Tidbits About BB via Ravenwolf, Himself

Written by Clarke Kent

In a file Ravenwolf turned over to Justice in a document dated March 13, 2006 BB states to Ravenwolf explaining how he found out of Shellie death. He states


BB, in another statement appearing on a post 8/30/13, entitled “Miranda’s Comments on MF Spurs Contemplation” state “yeah i did call MF cause i asked him what happend?” BB Continues “cause she told me she went to sleep apparently she was txting matt that same night on her phone (This was told to Justice about the texting at an interview with BB and confirmed by this comment.) BB continues “shes out cat batting around”Refering why she was there and continues that mf told him that she went out after talking with BB (Justice can not confirm her call to BB) the reason was to get cigarettes (also unconfirmed) and to talk with MF. BB continues “he was the only one working that shift it was his job to run the store and not risk the chance of getting in trouble or fired hugged her and what struck me is he said he had a “Bad feeling that night”” BB reveals the reaction of MF hearing the news of Shellie’s murder. “he got silent and just was like oh my god are you serious he started to get upset on the phone thats all i remember” BB continues further on in his comment “i will never forget him telling me that something was bothering her that night and something was on her mind” BB doesn’t pry what it was but immediately switches to his story of we made up that night which was true everything was fine.”

He relates to about his mother calling prior to the detectives arrival with Shellie’s murder news; BB responses is puzzling in that his reaction is shock and disbelieving, he ask how? They say she was murdered. His question is where? her home? then pivots to an explanation that she told him that she was going to sleep, they reply no in her neighborhood. The reason Justice reacts to BB’s response is that in almost all comments relating to Shellie when he describes it focuses on his defensive manor. Another in all his comments BB tells his version of his location and alibi which not all the times are relevant to the story. It’s a defensive position in order to put forth where he was and preempts any doubt to the listener.

These are very minor points, however everything we learned should be examined with a fine tooth comb. Justice suggests readers examine two parts, one dated 8/30/13 entitled Miranda’s Comments on MF Spurs Contemplation.” and the other entitled “Ravenwolf and Mystery Man and Justice effort to Connect with the Truth” date posted 12/5/14. Justice believes that we must examine all the information. We must put the pieces of info together then and eventually we will find the truth.


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51 Responses to Tidbits About BB via Ravenwolf, Himself

  1. Miranda says:

    The only comments that I am going to make here, because I have spoken until I am blue in the face on all this is that I could not possibly blame someone who has been called a murderer for the last 11 years, most concentrated on here, for being defensive.

    And second, I would love to know what we are supposed to be saying here and that I hope it isn’t that we are trying to pass this off as BB trying to act like he didn’t know MF again. We have been over this and we have no way of knowing what or who he was talking to in that email above with Ravenwolf because she only bothered to hand over his side and not her initial conversation. If you read it as him trying to say MF shouldn’t have known him, it makes no sense. There is someone else that he is talking about there and we will never know who it was without Ravenwolf handing over the other half of the conversation. We went over that already and it was admitted that we have no idea. It is difficult to use a fine tooth comb without having all the stuff to go over.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Miranda You are correct we don’t have all of Ravenwolf’s notes or other information that was lost years ago, however we deal with what we have. We have 4 pages of recorded conversation with MF which has been discussed on Posts on this blog. Justice only reports what we learned for people to make there own evaluation. As you are aware I visited with Ravenwolf in rural Georgia a few years ago and she handed over her computer and we recorded all that was available to hard copies. We bring foward information and allow readers to evaluate it in the perspective of what they think themselves.

      • Miranda says:

        The conversations with MF have nothing to do with this email from BB. And I understand we can only evaluate what we have. But the fact that he even says he is only talking about the killer and the way he words things makes it pretty clear that he is talking about someone else. We should not imply, as has happened over and over on here, that the comments are him trying to pretend MF didn’t know him, when he obviously did. We have no idea what that last part (or who) is about because we don’t know. I wonder if it is Mystery Man she talked to him about, but I don’t know. No one does, apparently.

