Justice Reviewed Information – Aug 14, 2005 – Nov 5 – Interesting Tidbits

Written by Clarke Kent

Bill sent Det Brian Seabold an email 11 days after Shellie’s murder on Aug 25, 05 in which he asked the detective to investigate FB. Bill reveals that “We (the Carsons) have a close friend who was an FBI senior agent in charge of the Norfolk office, we have had 2 lengthy discussions with him. Although we of course do not have all the information that you have, we tried to be objective and accurate in describing the incident. Here are some of the mutual conclusions that we considered.” Justice from other reading of IW (FBI personal friend) believed Bill pointing the finger at FB was ill advised and in fact had talked with VBPD and not believes that FB was not a serious POI. Among other things he was incarcerated for 6 years. See Attachment “A”

Reviewed a list of Shellie’s friends hand delivered to Det Seabold on 8/20/05 in which she lists gigi at head of the list with the following – She is 1 year older than Shellie, but renewed friendship with Shellie in the last few weeks, meaning June/July 2005. Justice notes Shellie only listed one female and that is MF sister M.

I reviewed a note written by Charlotte on 9/14/05 that stated “Shellie was brutally murdered a month ago…so beaten in the head her coach (who found her) (PH) could not recognize her.”

Another piece of information mentioned that the security camera at 7-11 shows MF never left the store.

On Aug 22, 2005 (date estimated) a friend of Bill Carson named TD wrote the following “On Monday, a call to Crimesolvers (Mon Aug 15, 2005) was made by a man who lives 2 blocks from the 7Eleven saying he and another person were at his house at 4 AM and that fact could be verified by neighbors. While talking with Bill Carson a couple days later, the police stated to him that they wanted to talk to the person who made the Crimestoppers call and did I know a CT. I said “yes” and Lt Perry asked if Bill and I would get his address. We did that.” TD continues ” at this point there is BB and 7-11 clerk, CT and whoever was with him at 4 AM the morning of Shellie’s murder and whoever murdered Shellie. Why was this call made to Crimestoppers providing unsolicited evidence? Did police check at all pertinent cell phones to see if a call was made telling the murderer that Shellie was on her way on her bicycle via the circle?

Don T told Bill that Det that contacted him was not familiar with the neighbor and that left a bad impression on Don T.

Justice also learned that the signs advertising the reward money was handled by Bill personally and was distributed to 7Eleven, schools, Burger King and numbered at 197 at all locations.

Justice finds it interesting that early on CT name was prominent as a potential POI and that the police had to ask TD and Bill Carson to find his address when the VBPD had a warrant for CT arrest on a assault charge at the 7Eleven on 7/10/05. CT as we have discovered by his own word was on the lamb and in hiding. Why didn’t homicide know this? CT wasn’t apprehended until Oct 7, 2005. My question is why didn’t homicide know this?

Exhibit “A” will be up soon. It is delayed due to technical difficulties with redaction.


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20 Responses to Justice Reviewed Information – Aug 14, 2005 – Nov 5 – Interesting Tidbits

  1. M.O.L.E.S says:

    renewed friendship with Shellie prior to her murder. Why did she have to renew this friendship cause she came back to Virginia Beach. Is this the same girl that CT had assaulted her boyfriend or something like this.? Why did she come back to Virginia Beach then move again shortly after her murder the only other people that moved was Wolfman and MH. While she was here she found out all about Shellie and what she was doing she told her parents about PH probably told MF, BB and his parents as well. She probably also told PH’s wife as well that’s why the divorce. If PH was sleeping with new wife she probably told her as well. There are a lot of people that had anger and resentment of Shellie but I still believe GIGI has more to do with this, I don’t care whether she went to the LE or not. She is clamming up because of her husband and who he works for. Blues take care of blues part of the family. I just don’t see the credibility or honesty of her answers. I think she was mad at Shellie and didn’t approve of what she was doing. I really think she fired people up to a boiling point and they needed to protect significant others. CT said she was at the wrong place at the wrong time I don’t believe this I think she was called and that person set her up not random murder, no way. It’s like three olds having temper tantrums because someone couldn’t have their way. To me someone was being petty this feels like girl infighting. You can’t have him cause he’s mind. What a joke what you ended up with is a bigger joke a loser and a moron. I could be wrong.

  2. Clarke Kent says:

    Moles & Others My post today is a Response to you above Comment. See Post dated Aug 11th, 2016.

