Moving Forward – What We Are learning – Part B

Written by Clarke Kent

With our great cadre of sleuths Justice is learning something new every day. I have just learned that PH is a jogger and in fact mh knew he was a jogger. She wasn’t specific but was aware of him.

Spoke to Drew 1/29/16 regarding gigi. He was vague however he was aware of her and has no reason not to believe her. He also mentioned in a reserved way that he was aware of her promiscious behavior. I also spoke to Bill and Bill obviously was unaware, and reminded me that Shellie wasn’t always truthful and was known to exaggerate.

That CT and his group Eastern Park Punks would lure young boys into situations and then physically beat them. It was rumored that MA video and photograph some of the beatings.

A male with the initials RO visited the 7/11 and may be in the video surveillance BA sister of MA might have been one of the people who lured Shellie out the night of the murder. mh tell Justice that CT looks up to MA. mh also tells Justice that the two sisters who lured Shellie out that night were KM and KM, first names starting with K, however she told me one was killed in an accident on Xmas day 2006. Something happened on the porch of Seton House.

Justice has learned of a renewed interest in PH. The source is confidential so that’s all I can reveal. Justice advises all to be aware that some information is hearsay and ponder what’s reported and conclude for yourself.

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  1. Evidence says:

    Did PH have any involvement or connection to the “Seton House”?

  2. Evidence says:

    I hope Justice can in the near future fill us in on the “renewed PH interest” as he is on the top of my POI list and has been for a long time now. Constantly searching for any information on this guy. I know it is there somewhere, and I truly believe there is a very strong connection to him and this murder.

    • Moles says:

      If he was a jogger why didn’t Don T ever run into him while jogging. Seton H has files and the manager may remember unless she has changed. MA did live in Norfolk.

      • Clarke Kent says:

        Moles Don T probably did run into joggers, other walkers and many different situations,however since it was unrelated to an event, you don’t record it.I never was aware of joggers or others unless I had a reason to remember it. I don’t know if PH was a jogger and when and where did he jog. It was asked of a source and I thought it was important enough to publish it.

    • L says:

      I’m right there with you, Evidence. There is no other suspect in my opinion. I won’t close my mind to other ideas, but any theory other than him acting alone needs strong evidence for me to consider. I think we should start with the other girls that were on PH’s team with Shellie. Is there a yearbook photo with all the girls who played on the team?

  3. Evidence says:

    L. you just made a great point! One of those girls must know something.

  4. KG says:

    How old was shellie when she was on ph’s team? Was it for a rec league or school team? Did his daughter also play on the team?

    • Clarke Kent says:

      KG Yes PH daughte rwas on the team. She was 2 years ahead of Shellie, in the First Col..High School class of 2003/ Shellie was in the class of 2005. I believe it was a Rec team. I would put her age at 15/16.

  5. Evidence says:

    Clark, the reason I brought up if PH and any affiliation to the Seton House, was not because of your comment, but rather it just sent a signal of where young teen girls live and some of those girls maybe know to CT and his gang of merry men. Ph, by some accounts we now have, is most likely a Pedophile. And as such, like most predators are always looking for a way to feed the hunger. I was just wondering if he sought out Seton House for a victim. Volunteer. coach etc. I am also looking for a avenue/connection that would tie him into the CT crowd. Just a long shot, but it would make sense.

    • Moles says:

      Didn’t they usually meet at the park. If PH did jog he could have stopped to talk with PH and whoever was at the park. Did the neighbors, close ones, ever see PH with Shellie? The girls on his team that he coached was a great idea. Sexual malfunctions usually start early on. His fascination as the blog has mentioned and co-worker comments with naked young girls/women’s underwear probably manifested early on in life. Did he have older sisters? He commented to co-worker that people didn’t really know him which means he was hiding even within self. Personality disorder? Could there have been a psychotic break/suicide attempts, such as entering a hospital, because no one could find him and his ex was helping him she knew where he was and didn’t want anyone to know. I do believe justice/family was trying to deliver a letter to him and no one could find him.

      • Clarke Kent says:

        Moles Coworker told Justice that PH spoke of suicide and that concerned Coworker.That was one of the incidents that alerted him of PH possible involvement in Shellie’s murder. With regard to Justice trying to connect with him it was initally started by contact with his x wife SH to deliver a message. We did not have his residence after he left the Suffolk home.

        • KG says:

          Have there been any more attempts to get a hold of him since he last spoke to you with his current wife? It is very telling that he has dodged you after he agreed to meet again. What is he hiding!?

