as though somehow it will change the truth! Now that all of that is out on the table, you can still try to come back and claim I am lying. It may or may not work because aside from myself there are others who know these as facts! You cannot hide from the truth! You can keep it bottled up and deny it but the fact remains that you will always be living in your lies until you right them in the truth! Come back as any identity you want, we will still know it is you.

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