Was BB Well Aware that Shellie in an Affair with Her Ex- MF?

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice can state with what we know not, prior to Shellie’s murder on early Sunday morning 2005, that yes, BB was well aware that Shellie was having an affair with MF. I have pinpointed accounts to support our statement. I will list these points.

  1. Shellie invited MF to join BB and herself early after work and they visited Circuit City. A fight was initiated by Shellie causing a “fight.”
  2. At BB house later about 8:30 PM – Shellie leaves BB room and gets on her bike and rides to mf apartment, where MF states to Ravenwolf, they had sex.
  3. gigi and her husband run into BB at the Mall and reveal to him that Shellie is seeing MF (affair). This she knew because a year earlier at the BK she was well aware of the affair with MF.
  4. BB himself reveals that at the time when he visited her for the reconciliation at her house, BB states that she was texting with MF while in conversation with him.
  5. Shellie calls BB at about 9 PM and tells him she left and is bike riding to MF, where she visits his apartment.
  6. MF’s mother was a manager at BK. I had observed Shellie’s manor of manipulating boys.
  7. One night Bill Carson found MF is the shower stall trying to hide in Shellie’s bedroom and kicked him out of his house.
  8. There are numerous other incidents but Justice will close with what BB did immediately after learning of Shellie’s murder, he called MF. In a post entitled “Miranda’s comments on MF Spurs Contemplation,” post dated 8/30/13 BB comments on the post is his own words. “but the time I called round 12 ish or something he knew something had happend hes like why would bobby be callin me he supposed to be at work by now which i was but i couldnt work being devasted of this news that had shooken my whole world and dropped it from underneath me in matter of seconds so he ansered im all upset cant breathe and i told him shellie was murdered my baby was killed he got silent and just was like oh my god are you serious he started to get upset on the phone thats all i remember but i know i didnt share that whole story but that is what happend to the best of my knowledge its been 8 years im sorry if im not accurate to a tee”

By BB calling MF, the minute he found out speaks to us, however it supports Justice statement that BB was fully aware that MF Shellie ex boyfriend knew that Shellie was two timing him. This is my opinion and Justice would like the readers opinion and Justice would like the readers give their opinion on BB knowledge of MF and Shellie. Your comments are welcome.


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31 Responses to Was BB Well Aware that Shellie in an Affair with Her Ex- MF?

  1. Miranda says:

    While I agree that this is a pretty compelling list of reasons that prove Shellie was seeing MF, I disagree that it proves that he knew. I think they were always hanging out together and that was probably because something was going on and she was manipulating the situation to make it seem like they were all friends and I do believe that is why he called MF on the way home. But the fact that MF still denies that anything was going on between the two of them to anyone that is friends with BB, tells me different. And the fact is, while I think he has his suspicions now, he does not (maybe refuses?) believe this is the case now. And when he caught her cheating with FB, she talked her way out of that and their relationship was able to continue.

    But I also want to ask about gigi. This whole thing with her seems to stink. I am assuming she visited him at the mall after the murder to tell him about MF?? If not…and honestly, if so also…what kind of best friends were they? What kind of best friend does that?

  2. Clarke Kent says:

    Miranda gigi chance meeting with BB was prior to Shellie’s murder. The only other contact was her assertion that BB called her Sun morning with the news of Shellie’s murder. Since she broke off contact with Justice we could not verify further.

    • Miranda says:

      Then I am even less inclined to believe what gigi has to say, honestly. Especially at that age, while I agree that telling the boyfriend would be the right thing to do, I don’t see that as being what a best friend would do. I had asked before about the cell records. Could we find any calls on those records that we didn’t know the number for that would be calls over and over like a best friend would do? I know that at that age, I talked to my best friend every day. best friends at that age don’t typically tell the boyfriend what the best friend is doing. I’m going to ask BB if this ever happened.

      Again, I can clearly see from the list that there was something going on between MF and Shellie, but very little of that has anything to so with BB actually knowing that she was seeing MF back then. I’ll compile my own list explaining my reasoning.

      • Miranda says:

        My list of why this reasoning doesn’t make BB “well aware” of the cheating:

        In re:

        1. It is clear that Shellie manipulated people and situations. MF still claims to be BB’s friend. I don’t see how them hanging out would tip him off unless they were being inappropriate in front of him, which none of us know.

        3. I don’t trust gigi, as we all know. How long was this thing going on with MF. I was under the impression that Shellie and MF were together before she and BB, and not too long before. So, was the “affair” a year prior an affair, or was it just the two of them were together at that time and they weren’t really best friends, she’s just speaking on what she thinks??

        4. If they were all friends, is she not allowed to text other people? I text men all the time. Does not mean I am cheating on my husband.

