You Can Lead a Horse to Water But You Can’t Make Him Drink

Written by Clarke Kent

This old saying I learned at my father’s knee 60 plus years ago and it’s as true today as it was in the 40’s and 50’s. Today in late June 2016 it’s more than relevant to Justice for Shellie’s group who helps discover new information and has informed those interested in reading our blog of what we have accomplished. We know for a fact that the cold case investigators copied in July 2015 over 2500 pages from our blog without any consent. Our moderator Mirandsa has all the records and statistics to know when activity is slow or peaks to a high pitch.

This post refers to my dad’s adage as it is reflected almost daily in my post and comments from the readers which have seen the disregard the VBPD has of what we understand as amateur sleuths to be important in solving this case I have written so many posts, well over 1200 and have expressed our disbelief that the direction taken by VBPD refused to thoroughly investigate the observations of Don T and the possible involvement of PH as a viable POI. With Don T made at least 2 very important observations on the early morning of Sunday Aug 14, 2005. Both observations if taken seriously tells us of 2 important episodes of his observations were not even investigated and fell on deaf ears as Justice repeatedly tried to engage the cold case were there importance.

Justice learning through repeatedly speaking and question Don T discover that Shellie may have been the lone bike rider to Don T observed at 4:06 AM to 4:12 AM as he did his 10,000 step health walk Don T at the time had no ideas that PH who lived in the house where Shellie was last visually seen by Don T at 4:12 AM. We followed up with interviews with PH Coworker, with PH himself and a friend of Shellie who identified Shellie have a sexual affair when they were about 16. PH himself told Justice of finding Shellie and other valuable information. He also told us he was driving his daughter to work and on the way home in his white Honda Odyssey found Shellie on a portion of the KG Circle. He also told us that the police after talking with him released him but his vehicle stayed there until early Mon morning when he pick it up for work.

We also learned a ton of things about CT. We discovered he met a girl at her house 1 hour after the murder and was in a condition that was suspect and CT made statements to her that were also very suspect. We have found out by CT himself that he only met Shellie 1 time when she visited MS and that was the only time. We have discovered reams of evidence that this is incorrect and that mh (female) told us of many times he was observed with CT at the park across of 7 Eleven. We also learned that CT was on the lam. However he was only apprehended in Oct 7, 2005 almost 2 months after Shellie’s murder.

Justice can not fathom why this case is still at cold case after almost 11 years. We at Justice has shared the blog and some information of names, etc with the cold case, but got very little feedback if any. We have brought forward to Don T observations, the info on PH and his link with Shellie, however the LE until just recently interview him personally. Justice can’t understand the slow pace if any on this case. We have shared with LE information but can’t get them to consider it important. It is at a point of extreme discomfort to realize that all over 5 years plus investigating this case won’t go anywhere unless LE builds a case that the Commonwealth can win at trial. It is worth our efforts???

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10 Responses to You Can Lead a Horse to Water But You Can’t Make Him Drink

  1. Evidence says:

    I can think of two people that would love to see Justice not continue. The Killer and a VBPD senior Politician.
    Who are you kidding Clark? Finding Justice is in your soul. You will not give up. Is it worth it?
    Your father taught you to believe that you cannot lead a horse to water. My old man, told me that some day, some guy will try and kick my teeth out and do it when I am on the ground. Find the will to get up and fight back! Find that courage and you will win.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Evidence Our fathers taught us some basic lessons and the frustration I’m dealing with the inability of investigators in the VBPD to examine a witness (don T) observations in the early morning of Shellie brutal murder. We are not experienced investigators however wouldn’t any person looking to find information on this murder try to talk to anyone who was out at 4AM to 6AM? Don T observed two incidents that should have been investigated immediately after Shellie’s body was discovered.Seeing a lone female bike rider at 4:06AM and Two suspicious Vehicles at the Circle at 5:15AM at the exact location of a lone female body being discovered 45 Minutes later. Would it not have been proper protocal to talk personally with this person who came foward to tell the father what he observrd. Of course it’s fundermental to gathering information. Just maybe this case.could be solved by a carefull examination of Don T observation.Maybe Don T saw Shellie on Suffolf La at 4:06 to 4:12AM and the dumping of her body at the Circle at 5:16AM Also to be noted is that the location on Suffolk La where Don T last observed Shellie was at the location (home) of the person who descovered Shellie body at the Circle.Would it not be prudent to talk with Don T and listen to what he has to share??