  3. Juliet says:

    I wonder how the police even came upon ct and the other “eastern park punks” as persons of interest to begin with. Does anyone know?

    • Kat says:

      Juliet, the police probably came upon the eastern park punks as persons of interest because they simply were punks of eastern park. Self explanatory and one would think an obvious and automatic place to start.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Juliet & Kat Early in Shellie’s investigation LE was aware of Devons visit to CT home and the call made by CT father to authorities.CT himself was on the Lam and therefore not home. There was also people telling LE what they heard about CT involvement. The LE originally thought they had a slam dunk with Wolfman which turned out to be nothing.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Juliet & Kat Devon visited CT in the early morning of Shellie’s murder. Devon also called the Carson Family the Sunday morning of the murder. CT told me that his father was suspicious of the visit and contacted authorities. There was a lot of buz on the involvement of guys from the Eastern Park area.The Carson turn all information they learned over to LE.

      • Juliet says:

        So strange that cts father would call crime solvers rather than the local police station or 911. And supposedly, he knew nothing of a murder at that time, correct? That call made by cts dad is so strange and in itself, tells a story. This is only my opinion, of course.

  4. Juliet says:

    Did Devin call shellie regularly or was this the only time he had called her house in some time? The fact that he showed up at cts house and then called shellie that am is very suspect. And cts dad calling crime stoppers… that just doesn’t make sense. I have never understood why he called them? His explanation for this doesn’t make sense.
    Has justice ever tried to interview devin? I think that might be a good idea. He might have important Information.

  5. CT says:

    Juliet, don’t understand how this doesn’t make sense to you. one calls crime stoppers to simply remain anonymous. That’s exactly what the number is for. My Dad had never seen D come by the house before, considering the close timing of Shellie’s murder, he found it suspicious. One calls 911 for immediate, personal emergency.

    • Juliet says:

      But didn’t he call before anyone knew shellie had been murdered? I think this is where I am confused. If he called after shellies murder was out it would make sense. But I was always under the impression he called in the middle of the night right after he showed up. Is this wrong? Thanks for the clarification.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      CT Your fathers all was made prior to the identifiacation of shellie as the murdered unidentified victim. Can you explain the time line problem. Shellie was IDed at appx 11:15 of Sunday Aug 14th.

  6. CT says:

    Juliet and Clarke, I don’t know where the story of my dad, making the call, before Shellie’s death, originated but it’s false, nevertheless. That call was made well after MS1 revealed to me that Shellie was murdered and it was on the news. After telling my dad that D was sexual with Shellie, and after Detective Seabold had contacted my dad, wanting to talk to me, did he make the call.

    • Juliet says:

      Ok well thanks for the clarification that’s why this call always confused me I thought it was done at the moment when d showed up at your house. It would make absolute sense for him to call after the fact of finding out about shellie. Thank you for clearing this up for me, as this has always been something I haven’t understood. Guess I should have just asked, huh? Lol.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      CT Could you give me your time line for the comments. Need appx date & time the following 1) MS1 revelation on Shellie death; 2)Time your Dad called LE ;3)Did Det Seabold visit your house or make a call?4)Why did you reveal that Shellie was sexual with D;5) Why would he call because of this new information?;6) At this point in time Aug 14 you were on the Lam and weren’t arrested until Oct 7th. The time line between Shellie murder and your being arrested was Appx 51 days. It appears that the LE didn’t make a strong effort to talk to you. Did you think they considered you a POI?

  7. CT says:

    Clarke, MS1 called to tell me this when he heard it on the news. There’s no recollection of the date and time after these many years. My approximate guess would be whenever the news station first broadcast it. My Dad called probably a month after it made news. When he told me that D came by, alone, I found it odd because I only hung out with him at MS1’s house. For him to come by for me, wasn’t something that has happened before. I told my dad D knew the victim and was intimately involved with her, that it all seemed sketchy for him to come by like that, and near the time frame she was killed. There had been some buzz around the neighborhood gossipers about who could have done this. Detectives wanted to speak to me because people said ” I’d check out that CT”. Seabold did come by, left his card, said he just wanted to clear me among others, to keep moving forward. The LE didn’t consider me a strong suspect, just someone they heard about having a violent reputation and they wanted to basically get my DNA and question what I may know. Followed by a polygraph and I haven’t been revisited since I provided all in which was requested to submit.

    • Juliet says:

      Very interesting that the call was a month after the murder. I think everyone assumed he called that same night. I’m glad this was cleared up.

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