        5 and 2 should be major red flags for BB, and I would be concerned if I were him. But they are also the same thing. Bringing the list down to 7 things. And since MF called him after she got there and told him they needed to get their s&*^ together, I wouldn’t think that she was cheating with him, but that he was trying to help them with their problems.

        6. MF’s mother’s observations do not automatically transfer into BB’s head. This has nothing to do with what he knows and only what she knows.

        7. Did Bill tell BB that MF was in her shower? If he didn’t, please refer to number 6 in my list.

        8. Again, being that they were all friends, and he knew she was at his house the night before and they hung out all the time, I would think it strange if he hadn’t called him. Not the other way around. And with MF still denying any type of relationship other than friendly to BB, I doubt he was calling him to tell him that the woman they were both sleeping with had been murdered. I still don’t see why this is so odd when their friendship has been described as three peas in a pod. While I can clearly see that there was probably more going on than MF admits to anyone other than Ravenwolfe, I just don’t see this as proof that he knew they were together. There really are only 2 things on the list (that should have only been one thing, since it is the exact same thing) that would have sent off a red flag if he was being manipulated and I would guess that the call about fixing their relationship was more manipulation that he fell for. Hook, line and sinker and still believes to this day.

        I think this post should have been titled Why We Are Well Aware that Shellie and MF were having an Affair.

        • Clarke Kent says:

          Miranda With regard to your point #5 MF didn’t call BB , it was Shellie that called BB on his home phone and while talking to BB she hands her cell to MF who made that statement.

  3. Rn says:

    I have one question that has bothered me for a long time and its like vbpd went to his job his mom comes up there to take hom
    Home as he was upset so this is what bothers me
    Why would bb call mf and not his girlfriends parents? His girl friends brother of it were me i wouldnt be calling MF i would be calling my future wifes family so why did he select mf to call and not her family?

    • Juliet says:

      Maybe he somehow really knew that shellie had been with mf that night and he was calling to find out if mf knew anything. Certainly makes one wonder…
      On the other hand, they were all 3 together the day before. Maybe he needed to tell someone. He was in shock. People grieve differently. Whether he knew if her and mf were sleeping together or not, he knew they were close friends and wanted him to know if he hadn’t already heard. And maybe he wanted to see if he had heard anything about it? All special ukation, of course.

      I can understand not calling her parents right away though. If my boyfriend were murdered I think I would want to process things a little iut before I spoke to the parents. Give them a chance to let things sink in a bit. That’s just me tho.

  4. Kat says:

    Very good question RN. Did BB ever call the Carsons that afternoon, evening, next day, week etc. ?

    • Miranda says:

      No one knows how they would act in the first few hours after something like this. Especially at such a young age. But yes, I believe that BB did actually go visit with the Carsons. Bill had mentioned him coming to the house with MF and what bothered Bill about it was that MF couldn’t look him in the eye. Bill has never told me about BB’s contact with him or behavior as being off, but MF was acting funny. I would think that if he would notice one, he would notice the other not doing something he should have done. He and Charlotte seemed to be extra vigilant, especially the first few months, to anything at all that was out of the ordinary. I wouldn’t expect his first calls to be to them. I know I wouldn’t know what to say.

      • Kat says:

        That makes sense. It’s understandable that a young guy would instinctively call his young buddy first. MF lack of eye contact could have been due to the shame of all the sexual things he was doing with Mr. Carson’s daughter. Hard to look the man straight in the eyes because she was now deceased. Hard to tell how a young guy would act under such circumstances in the heat of the moment considering.

        • Clarke Kent says:

          kat I think first instinct was to talk with MF because he had some suspion that MF who was with Shellie prior to her murder. He may even have the feeling that MF who according to BB himslf told Justice that he was aware the at one point in their reoncilation, at Shellie’s home MF was texing to Shellie. That by anyone standard doesn’t smell the taste test.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Kat BB personally visited the Carson witnin a day of the murder along with MF. I personally feel the visited would suppercide a Telephone call as the proper thing to do.

  5. M.O.L.E.S says:

    I agree with Miranda concerning GIGI. She knows more than she is saying. She is saving face with her now husband and that’s all. This girl is a red flag. She would like us to think it was CT or BB takes the blame off of her. Some friend. I think BB, Shellie and MF were a trio but Shellie liked both of them maybe BB more at times. I think GIGI also knew PH and she played the victim in all of this. She didn’t mind Shellie looking bad but she is the one that was trying to save face. I think she was mad at all three of her lovers I think she thought why does Shellie get all the attention why does Shellie get all the attention. She was mad so she had to tell everyone what she was doing she had to let BB and her parents know what Shellie was doing. I still feel she instigated this fight and she liked Shellie getting into trouble. That’s why she has quit talking she didn’t consider all the views from different people on the blog. She is no hero she is a bad friend and I still say she was mad, mad as hell at Shellie she was looking for ways to break them up. But she has played all her cards now, all she can do is be silent and sit back and wait. By the way what does her husband look? Just curious any facial characteristics any beard back then? People with perfect alibis peek my curiosity. The bus driver said she seen someone with reddish hair following behind Shellie on the Blvd.

