PH – Good Samaritan or Legitimate POI?

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice would like to start the time out period conclusion with the discussion of early information, discovered by Justice and the Cadre. I selected PH because according to him he was the last person to be with Shellie before and after her death. Justice is addressing what we learned over 5 plus years as Justice for Shellie group through our website/blog and interviews with PH as well as other who came forward with information Justice feels relevant to our investigation.

There are 3 key people who voluntarily came forward to Justice and revealed pivotal information relevant to Shellie’s murder. They are Don T, Co Worker and gigi. We have written extensively about these people and the probative value of their information. The fact that PH himself has told us that when he discovered Shellie she was alive and when the police and EMS arrived she was dead. Being present as the last person with her prior and after her death is in itself very relevant in a criminal investigation.

There are other supporting information derived from Justice’s investigation that also adds a time context to PH’s frame of mind after ordeal with the discovery of Shellie at the Kings Grant traffic circle. All the information presently exist on the Justice for Shellie website/blog, however it is spread between numerous posts over the last five years/

Justice will make this information available by readderssing what we have learned. It is important to look at the information in the context of when it occurred and posted.

Justice will break up our findings to six categories as follows: 1) Discovery – The Good Samaritan; 2) Background; 3) Neighbors input; 4) Don T observations; 5) gigi – PH’s linkage to Shellie; 6) Co Worker, Shellie’s murder observation from his prospective.

Justice will post these as separate posts and seeks readers input, observation, ideas and thoughts. When we conclude this six post expose of PH the question posed in the title “PH – Good Samaritan or Legitimate POI?” Can be addressed.

If anyone has any questions that they would like covered on PH, please post them in the comments below.

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3 Responses to PH – Good Samaritan or Legitimate POI?

  1. Clarke Kent says:

    To our readers Are you ready to discuss PH and the 6 issues of my last Post??

  2. Sureluck says:

    Personally, I’m not interested in the public shaming of any other POI than PH. There is more damning evidence against him than any other suspect. Any other suspect that has been reviewed on this blog is no more than a publicity stunt for the viewership. What are we really here for though? Do we care about how many views the blog get, or do we want to gather useful information that will bring Shellie Carson’s murderer to justice? Unfortunately, the discussion on PH is always stopped short after people loose interest, or when the discussion runs dry, but that’s because there’s little action being taken. We’re afraid of hurting people’s feelings or ruining friendships, but I think it’s time to be done with that, and to focus on finding the truth.

    I look forward to reading and commenting, Clarke.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Sureluck Thank you for your support. People get tired and lose interest, however I feel strongly that PH is a POI worthy of discussing and we have gathered information that gives legitmate rational to discuss on this blog.I will be publising today a post that starts the PH Story. It will be published in posts that speak of specific issues. Today what official documents exist concerning the discovery of Shellie’s body at the Kings Grant Circle.

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