    • Juliet says:

      Still don’t understand how bbs side of the conversation was saved but not ravenwolfs side. Is that hard drive still in your hands, clarke? Would it be in the beat interest of justice to have a different computer source see if they can get any other info off the hard drive? Maybe someone different has a different computer program or something. This info is really invalid unless we know what questions were and sled of him to illicit such responses. It just seems sketchy that only his side was recovered. Why? And what else is still there that hasn’t been found yet?

  2. Miranda says:

    He even says that he is not calling MF a sick SOB, only the killer. HE IS TALKING ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE!!!

  3. Clarke Kent says:

    Miranda We dodn’t have the last part of the conversation however the first time i read it my opinion was she was refering to BB.

    • Miranda says:

      I don’t even know at all what that means. I am talking about the email FROM BB. I do not know what conversation you are talking about.

      • Clarke Kent says:

        I should be referring to MF.

        • Miranda says:

          Knowing that her whole side of the conversation is missing, and having said his name and said he knew where he lived, how wouldn’t he have known him, and thus, MF known him as well. I suppose you can just know where someone lives, but we all know that he has never denied the two of them not knowing each other. He’s always made it out like they were friends and what reason would he have to pretend otherwise. It can be proven that they WORKED TOGETHER. Many witnesses.

          If you read the entire email, she obviously asked him what happened the day before, and he answers that, then she asked him when mf lives and he answered that and then she tells him about someone else and he is surprised. We don’t know who that person is, because we don’t have the email. But there is no situation I can think of where he would say he knows where MF lives and then acts like he didn’t know him. I am sure they were also friends on Myspace, which I believe was where she found them, right? If not and it was facebook, I know for a fact they are friends on there because I am friends with both of them.

          And he is either calling that person a sick SOB, or she asked him about someone else, who is also NOT MF, because he specifically says that. And if he was surprised and freaked out that MF knew him, why would be almost defend him in saying that he isn’t a sick SOB? Read it slowly. Carefully. Consider that you are only getting one side of a conversation. Use what you know of this person and then tell me if you still think it isn’t exactly what I just said here. We have been over this before.

          • Juliet says:

            I thinks she tells him something saying mf name and bb is sureprised that Ravenwolf knows mf. He worded it wromg, but I really think that’s what the conversation is. He says how did he knew me… it should say, how do you know him? Just guessing but that’s the only thing that makes sense in the context.

  4. Evidence says:

    Ravenwolf over the years proved herself to be a very good at investigating BB and MF. She was able to extract information from them that later helped and lead to more discoveries concerning the POI’s.
    I did not see where she tried to mislead the evidence toward a untrue direction. The dialog by BB and MF has proven to be true in many regards, even by the Poi’s themselves.
    I do not see, nor have I ever seen her twisting the dialog of them around to support a private agenda. In fact the conversations posted are pretty much cut and dried.
    The Problem with BB, is the fact that it is not just one piece of evidence brought forward about him, but the fact that he has a serious laundry list of suspicious behavior and actions over the 24 hours before the murder and later after the murder, not to mention MOTIVE.
    Regardless, if you want to take just one piece of statement and try and debunk it, so much more evidence remains. Bringing Ravenwolf’s statement back to the table, is not so much a discussion of trying to argue one point of BB’s statement, but to give viewers of Justice a refresher on past evidence presented. And any newer Viewers may find something more to add. Ravenwolf’s work has proven to be honest valuable source in this investigation.
    I would think all good detectives go over their work many times and even start from scratch. BB remains high on the list of POI’s. Unfortunately for him, this is a fact. A fact that Justice cannot just ignore. If BB would like to contest the statement, then he should set up a meeting with Justice to do so. I am sure Justice would be open to any thing he has to say.

    • Miranda says:

      I don’t think Ravenwolf is twisting anything. But I am certain she did not provide her part of the conversation. her computer crashed and she no longer had it. Nothing nefarious, but Clarke misunderstood some things surrounding the format and he and I got that cleared up.

      The fact that you are okay with an inaccuracy here and there is disappointing to me. I can’t help but notice it is an inaccuracy where BB is concerned. If one is okay, how many more are there?

