Anon Source Reveals Intimidation Tactics

Written by Clarke Kent

Anon Source in a email to Justice on Nov 6, 2014 at the time we were looking closely at a party identified by Anon Source in which Shellie was lured and was attended by persons that are POI in her murder. Anon Source was expressing difficulties that some of her sources were having with threats and intimidation by those in deterring talk of this party which preceded Shellie’s brutal murder. The importance of this date is that it was one day prior to the arrest of BW on charges of possession of controlled substances and the manufacture/etc of controlled substances. We were able to find out that the same POI at the party may have been involved with the manufacture of meth at the location of the storage facility that BW was residing and where the meth lab existed. The description by Anon Source of the threats and intimidation proceed the new set of threats that was to happen with the police raid on storage unit #101.

In order to absorb what was being expressed I quote the following part of Anon Source’s Nov 6, 2014 email to Justice :


The intimidation regarding BW arrest and the possible involvement in the meth lab by CT, MS2, LJP and MH set the stage for more bullying and threats including BW from MS2 and CT. We have already posted accounts of MS2 continued threats on family members and the groups use fear to deter further revelations of their involvement at the storage unit/meth lab.

On Feb 2, 2016 Anon Source told Justice in a telephone conversation that “BW was shown an article of clothing that was allegedly worn by Shellie at the time of her murder. Key piece of evidence (a piece of clothing) that link killer to Shellie from actual murder scene. Bw was threatened by CT/MS2 with this allegedly piece of bloodied clothing that was as a threat to keep BW quiet.”



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4 Responses to Anon Source Reveals Intimidation Tactics

  1. Evidence says:

    The Author say;s “I don’t care you wrongly accused me of something, I know what I did and did not say”
    “MF has something of value, But I don’t know what. I do know that H was driving a white car with a old guy?

    So who was accused by Justice? And who would be concerned about MF and a white car?

    Also the part about the weapon is confusing. If the author has reason to believe that he/she knows about a possible weapon, then why not go to the police anyway regardless of marks that the weapon would have made, and also state that it would be found in a car?
    Why does this author sound so familiar? Why is this author not talking to Justice Personally? MF is not talking either.

  2. Clarke Kent says:

    Evidence Anon Source has numerous people that is aware of the party and who was present. The buzz on MF is that he has information that has value in the investigation. With regard to the author I don’t recall the contex of her initial statement. I reveal information that is transmitted and while I have my opinion and respect other opinion even if I disagree. With regard to MH Anon Source has previously revealed that her source told her he was driving a white vehicle with MS2. He was also known to be with a older white man in the same car rear earlier that evening. The person last name started with B and he resided on Marr Rd Va Bch. Anon Source and Justice does speak and meet, refer to the last paragraph of this post.

  3. Moles says:

    Why are people afraid of these idiots just start talking and go to police can’t stop talking then. These guys are losers and will continue to be losers. There hearts are already bloodied the only thing they know is drugs and alcohol. People have direct knowledge still do nothing do you want to be remembered for being fools or for being the person to hand over the murderer? The boy not man that murdered Shellie lives off the backs of people like us. The parents are also to blame keep paying to keep them out of jail makes no difference one day people will value themselves and gain strength to do what is right. MF one day will have to answer for what he has direct knowledge of. I guess if the boot fits it may be the right one, right? BW, CT and MS2 with BH and TN will soon have a lot of facts to gather to see who each will blame the other soon. The crazy lady in question is scared of what the truth might be but in all fairness I think she already knows that’s why so defensive. MS2 may be able to get by with a lot just look at the court dockets, Who does he know to stay out of prison?

  4. Juliet says:

    Justice have you tried to contact bw and see if she will talk to you or if she’s willing to go to police, maybe she can be coaxed with the reward money..

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