  6. Evidence says:

    Jeez, engaged Boyfriend and Girlfriend have major fight. Breakup, Girlfriend cheating on Boyfriend and rubbing it in his face. Boyfriend mad all day, Boyfriend goes over to girlfriends house late at night, then she to other boyfriend after he leaves and then later she found dead. Bludgeoned to death.
    Not to mention enormous other speciousness behavior and lying from Boyfriend.
    What I cannot figure out, is, with the events that had happened that day and night, why the hell the cops failed to arrest him under the suspicion of Murder. How did they search the kids house down the street, detain him and take his computer etc. but did not even search the boyfriends car?
    I also do wonder why Gigi, knowing that MF was cheating with Shellie, that she did not contact the Police with this information. I will never buy into the fact that BB is so stupid as to not figure out what was going on. (He was able to pass a drivers test and drive a car, and able to feed himself). He was mad that day and even, He, would have been pissed at her for text messaging MF right in front of him.
    And then to believe he called the Jerk, MF right away after the police visited him. His so called Best friend?
    The fact that these events took place before a murder shorty after and no arrest was made is pure insanity.

    • Kat says:

      You sound irritated Evidence. Frustrated as it seems so simple to you, as to who should have been arrested. In many cases, boyfriends have been known to threaten to kill their girlfriend, fiance or wife, and even beat them an hour before the woman turned up dead. Later to find out that the most obvious and prime suspect at that time ( boyfriend / husband), although had incredible motive, did not actually murder the victim. Evidence, the police very well may have screwed up in a ton of ways, but unless you were or are affiliated in the investigation, your cut and dry theory is only a basic perception of the case. For example, Shellie may have bitten her attacker and the police were able to rule the boyfriend out quickly over something they were looking for specifically. You seem dead set on the boyfriend. I say that not everything is always as it appears.

      • M.O.L.E.S says:

        A lot about this case is not as it appears. To get to the bottom of the basket and empty contents one has to be mad enough to light the candle. In this case LE has in all honesty been waiting for the perfect piece of information. They can blame a kid with a disability but can’t and didn’t arrest the people that needed to be arrested to get to the facts, like BB, MF, CT, KU, MS and MH. But they should have went further with the information that the blog has obtained people like PH, Don T, and PH’s work buddies should have been brought in for questioning. Again this case will not be solved by mulling around and just asking questions this case will be solved by good old investigative work.

      • Clarke Kent says:

        Kat Your thinking that the boyfriend involvement sould be evaluated from the perception of those affiilated in the investigation misses the point that Justice For Shellie web site/blog looks at all information concerning Shellie etc. and promotes different opinions.In that quest people share the information and opinions and speclations is part of the things discussed. Also a lot of info coming onto the blog could be inaccurate but can be evaluated by each person and examined individually by each.

      • Evidence says:

        Cut and dry? Or should proper investigative procedure been followed? I guess your theory is that the rush to go to the Wolf Mans house was because he was bitten? They could search his house, confiscate his computer, but not even impound BB’s or PH’s automobile. You are right about Basic’s. Too bad they did not apply in this murder case.

        • Kat says:

          Yes evidence, cut and dry as to your emphasis on the rocky relationship between the boyfriend and Shellie. Your perception on the boyfriend being jealous and then Shellie being bludgeoned. You painted the picture like go figure, he must have done it. I say, doesn’t mean it led to the boyfriend doing what was done. Yes of course proper procedure should have been done. We are here now because it wasn’t done then. It’s also just as possible that we are still here now with no justice because the killer wasn’t any of the people known or discussed on this blog. Regardless of improper police procedures,screw ups, jealousy and every other relationship fact prior to her death, the possibility of Shellie’s killer being someone unknown to her, the police, the poi’s and this blog remains and has always existed.

          • Clarke Kent says:

            Kate You pimpointed something we have not wrote about and that is the killer could be someone not on the radar. Justice hasn’t written about this because there nothing to say about a POI that has not been identified. There is however always a possibility as there was in the UVA Harrington case in which they has DNA from a viscious sexual case in North Virginia they IDed the attacker as the one the killed Harrington near the UVA campus.he actual matched the composit from the women who was assaulted in North Va. I had a file on both the N Va women and on the Harrison and publised a statement that state that we beleive it matches the person who recently killed a UVA coed. Within a week her killer was linked to him.