      Regardless, fortunately for BB, he has not yet been arrested over inaccuracies and the police are not in the habit of arresting every person they come across.

      Sometimes you make so much sense, and are right on point. Others you blow my mind with the things you say.

      I, for one, would rather fully investigate everything that we are stating as fact and refuse to add to the ignorance and confusion by restating inaccuracies over and over. I am more interested in true justice, and not just closing the case and making the evidence fit what I want.

  5. Evidence says:

    “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” Fortunately most of the Posters on Justice do not have a friendship with/ or related to any of the most serious POI’s. When the time to go to court for any of them does come, let us hope we can get a fair and impartial jury of Peers and not one made up of family or friend related. Let the Jury hear all evidence from the defense and the prosecution and let the Jury have free will to to decide for themselves.
    Insinuating that only you want true justice and everyone else is just out to make a false case is beyond words.” Justice for Shellie” means Justice. Otherwise it would be labeled “Conviction for Shellie”.

    • Miranda says:

      LOL, I’m not the only person that knows BB (who I have not seen in years now and still believe his is innocent) on this board. Not by a long shot. And you are in the minority in thinking that he is guilty. When posting about BB we get fewer comments and traffic than practically any other topic and have been asked repeatedly to stop beating a dead horse. But you also have stated you think multiple people are guilty. With one in particular, I agree. With another, I am on the fence. But at least I can stick with one believe that I am, personally, sure about. I don’t believe for five seconds that every person that you have adamantly stated was guilty are all in on this, like some HUGE conspiracy. If you consider my “Relationship” (which wouldn’t have happened at all if someone else could have brought him in and kept him here) some sordid thing, then I guess that “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” Let’s not pretend that I have no experience in criminal law and figuring out if someone is truly innocent or guilty. Anyone can be wrong. Happens to the police all the time. But I am not some naive individual that spent my whole life flipping burgers or selling real estate and then came into the situation with no experience or without nearly $100k in student loan expenses for a degree in this very thing and just decided that someone wasn’t guilty because he had nice shoes.

      And no one is insinuating that I am the only one here that wants true Justice. Anyone here is welcome to join me in not reposting things that are not accurate and debunking the things that are inaccurate, instead of glossing over them and stating that it’s okay if a few things here and there are not true, as if we aren’t ruining people’s lives. There’s plenty more…but yet, no arrests have been made. I guess that is just because of police incompetence? I can’t wait to see the Discovery when this all comes to an end. What I am saying that I am not willing to let inaccuracies lie and be repeated over and over. Or acting as tho we don’t know that something has been debunked or that we haven’t already gone over something before, over and over. However, by allowing your own inaccuracies to stand, over and over, it does appear that you aren’t interesting in the true facts of the case. I suppose it is also a good thing for you, as well, that the police do not arrest people for inaccuracies.

      You attacked first, but feel free to keep jabbing…

  6. Evidence says:

    Your comment “But I am not some naive individual that spent my whole life flipping burgers or selling real estate and then came into the situation with no experience or without nearly $100k in student loan expenses”

    ” Let’s not pretend that I have no experience in criminal law and figuring out if someone is truly innocent or guilty.

    Pretty much explains it all. I guess humility is not one of your strong points. Ever wonder if you wasted your money? There is not much need in trying to convince us, we really are not impressed.

    • Miranda says:

      LOL! Do you think anyone is impressed with your constant accusing me of an inappropriate relationship with someone I haven’t even seen in 4 years? No one is impressed with your attacks on people and treating them like they don’t know what they are talking about when no one can be brought up without you claiming they are guilty. Like, every. Single. One. Do you think it is impressive to post information that isn’t accurate and just say it’s okay, when it isn’t? Not just about people, but about procedure. Do you think anyone believes that you would do a better job than the police with that attitude? No one does. As far as my money goes, I am pretty certain that I’ll be okay. The day you are actually there when someone is released for being innocent or convicted for being guilty and you were actually a part of making that happen, you let me know. But at this point, I am starting to think that you are just saying that every person is guilty so that when they make an arrest you can say that you were right and knew it all along.

