Body Language Speaks Volumes

Written by Clarke Kent

Spoke to a late middle aged man today who had some information that he felt important regarding the Shellie Carson murder. Dave who has been following the Shellie case via our website discussion/blog related a story of his impression of meeting his friend at a local Va Beach restaurant almost 2 years after Shellie’s murder. His long time friend invited him to the restaurant for a friendly meal and chat. When he was seated with his friend, they were joined by 2 other people who had some business association with his friend.

As they were introduced and were getting familiar with each other, one friend, BH, was asked by Dave what type of work he did and where he resided. BH was the owner of a small construction company and he resided in the Kings Grant area on Queen Elizabeth. Dave mater of factly inquired by saying “Isn’t that where the murdered girl, Shellie also resided?” To Dave’s amazement, BH became so agitated that it became such an unexpected reaction to a simple question. As Dave further describes it “as if I hit a hot button.” Furthermore he describes his body language was so revealing that something was so out of proportion and revealed that he was completely dumbfounded. Furthermore BH tried to blunt his reaction with a story about his neighbor who sexually assaulted and mutilated a cat and was somehow relevant about Shellie’s murder.

Dave has many keen observations of events regarding Shellie’s murder and Justice is interested in exploring more of his thoughts. Stay tuned.

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10 Responses to Body Language Speaks Volumes

  1. McSpy says:

    Interesting, I wonder what was going on in BH’s head for him to overeact that way? Around how old is BH? Young? Middle age? What was his age back in 2005? Maybe it doesn’t matter, but perhaps he was working for someone else at the time, or he was young enough to have hung out with the “4 guys in a car.” I’m curious . . .

    • Miranda says:

      BH is older than MH…BH is MH’s father….

      • McSpy says:

        Thanks! Was he the father, who seemingly tried to cover up his son’s actions right after Shellie’s murder?

    • a mother says:

      could this be what the marple person was talking about when they said “47 in 2005”? maybe marple knows BH and dropped that hint somewhere for no good reason and without explanation? i still have yet to find that comment. i working my way thru tho. i think someone does need to find marple and figure whatever out. if this was her answer then maybe it was also her way of saying she knows more than shes telling?

  2. Justice for Shellie says:

    BH owns a small construction business. In 2005 he was in his mid 40’s.

  3. Easter Grizzel says:

    Did BH help with any construction at the vacant house. Maybe he had keys to the house. I know BH had a friend JW that worked for Eastern Window and Door. I can’t seem to get away from this thought.

  4. Juliet says:

    Does BH still own this construction company? If not, why? When did the business end? Sure would like to know what police know about this case.

  5. Clarke Kent says:

    Juliet BH moved to S.C. for a few years and has returned to Va Beach. At one point in the investigation a Det. asked Drew if he could identify a certain key. Drew who had a good knowledge instantly I Ded the key as coming from a Ford 150 pickup. He was willing to go to BH house and see if it fit. Police refused his request.Latter I found out the Drew saw only a picture of the key. It was found in the area of the Circle.

  6. Lois layne says:

    Clarke do you know who the boy is that lived on queen Elizabeth that sexually assaulted and mutilated a cat? Was this story ever confirmed? Or did dave seem to think that it was just a muse to get the subject off of Shellies murder?

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