            • Juliet says:

              Makes you believe that at the very least, police are keeping an eye on this blog. Whether or not it was Clarke’s connection that made them move, well never know. But one sure can speculate…
              Just makes it that much more important that this blog stay open and on top of everything! You never know what someone might unknowingly say in a comment that could possibly solve this tragedy. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  7. Kat says:

    You say the people that needed to be arrested..arrested for what? Can’t just go arrest a bunch of guys that could have done it. You left out ms2, tn and ljp..and every man in the batallion had been interviewed, so thats the most that could be done without prosecutable proof. You say the boyfriend and the buddy needed to be arrested, the car crew, and the creepy coach..different sets of suspects that didn’t know eachother, all should have been arrested? If you didn’t mean interviewed instead of “arrested”, my god moles.

    • M.O.L.E.S says:

      Yeah to get to the person a lot of hard and difficult work must be investigated so people were and are still lazy. Justice has found out a lot. LE really nothing. No one will just walk out and say hey I done it you have to get up and go find what you need. Ten years is just ridiculous. If it was one of there own the case would be solved. They have now how many murders here in Virginia Beach about 70 some right? My God Moles, No It’s My God Virginia Beach how long will it take for LE to find who they need?

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Kat I only speak for myself and I would only add to that I know Moles for many years and are aware of her passion and believe her statement reflect her frustration with the case not being solved yet. Wiih a lot of the people Moles refered to plus MS2 could be brought in on infactions and be put under some pressure and asked about Shellie related issues.

  8. Kat says:

    I understand that clarke. And yes, brought in on infractions couldn’t hurt. But what makes you think that hasn’t already happened? Lets say it did already happen, but would you be called by police and informed that it had?

  9. Clarke Kent says:

    Kat You would be correct except for the fact that we know from our own that they failed repeatidly to interview persons who appreared to have valuable information in a timely mannor. I give you Don T who saw 2 suspicious vehicles at the exact location in which a murdered body was discovered 45 minutes later. Also there inability to locate a POI for timely interview (CT) until he was arrested on another case.Look at the call CT’s father made on the night the murder, a call to authority’s basically telling them CT was at that his home the night of the murder. A real RED FLAG.The VBPD not empounding the vehicle of the person who discovered the body is just another failure to do a professional is just another example. I think , Kat you would come to the same conclusion. My statement only deals with our effort to be prudent in the investigation and our experience with persons not being interviewed on a timely bases speakes for itself.I hope the new investigators will interview be more diligent.

    • Juliet says:

      Why do you say that the call from cts father says that ct was at home that night? Ct has always told me that he was not at home but with Ms hanging at the trailer park behind beach robo. I don’t remember him ever saying he was home that night. And in fact, I specifically remember him saying he was not at home when dnr came to his house that night. Now I’m really confused.

  10. Kat says:

    Don T saw 2 suspicious vehicles in close proximity of the body. I agree, should have been a no brainer to follow up on such a lead, expediently. It’s a handicap that shouldn’t be permitted in the practice of police work. Did any of these 2 vehicles match the description of anything PH had access to? Yes of course, PH’s vehicle should have been impounded. It’s retarded that it wasn’t. But are you saying that you believe Ph and 2 other cars of people collectively committed this crime and got away with it? Yes, many red flags and issues with timely manner interviews. But with so many avenues of suspects and police handicaps, the reality is ,11 yrs later , no justice. Hard pill to swallow, but hope for a big break in the case is what everyone can hold on to.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Kat You are in agreement with Justice that it was a failure in police procedures regarding the 2 Vehicles and it was a no brainer to follow on such a lead expediently is a seperate issue to what PH was driving, It is 2 possible seperate issues. PH’s vehicle was a white Honda Oddessey and was at the site of the discovery and we agree that it should have been impounded irrespective of it matched the vehicle seen 45 minutes prior to at the scence. PH’s vehicle being at the scence could be an entirely different issue. PH’s Honda and the 2 earlier Vehicles could have been 2 seperate issues and no relationship with each other.Justice is not inferring a collectively committed the crime.

  11. M.O.L.E.S says:

    It was not retarded (I despise that word) that the van wasn’t investigated it was incompetence. This case needs to be just my opinion to be corrected and taken as a top priority. Even if it was messed up then fix what you can and move on. LE has a tough job Geez I agree tougher job now that is 2016 (even more idiots running around) but what is right is right. No case is insolvable just takes a lot of hard work. And yes I would expect that there is a lot of behind the scenes investigating that no one knows about. Don’t take things wrong I’m a true believer in the uniform and what one stands for and what one goes through on a daily basis. I’m sure frustration is on all sides. Let’s just say if you were raped and five people watched and while you were being raped, if no one knew about the other four until later on wouldn’t you want them to be picked up and questioned or would you just want to read about it and nothing done. Same here justice has done a lot to find additional people that know what they know and nothing as far as outcomes.

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