      This isn’t a game. The misinformation that is posted here can destroy innocent lives. When you care about that, and use some restraint and class, and stop being okay with misinformation being broadcasted, I will be impressed. What if we started looking into you and started posting things that weren’t true? How would you feel about that? I guess it’s okay to you, if it’s in the interest of justice? That’s not how the law works.

      While you may not be impressed, at least I have enough integrity to not be okay with misinformation being posted…about anyone…even you.

    • Misunderstood says:

      Why I’m in moderation?

      —-First post that was in moderation—-

      She got a point
      Makes this place look dumb to post lies
      Don’t look serious when you don’t correct wrong s***.
      And it ain’t the first time.
      Info I gave was twisted on here.

      ***Edited by Miranda for Language*** Also added to a different post because I messed up his original post (details above).

      • Miranda says:

        Because I accidentally deleted it and had to redo it. Please do not use language that children cannot see on the site. I appreciate your thoughts, but we cannot use language that we should not be using here. Thank you for understanding.

        ETA – It would not allow me to post it without my avatar, making it look like I was the one posting it originally. I deleted it quickly because for some reason, it didn’t put it in moderation right away and I had to do it and hit the wrong button and deleted it altogether. So I have added the post to your question about moderation and edited it for language. Sorry.

        • Misunderstood says:

          Won’t do it again

          Also sorry you got to deal with that up there
          He is a—real piece of work. See, I fixed my language.
          He’s just mad that you right about him
          He only brings that stuff up because he has no argument with facts or evidence. haha
          Maybe he wasn’t hugged as a kid

          Also, I’m a girl.

          • Miranda says:

            Meh, it is what it is. It’s not the first time he has tried to “find justice” by attacking me and my personal life and then tried to turn it around on me. Some people spend so much time trying to bully people that when they come across one that will stand up to them and call them out on their BS, they can’t handle it and then have to act injured and as if they didn’t start the whole thing.

            Thank you for clarifying your gender. I apologize for assuming.

      • Clarke Kent says:

        Misunderstood I understand your concern,however if Justice edited yours and others comment no one would read what we post. We share information learned and people make their comments.If you or others don’t agree on every point, you express your thoughts and correct what you feel is inaccurate and make a comment of true fact that you can contribute. When Justice posts info we stipulate the source and state what we have learned and leave up the group of you and others to absorb it or dispute it. Thank you for your comment.

        • Miranda says:

          I think you misunderstood her…ironically. She’s fine. She was agreeing with me that having inaccurate things here is a problem. She doesn’t think I am editing anything but language. And I apologized for accidentally deleting her post and having to add it to her initial one so it didn’t look like it was coming from me.

  7. Evidence says:

    First and foremost, it was Ravenwolf who posted the statement. Your opinion, my opinion of the nature of the conversation and to whom he was referring to, can only be judged by the viewer. Ravenwolf may be a liar, but she may have substantial information. It is just one part of the puzzle with many pieces, and more pieces to come into the future. (Hopefully).
    Bias is not a insult, but just human nature. Same with relationships to friends or loved ones. It happens to all of humanity. Did they teach psychology or sociology in Criminal
    You can interpret information the way your brain and experiences processes it, but that interpretation from one person to the next can of course be different. Hopefully juries are not clones of each other.
    If you would like for Justice to destroy all records of the timeline of the murder and information gathered toward BB, then you should make your case with Clark. I do not pretend to know who Killed Shellie. But I do have strong suspensions toward BB and PH. If you feel that we should not inquire about him, or wish to purge all information about him then do so. If you would like to censor all inquires or opinions that you do not agree with then by all means just do it. Personally I am just tired of it.