          • L says:

            KG, I believe that the only reason that he decided to take the interview with Justice was because he feared his avoidance would raise suspicion in his current wife. Bill contacted her, and I presume she, out of empathy for Bill, persuaded PH to do the interview; telling him she’d be right there by his side, that she wouldn’t let them pressure him into talking about anything he didn’t want to, or bring his children into it. This is apparent to me by the way she acted in the interview.

  6. Evidence says:

    So PH’s daughter was actually two years older than Shellie? And she did not own a car? Mom and dad had to rely on getting her to work each day and she was working? This is why PH had to get up so dang early on Sunday am. and by pure miracle discover a dead body that no one else could have seen, and the victim last seen a few yards from his house at some ungodly hour?

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Evidence My post for today is entitled “Justice Renews Interest In PH as POI” and there is a quote from an unknown individual who has information on circumstances surrounding PH involvement. We can not reveal more at this point, however it points in PH direction. Please join Justice in the diaglogue. You early on considered him a POI.

    • L says:

      I’m anticipating that post, Clarke. I’ve been thinking about him as a POI a lot lately and I’ve been asking myself these questions: (Considering what we’ve learned from gigi is true)

      If Shellie were to have publicized a sexual relationship between the two of them, what would he stand to lose?

      What would he gain by silencing her?

      I hope that everyone here can help me answer these questions, and from these answers we can produce a solid motive. I believe this motive will far outweigh any motive that the other POIs could have had.

  7. Evidence says:

    What is interesting is the fact that he left home within 30 days after the murder. Add up some of the clues, like a comment of suicide, etc. and you see a pattern. It appears he was unraveling. Shellie may have been putting the pressure or squeeze on him for some time. I sometimes wonder if this was what the real argument and discussion were with MH, Shellie and BB the day and night before the murder.
    Remember that particular night the wife was out of town. Something or someone was getting set up. And all of this, the timeline, the players etc resulted in a murder. I think Shellie and MH may have been playing with fire. A very dangerous man on the verge of being totally out of control. A career Army Officer about to loose his family, reputation, and disgraced from the Service and employment. Would all this be a motive?
    Was all this getting to him. Enough to put him over the edge when he was already on the verge of suicide?

    • L says:

      I think he made the comments after Shellie died, which would make sense. I think I’m missing something, but has MH or any other POI ever been linked to PH? I keep hearing a lot of other names put in with his names, but I’d like to know where it comes from.

      • KG says:

        I don’t know if there has ever been a definite link. MH and family lived in same neighborhood and kids all went to same schools. I’m wondering if MH’S younger sisters ever played on PH’S basketball team? There has to be a way to find girls from shellie’s team. Does mr carson have a team picture he could find to identify some of the girls?

    • Juliet says:

      Evidence do you mean mf ? Not MH correct?

  8. Evidence says:

    Note: In the above statement I meant MF not MH.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      L & Evidence Gigi was at Shellie house prior to Aug 2004. Shellie could have been between the ages of 15/17 .The threat of sexual acts with a minor could of created not only problems with his wife, but harsh criminal charges. My question is why the murder 1 to 2 years later? Was it to silrnce her? Was she seeing him in Aug 2005?. Shellie was not forced to be on Suffolk La the early morning of her murder so why was she there? She passed her street Queen Eliz and biked up Kings Grant Rd making a left on Suffolk La and was observed riding her bike side to side at a slow pace, but why?

      • Clarke Kent says:


      • L says:

        Being in the Army, he would he have lost his job on such charges. Would that have any effect on his retirement? I’m just wondering what happens to someone who is in the army who gets a charge like this. I mean there’s obvious things: up to 10 years jail time, he would have to register as a sex offender, dishonorable discharge, his family would think differently of him. His wife would have divorced him and railed for everything he was worth with a conviction like that on her side, right? In short, it would have completely ruined his life and reputation in the worst way possible.

        To attempt to answer your question, Clarke: It’s possible that their relationship went on secretly for years, but when she was ready to end things between them, he wouldn’t leave her alone. Maybe that night she went to end things, he made an advance, she rejected him, and she tells him if he doesn’t leave her alone, she’ll tell everyone about how he had been sleeping with her for years. Even if she didn’t have proof (maybe she did), and even if he was never charged, these accusations alone would damage his reputation, relationships, and life. The feelings of fear, anger, shame, and rejection all at once could have driven him into an unprecedented rage. Just because she didn’t report things when she was younger, in no way means that he still couldn’t be convicted for it.

    • Juliet says:

      Lol, just ignore y previous comment as obviously I didn’t read all comments before writing mine. Lol

  9. Evidence says:

    I doubt that he was just going to have a one time thing with this young girl. Most likely would have kept it going for as long as possible until she decided otherwise. She may have been sneaking over to his house for years. Did he ever give her money?

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