Justice in VA Beach? – CT vs Teflon Man (LJP) – Judge for Yourself

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice follows carefully both CT and Teflon Man (LJP) for one basic reason that it believes that both these men 10 years ago had something to do in the murder of Shellie Carson. Justice believes that they both had intimate knowledge of the murder along with several other young men. The thinking is that one or more of those involved will turn on the others once they are faced with incarceration for the murder. Someone will work a deal to benefit himself when he is faced with serious time in the penitentiary.

The December Squeeze took on interest when both CT and LJP were charged with criminal acts. On June 24, 2015 LJP committed a criminal act coded #18.2-248, a very serious felony. His charge was “Manufacturing, selling, giving, distributing or possession with intent to manufacture, sell, give or distribute controlled substance or an imitation controlled substance prohibited.” The penalty from the Virginia Code 18.2-248, I quote:

“First Offense
Manufacturing, selling, distributing, giving or possessing with the intent to manufacture, sell, give or distribute (Va. Code Ann. at 18.2-248 and 18.2-11):

Schedule I and II drugs, and transporting into Virginia one or more ounces of cocaine and five or more pounds of marijuana with intent to sell or distribute:
not less than five years nor more than 40 years; fine not more than $500,000.

Schedule III, IV or V drugs: not more than 12 months; fine not more than $2,500.

Trafficking in the following amounts is punishable by imprisonment of 5 years to life and a fine of not more than $1 million:
 Heroin: 100 grams or more
 Cocaine: 500 grams or more
 Cocaine base: 250 grams or more
 Methamphetamine: 10 grams or more

The December Squeeze regarding CT was one in which he pleaded guilty to 2 felony. He originally was charged with 9 Petit Larceny for 8 bottles of Jose Cuervo Especial Gold Tequila and pick pocket of less than $5. These were later aggregate into 7 felony charges. He plead to 2 Felony charges which are felony Class 6. He faces incarceration, please refer to post “December Squeeze Revisited – CT and LJP’s Surprise Verdict which outlines the penalties for CT. CT is guilty of stealing these small bottles from the ABC store that cost $8.90 with tax, it was $9.43. (See Attachment) of receipt at the store where he stole 8+ bottles.

Justice brings up the dichotomy between the two criminal acts between CT and LJP. CT would in reality be so minor compared to LJP’s criminal acts. CT had his $8.9- bottles of tequila aggregate together because they happened within 6 months of each other. The Va Beach Justice system is using the Va Code was able to produce a great impact case vs CT then the effort they put into making a case against Mr. Teflon (LJP). CT, however he will have serious time to serve. Mr. Teflon will walk free since the Va Beach Court system (Justice system) couldn’t make a case and his final disposition was Nolle Prosequi which means they were unwilling to prosecute.

Justice realizes that we don’t have all the facts however obtaining them is made difficult to the VBPD. Justice should be equal except it’s not in Va Beach. Mr. Teflon has a greater chance of obtaining a favorable outcome compared to CT who must rely on a public defender. Justice wants Justice for Shellie as well as CT and LJP, whatever that means. Judge for yourself and comment or add your opinion. They are welcome.

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3 Responses to Justice in VA Beach? – CT vs Teflon Man (LJP) – Judge for Yourself

  1. Rn says:

    The charge ifnpick pocketing under 5 dollars and charged as a felony is because he had been found guilty and charged previously. I know someone that had the same charge and i was curious as to why it was a felony so ipon discovery i found out why so what is the outcome of CT case?

  2. Moles says:

    Sorry Miranda but the law as usual stinks and only serves those that it wants. It sounds like the pastor worries about his church more than his job. His followers giving ten percent I guess is more important than Shellie’s life. This is what it comes down to. I don’t care what the case is the pastor is suppose to be working and being accountable to a higher power. I’m sure he wouldn’t want this knowledge hidden from the flock. People put them in positions of power but back up to the law when sh– happens. Like this is a life saver. But really this is the same case with defense and prosecutor’s its not what is right and wrong it’s about who can bull— the best. This is our law it’s just sad with all the knowledge we have this is what the citizens settles for. Lying is lying so really he is not a man of GOD he is an imposter living off the backs of his church members.

    • Miranda says:

      No need to say sorry. And I agree, there are many times that the law sucks. Like I said in a previous comment, I can’t count the number of times I have found out that the law works one way when it would make so much more sense for it to work in a complete opposite way. And in case there is any confusion, I am not saying that the law doesn’t stink. My comments were merely to clarify what the law is and how it works. Educational in nature only and not necessarily what I would think is the correct thing to do. Only what the law states and the situation that it creates. I also wouldn’t go so far as to say that the pastor is following this law. In truth, we don’t even know if he was confessed to in the first place. It was merely speculation that he may have been, so I am not willing to hang him out to dry just yet. 🙂

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