    • Miranda says:

      I do not think that Ravenwolf is a liar and I never said that she was. I simply said that she didn’t give the other half of that email, with her questions, so we have no idea who he was talking about. Saying that BB is trying to pretend that he doesn’t know MF when he clearly states that he was not talking about MF, but was talking about the killer makes it pretty clear that whoever he is talking about, he believes to be the killer. But it is not MF. Who knows? It might even be someone more damaging to him than pretending to not know MF, which he has never done and even says above that he doesn’t know the address, but knows where he lives. Putting words in his mouth helps no one. Do you know how many thousands of hours I put into each and every case where the police/prosecution make a mistake and put an innocent person behind bars while a murderer runs the streets? If we are going to do this, we need to learn to put bias aside and not post misinformation…much less over and over. Nothing upsets me more than misinformation being posted…even implications that I have something inappropriate going on with someone doesn’t upset me that much. And of course those things were part of my program in school. Psychology and sociology are very important. You need to understand how humans think to understand what you are dealing with

      Second, I have no desire to have everything about BB deleted from the site. I do not want him to be off limits and I don’t want a situation where anyone is not allowed to be gathering about him. Where did I ever say that? What I did say was that I had a problem with misinformation being posted…and not even just once. This is not the first time we figured that out about this email.

      I would like for EVERY SINGLE inaccurate piece of information about ANYONE AT ALL removed from the site. Or at the very least, have some sort of post close enough to the misinformation to let new people know that we have learned that the information was false later and what the truth is. I have always said that I do not edit anyone’s post and I have no intention of doing so. But (and I have said this fifty times before) I absolutely will call out information that I see that is inaccurate.

      None of this would even be happening if you had not, once again, implied that I have some sort of inappropriate relationship with BB (Also not the first time, or even the 50th time) and that my opinions on the matter are suspect and biased, because it can’t possibly be based on fact and is simply based on our “relationship.” I have not seen BB since the night we all went out on the anniversary. I do not talk to him but maybe once every year or two, when someone here asks me to ask him a question or asks him to come back here. We discuss nothing more than the case. I have been married and had two more children since having seen him last. If you don’t want someone to come out swinging, then stop saying things like that. I am VERY personally tired of it. No one attacks you first. But you have done this multiple times and my older children are old enough to read here now. While this time wasn’t as bad as the first time we really got into it over this, I do not like having my integrity questioned and being accused of covering for a guilty individual based on…whatever you are trying to imply. My belief in his innocence has nothing to do with our “relationship” which has been strictly about this case. I am woman enough to admit that there is a possibility that I could be wrong. Anything is possible, I suppose. But my opinion is that I do not think I am. I am entitled to that and it deserves respect. Just as your opinions (not personal attacks) deserve respect. Be man enough to stop with the personal attacks.

      And BTW, it makes them that much more personal when I am the only person you do it to. I don’t know if you know who everyone is on here like I do, but I promise, I am not the only one who knows BB, and many here are closer friends than I, but I am still the only one you treat this way.

      That last part is not advocating attacking others. Just pointing out a problem that needs to stop. There should not be personal attacks here. None of have a dog in the fight other than Justice, which means deciding who we think guilty impartially and staying impartial enough about it to attack no one at all.

  8. Evidence says:

    You think too highly of yourself. I could care less about any of your relationships and wish you would stop going over board anytime someone disagrees with you concerning BB. For God sake, commenting that you might be bias is not a insult, but just human nature.
    Regardless, Move on already. Enough is enough, we get it.This is not about you, your family, your education, how much money you owe or whatever. I promise that when you defend him from now on, I will say nothing, nada. In fact, I had a meeting with Clark last week and we talked about going forward into the future. After this rant, I am pretty much done anyway. It has become ridiculous. You win ok? Man, I need a drink after listening to this crap.

    • Miranda says:

      Glad to see you lack complete respect for me. I didn’t even read past the second sentence and won’t bother reading any more of your arrogance.

      It’s also interesting to see that you think so little of justice that you don’t care what’s accurate and not on the blog. Sounds more like a witch hunt than a search for true justice. And that is why I now believe you don’t care, as long as it is who you want it to be.

      Hope that followed the rules. It’s not worth it to me to even bother with you anymore, much less attempt to show you any respect in return.

      If you truly didn’t care about my relationships, you’d stop bringing them up.

