CT’s Retreat From His Scenario Miscalculation

Written by Clarke Kent

Just as Justice surmised after the last post “CT’s Scenario Backfires – Permitting a Comparable Scenario” dated June 23, 2005, CT withdraws in comments. So predictable when Justice expresses the truth and the sleuths on this blog concur, a defeated CT evaporates from the blog. Justice cannot express it any better than both Evidence and RN stated as comments in the “CT Scenario Backfires” post, therefore I will quote them as they appear. First however Justice history with CT is full of CT wanting to be in control. However Justice has learned that faced with the truth and critical questions, CT has a habit of seeking refuge by departing the blog. Obviously with confronting him with his own words in our challenge in examining the two scenarios of Juliet and Shellie, Justice confirmed what we already knew. CT can intimidate people and in this case 2 females, however in reality he can’t intimidate the truth. People can see through his brash impetuous and aggressive comments and people question the truth vs his assertions. The mere fact that CT scenario include two females, who dismissed him, got new boyfriends and he responded with revenge and tactless responses. One was Juliet and the other was Shellie who was murdered. While CT was on the lam after an assault on July 10, 2005, after being released from jail on July 8, 2005, a lot to think about Justice reprints the two comments of RN and Evidence.

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