  2. Evidence says:

    There is more on the Justice side than you might think.”The silent protest against Chief Jim Cervera is part of a morale mess at the Virginia Beach Police Department. It comes on the heels of two recent incidents where officers were put on administrative leave after proactive policing.

    The most recent incident happened earlier this month at the Oceanfront. A man accused of punching a club door manager was arrested by three officers. Citizen video shows the officers taking down the suspect: one officer kneeing the man in the shoulder or head, while another punched him in the side.

    Another video of the same arrest shows the man resisting and assaulting one of those three officers. So, officers feel Cervera overreacted by opening up a criminal investigation and putting the three officers on administrative duty.

    There is more on this man!

  3. Evidence says:

    I forgot to post the link of JC and the news. Here it is, and you can bet there is more.

  4. Evidence says:

    Virginia Beach SWAT officers sue police chief – home
    Nov 27, 2014 – Three Virginia Beach police SWAT supervisors have filed a lawsuit against … Police Chief James Cervera, the police department and the city.

    I have talked to a member of this swat team about JC. You would not believe what he had to say about the crap behind this man and how his troops feel about him. I hope Justice can see a underlining behavior. A Pattern. Everything this man does, every action, is to save/promote his political career and ass at any cost. Does Justice matter to him? Or does his political career walk over anyone in his path? Including dead bodies!

    Clark, in your previous post you ask about Prudence in the due diligence of the Police to interview DonT. and the importance of his witness of events and pertinence of information, in a heinous, brutal MURDER OF A TEEN IN KINGS GRANT! Seriously????? What may be the avenue to find the killer of Shellie Carson, is not the Evidence of what we know, but publicity of the cover up! Or rather using the Evidence of the crime and witness’s to prove tantamount evidence of Police corruption or negligence. Reporters have already posted about JC as I have posted above. The Department of Police against him is strong. Many court case witness’s will allude to this. Add Shellie Carson Murder Case, eg DonT. witness and refusal to interview. and you get conspiracy. BY A HIGH RANKING POLICE OFFICIAL.”POLITICAL”. Covering his ass.

    We can continue for years to find evidence, but evidence, which we have, is of no regard to politics or Politicians. However,it is a sacred regard to citizens of Kings Grant Community and to Virginia Beach Citizens. And evidence of Murder is what we at JUSTICE FOR SHELLIE will find. We have come a long way. With limited resources we have or YOU have made a honest investigation of a crime of someones child, to have meaning. and honesty. No do not ever give up. Etch it on your tombstone.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Evidence As you stated OUR group are investigating all aspects of Shellie’s murder and our consistence in not only posts but just as importantly by thoses participating via comments express our frustration with the VBPD. It is documented daily by our web site/blog and recorded for the public to check for themselves. It is a paper trail made for anyone looking for information on the inaction by LE as well as our affording readers an idea of how some citizens of Va Bch feel about Shellie’s murder.

    • Juliet says:

      Evidence, when you say jc, you are referring to j. CerVera correct and not the previous commentor, jc? Just making sure as it was getting a bit confusing. At first I thought you were talking about the commentor and then I realized you must be talking about chief of police, I think anyway. Pls clarify. Thanks.

  5. Patty K. says:

    Is it possible that Shellie somehow carved the initial B on her wrist after the assault in an attempt to identify her attacker?

    • Miranda says:

      Hi Patty!
      This would be highly unlikely because M saw the B on her arm at 7-11 and BB talked about having her wash it and get it cleaned up and the only other way that we know about it was that it was mentioned in the autopsy report.

  6. Clarke Kent says:

    Patty Miranda Miranda is correct the autopsy report indicates that on their final report. We possess a copy of the autopsy. Shellie had a history of carving.The night of her murder includes a fight with her boyfriend BB, a retreat to an x boy friend, a reconciliation with BB . We have covered all angles with hundreds of post and thousands of comments.

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