      • Evidence says:

        No need for the drama. Obviously you do not know the meaning of the word bias. And while you get so defensive is concern. You want to blame others all the time and feel sorry for yourself, look in the mirror, it was YOU who brought to the table about your time with BB. I do not want to go back there. But please stop your blaming others for your lack of good Judgement. If you have guilt about it, then I suggest to just keep quiet.
        Thank you.

        • Misunderstood says:


        • Misunderstood says:

          You should keep quiet.
          Like you said you would before.
          But you have to keep it going.
          Turn this place into a circus

          Miranda, don’t feed the troll.
          You’re better than that.
          We can all see him for who he is.

          • Miranda says:

            Just take your own advice (don’t feed the troll) and ignore him. This isn’t the first time, or even the worst thing he has done. If it doesn’t stop, I will just stop contributing to save everyone else the hassle of seeing it and if he start attacking others, I will take it up with Clarke.

            • Evidence says:

              I will also take it up with Clark. Your name calling and labeling is getting old. Maybe you should focus on the “job” given you. Just because you are doing the Blog for him, does NOT give you special privileges. This Blog is NOT about you, it is about finding Justice.

              • Misunderstood says:

                She didn’t call you a name.
                I did
                But, that’s right.
                It’s okay for you to not care about facts.

                Not fun being attacked?

                Do unto others…

                And if not wanting to be attacked for no reason is a special privilege, can’t say I blame her.

                You don’t seem to like it when you deserve it and are being a troll.

                • Evidence says:

                  You have a lot of intelligence, and you are correct, I am nothing but a troll. I have to admit, you are very keen in your observations. Very intelligent.

  9. M.O.L.E.S says:

    Why couldn’t he be talking about MA isn’t he the guy that lived in Norfolk in the towers. I looked him up briefly once some rich kid right or I could be wrong altogether. Clarke do you remember this person maybe BB knows that could be the one that he is referencing, or maybe RN knows. I will try to find out.

  10. God bless us all KG Bill Mary and all accused says:

    This blog is toxic to our community and for Bill. It is destructive to the homicide case itself. It is not helping her family, friends, or the police. The conflict, unequal power and control, lack of respect, and the mob mentality oozes throughout this forum and within certain members. The original intended idea has long been completely lost in conflict, hatred, lies, judgement, and self centered egos, for what cause? These were never the values of Charlottte and Bill in raising their family. This is not what Mary wanted us to carry forward in her name and honor. Some of these people whom you detail as worthless and trash are your neighbors and your neighbors children some struggling just like Mary. Please do not allow this to continue. The lives of all individuals matter and are of value to another. We must join together and not allow these people accused without facts and without VBPD collaberation to be tormented any longer. I ask each and every one of you to stop, step back and consider.. is this how we can best serve Mary, Charlotte, brother, Bill, and all others?. The details of the lack of value of another person in this blog is heartbreaking. The police have not identified any of these people as suspects or POI.

    Do not be blindly led by the self selected privilege and control of another.

    This forum desicrates Mary’s true memory and attracts shame, ridicule, and judgement to her life struggles. Mary has given us another opportunity to come together, to learn together, for good for all in an act of love, to help each others, and reach out to one another in need and support. Let Mary’s tragedy Unite us all as a community so we wont lose any other person to the dangers, traumas, and risks of the world that took Mary from us.
    This blog has published accusations, false allegations, ruined reputations, destroyed peoples’ lives, in claim of justice for 1. Our search should be justice for each and every person and in caring for one another daily. We should defer blame, fact finding, and judgement to experts and professionals assigned those tasks by our society, city, and the jury. We should value every life and respect all individuals as a daily act.
    The pain, suffering, losses, and damages caused by this blog are beyond belief. I have witnessed the devastation. What happens if just 1 of these victims of your unrelenting bullying, shaming, gossip, lies, and devaluing makes them feel so alone and beaten they just give up? This kind of torment and lies will end in anothers’ suicide or death if we don’t stop this. Each and every one of you have a duty to speak up and defend all those hurting, suffering, struggling, damaged, wrongly accused, and or at a disadvantage. We are all ethically, spiritually, and morally responsible for your words, actions, and failure to act, to defend another, to help the weak, or to stand against the bully for what is honorable, just and right for all. Please stand up for Mary, her case, and this community KG and close this blog. Give all these files, tapes, videos, cpu, everything should all be given to CCHU. Support encourage and promote the CCHU for their devotion and trust their exceptional skills and have faith the true killer will be found.

