Justice Reflects on Investigators, Prosecutors, and Victims

Written by Clarke Kent

It is all too easy for me to miss others whose paths we occasionally cross. I just briefly want to mention several people who inspired me with their own dedication, strength, and conviction in pursuit of the same justice. In attending the Victims’ Rights Ceremony last Thursday night, my journey crossed paths with investigators, prosecutors, and victims and for a brief hour I absorbed the sharing of the passions in their pursuits. I saw the passion and sympathy that Sgt. David Ford painfully expressed to the assembly and I know that he is a quality person and dedicated officer. His brief talk said it all. his passion and pursuit helped convict a rapist in an old cold case. What a great story and thank you Sgt. Ford for your investigative ability.

I was introduced to Harvey Bryant, the Commonwealth Attorney, and Colin Stolle, the Chief Deputy Commonwealth Attorney. Both men exuded confidence that justice will be served and it certainly made me happy we were on the same team.

And lastly, but certainly an important element in the pursuit of justice, is the victims’ advocate. I had a brief conversation with Sarah Hess, the president of the Virginia Beach chapter or Parents of Murdered Children. Her son was murdered prior to Shellie and she helps parents through the warp that only people in this group understand. Bill speaks fondly of her work. She reads all my posts on our blog and said that she likes what she reads. Bill also mentioned that she examines the Virginian Pilot daily for victims that she may be able to help.

Justice understand that there are many people working. Some together, some separate, but they are linked together on the main path to finding justice for victims of violent crimes. Justice focuses on keeping a spot light on Shellie’s case, while understanding that others are also working in conjunction to acquire the same goals for all victims.

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2 Responses to Justice Reflects on Investigators, Prosecutors, and Victims

  1. Sarah Hess says:

    I enjoyed talking to all present at the VIctims Of Crime program and I also believe daily focus will solve this case. I wonder if all the kids at school that spoke out were taken seriously in 2005. How many have been requestioned in detail since? Folks feel a sense of freedom and not fear after time passes. I still ask questions about my sons murder and get answers more freely. Just waiting for the day of the “breaking news!”

  2. Justice for Shellie says:

    Sarah, Justice also believes the daily focus on Shellie’s case will bring attention and awareness,however we strongly feel that the Va Bch community reading and participation is essential, since one small nugget of information may jar someones memory and give the info to the cold case unit enabling them to solve this case.

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