Justice Commends Cold Case Tony Suchy for New Approach

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice while bogged down in litigation matters will continue to post in a timely manner all information regarding our quest for Justice for Shellie. Investigator Tony Suchy emailed Bill on Jan 4, 2016 a message of sincere hope for the Carson Family in which he revealed that the Cold Case Unit together will “review…the evidence to be on the same page regarding evidence already acquired in the 10 years of investigation. More importantly Investigator Tony Suchy wants to establish his “own baseline for investigative efforts in 2016.” Another words he is inferring that their approach will be independent” of the previous investigative efforts accomplished.” Sound great and I hope they also review all the work done by Justice and our cadre of sleuths.

I would like you to evaluate the content of his emails as well as Bill’s reply today, Jan 10, 2016.

Investigator Tony Suchy email stated Mr. Carson



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3 Responses to Justice Commends Cold Case Tony Suchy for New Approach

  1. Moles says:

    Seems sincere. Hasn’t he been there for a year or more? He has some great credentials and has the abilities to find a murderer so good luck to him and his team. Independent baseline and going over all evidence from day one sounds great.

    There is a few names on Justice for Shellie facebook page that made comments and liked her page during events held for Shellie early on. One of the names I was working on and did make some comments on maybe he will start from there. Initials are MDC. He has church affiliations and the pastor I do believe used to have some connection to doing youth work. Does anyone know this person and who he is could he have connections to Shellie that we don’t know? He is a big media news fan of all the media people. He is a older male who is single and seems to need attention especially of the news media. Seems a little strange and odd, once you start researching him. If someone knows him and this is not the case then I apologize but I think its worth a look. Evidence let me know what you think.

  2. Rn says:

    Wow i have missed a lot this new peroson Tony sounds inspiring and it seems he will have this case solved just from his email he seems to care and listen to you all

  3. Evidence says:

    Bravo! Yes, Inspiring is a very good word! A great way to start off the new Year!

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