    • Misunderstood says:

      I want to know where Clarke is and why he lets someone go after his staff this way.It looks like a circus.
      Miranda started the thread on the Web sleuths site years before Justice for Shellie even started.
      That site is respected.
      You can’t post without proof.
      And no place online worth its salt allows trolls to attack other posters like this.

    • Juliet says:

      I believe in the cause of justice for shellie, but I agree with this statement wholeheartedly.

      • Juliet says:

        I don’t think the blog should be shut down though, maybe just revised somehow.

        • Clarke Kent says:

          Juliet/Misunderstood Justice is a forum that relies on the Va Bch community involvement and paeticipation. Local people read and participare in dialogue pertinent to Shellie Murder. It’s was not created as a National/Internation web, but specifically in interface in the community that has information on Shellie’s murder. We have received valuable information via this forum as people who have knowledge have help us on learning about the murder. Much information has been shared with the Cold Case Unit. Who knows better than the Va Bch community , especially those who were 17 to20 in 2005 and are now 28 to31 today.

  11. Face the mirror says:

    Do not be blindly led by the self selected privilege and control of another. WHAT!!!! Such complexity, control we all have a CHOICE no control of one person. This is not teaching either one way or the other but trying to win in your favor.
    If you were murdered would you want us to forget about you these people murdered Shellie and left her to die in bushes like trash and discarded like she was nothing. I would think her family and Shellie would want Justice, if not this blog would not be here.
    Give all these files, tapes, videos, cpu, everything should all be given to CCHU. If they wanted what Justice has I’m sure they would have gotten it by now after all this is a crime, right? That’s what a warrant is for. They don’t really have to ask. I am a supporter of the boys in blue but even at times they need help. For those that don’t know what a CPU is, it’s a central processing unit. We all speak code when working within a certain area of expertise.

    You say, “I have witnessed the devastation.” unrelenting bullying, shaming, gossip, lies, and devaluing makes them feel so alone and beaten they just give up? No bullying here as I have seen. Lots of speculation of course and most people on here have no clue who is who, lies who is to say until the murderer is found? Shaming and devaluing, sounds like more teaching again. I have not met one POI since this blog started really I don’t care who is who but will stand and support when the time comes and will help anyone that needs help but the person that murdered Shellie has been living and breathing and Shellie is dead and not breathing so until the murderer is found there is no rest for KG. People need no defending they can speak for themselves. The murderer probably has a family now and a good job still Shellie has nothing. I’m sure Shellie would have wanted to live and have a family of her own, her struggles are null and void the murderer didn’t count on Shellie having the support that she has, strangers coming to her side to stand with her uniting for one concept to find out who killed her.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      By Clarke Just a quick comment to support my respect for Miranda. I support her without reservation. Her honesty and integrity is wthhout reproach. Tomorrow I will write a post that will include Miranda’s treatment as well as other issue in this post. I have had some major Medical problems that needed my attention immediateiy ,causing me not able to keep current on the blog. My post will address a number of issues.

      • Clarke Kent says:

        To Evidence You have been a valuable asset and participator in Justice For Shellie. My post coming today will address a time out so we can ponder Justice going foward as well hurt feelings.

  12. Juliet says:

    Ok I have a theory and maybe I’m wrong. But bb thinks he’s talking to a young girl from virginia. Maybe bb is talking about whoever Ravenwolf told him told her about mf. Does that make sence? Like for example, who told “this young girl from virginia” about mf to begin with? Wouldn’t that be a logical question for bb to ask? Where is she finding her info and how did she she know about bb and mf? I would ask these questions if some stranger came at me with questions about my fiance murder and she didn’t know her or any involved players.
    I was just trying to figure out who he could be talking about and it seems to make sense to me. Of course, well prob never really know.

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