PH Story – The Official Information at the Discovery Site plus Comments

Written by Clarke Kent

In a comment written by a new commenter named Sureluck s/he urges Justice to concentrate on PH. Sureluck states ” There is more damning evidence against him than any other suspect. Any other suspect that has been reviewed on this blog is no more than a publicity stunt for the viewership. What are we really here for though? Do we care about how many views the blog get, or do we want to gather useful information that will bring Shellie Carson’s murderer to justice? Unfortunately, the discussion on PH is always stopped short after people loose interest, or when the discussion runs dry, but that’s because there’s little action being taken. We’re afraid of hurting people’s feelings or ruining friendships, but I think it’s time to be done with that, and to focus on finding the truth.”

Justice agrees and therefore I will write posts directed towards concentrating on specific issues discovered by Justice and will state at the beginning with my post today presenting the official background information regarding the discovery of Shellie’s body.

in an article published in the Virginian-Pilot on Monday, Aug 15,2005 it states “Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a dead body found in the Kings Grant neighborhood of Virginia Beach on Sunday morning. the body of an adult woman, was found lying under a tree in the 3400 block of New Castle Rd near Kings Grant Road about 6 AM Sunday. Police have not released any other details.” In another article also in the Va Pilot on Tuesday Aug 16, 205 writer Duane Bourne wrote “Police on Monday identified the woman who was found dead Sunday morning in Kings Grant as Mary Rachel Carson, 18 and classified her death as a homicide.” Please see attachment “A” –

My opinion is this is important! It is important since Justice has talked with two people who can corroborate that PH knew who the dead female was prior to the VBPD releasing this information on Monday, Aug 15, 2005. ONLY the VBPD knew the identity of the “dead woman found Sunday” Aug 14, 2005, along with the parent of Shellie Carson and the killer. Justice spoke with 2 people who told us that PH as early as Sunday 1 PM knew that PH had discovered a body at the Kings Grant circle. The couple known was Friendly Neighbor had spoken with PH at about 12 & 1PM on Sunday, August 14, 2005 and he revealed that he knew who the murdered female was without identifying Shellie.

The second official document is the Incident/Investigation Report in which I wrote a post entitled “Justice Reveals Incident/Investigation Report – Possible Bombshell” on 9/16/14 in which reveals the information on the Report (partially because we cannot reveal classified information). I will quote for my post of Sept 16, 2014 with regard to what we stated “Justice has been reviewing old records and has discovered the incident report. The official name in the incident/investigation Internal Copy Case #2005-052919. It was sent by Sgt S. W. Huffman and it includes a warning that reads “The sender of the information is a Criminal Justice Agency responsible for the management of privileged information subject to State and Federal disclosure laws. The content of this document may contain this information. As either an intended or unintended recipient of such information you are cautioned that any disclosure or other unauthorized use of this document or information contained in it may constitute a violation of law.

”Justice will be diligent in not releasing names but it will give a general  view in writing of the contents. Under incident data it lists Death Investigation #99A1, and location of the incident to be 3445 New Castle Rd, VA BEach 23452. The second broad category is victim and it lists all the important information on Carson, Mary Rachel, address, telephone and age. Shellie code is VI which stands for victim of the crime as alone. The third major category is Others Involved. In this category it lists PH address, DO as 5/3/56 age at the time is 49. Interesting he is not listed “R” which represents Reporting Person, but a code of #10 which is not explained. The investigator is BK Seabold and the case status is PAC 8/14/05.

“Obviously this raises several questions. If PH in fact made the cell call to police Why would he not be coded “R” (Reporting Person). The other obvious question, what does the numerical number indicate. Do they consider him a suspect and 10 would indicate high probability. If Anyone with the police or criminal Justice experience can relate to Justice what code #10 means it would be appreciated. If PH was not the reporting person, who then reported this crime to the police? If it was another how did PH figure into this murder scene?”

When this post was written I could not understand what code #10 was, however I learned through law enforcement it was a code IO, standing for Involved Other. This alone raises a red flag. Why was not PH the R person (Reporting Person), then who discovered her body and if it wasn’t PH who was it and why is he just listed as IO Involved Other. Justice could not get that question answered, who discovered Shellie’s body?

If you refer to the article published Tuesday in the Va Pilot there is a statement by police spokesman Brian Ricardo who states “a man was returning home when he saw Carson’s bike lying under a tree and called 911 at 6:08 AM Sunday.” I thought that was PH however the incident report does not stipulate that PH discovered the body or the R (Reporting person). Justice asks for comments as well as your opinion.


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13 Responses to PH Story – The Official Information at the Discovery Site plus Comments

  1. M.O.L.E.S. says:

    We have been assuming that PH found the body since he was taking his daughter to work. He told neighbors that he knew it was Shellie. But what wasn’t said, was that, he may have not been acting alone. What if PH and this other person were trying to keep a secret. This secret could have been, his flings with other women or maybe his wife was having an affair somehow Shellie had knowledge. I personally do not believe Shellie’s friend. She was calling Shellie and knew what Shellie was up to she had knowledge of what was going on with Shellie. She blabs to (parents, boyfriend) about Shellie seeing PH, why would she tell because she felt like she needed to I don’t believe this. I think she is covering for someone. I don’t believe how PH found the body. This simply is a lie. Most people that see bikes do not stop and look why a bike is in the bushes. He couldn’t even see it where it was. I say he knew it was Shellie’s bike because he was going to hook up with her there. Wife home not home who really cares unless Shellie was ready to tell her about her husbands affair. Someone is scared of the outcome of this case. Even if people didn’t like Shellie or maybe she was a busy body but would people really like this to happen to there daughter or maybe there son. Where is her respect? To the murderer what do you see in the mirror when you go to bed? When you take Pictures with loved ones do they really believe your lies?

  2. Sureluck says:

    I think that the police automatically would consider him a suspect because he was the person that found her. Involved other could mean anything really. It could also mean that there was simply a mistake made in the report. I think because of the severity of the crime, simply putting him as a reporting person wouldn’t be sufficient since he found a body and according to him, attempted to care for her. However, I don’t think there’s much significance to this information.

    What’s more significant, and what needs more scrutiny are the testimonials we’ve gotten from co-worker, Gigi, and the neighbor. We must ask ourselves, do these people have any reason to make up lies about PH? The most likely answer is no. Why would anyone make up lies about him? The only reason one would make up a lie in this situation would be to try and collect the reward money, or simply for the attention. Lies aren’t going to get anyone near the reward money, and since the blog is anonymous, attention seekers are also unlikely. It would be worth looking into their credibility.

    However, if we are to accept their testimony as truth, it leaves little doubt in my mind as to his involvement.

    MOLES, I agree with you about him finding the body. There’s no person in their right mind who would stop to check a bicycle that was lying on the corner of the road that early in the morning. It just doesn’t make sense, but lets pretend for a moment that he’s telling the truth. He see’s a bicycle and then finds Shellie. What was all the running around for?
    “As he waited with the body he left briefly to knock on the door of the home, but didn’t realize it was empty. He immediately returned to the body, just at the time the EMS arrived.”(PH interview pt 1)
    Why would he knock on the a door if he had already phoned the police? Absolutely no reason. It’s not the only loose end in his story either. This guy hung himself by trying to account for all of his actions that simply don’t add up.

    I’d like to add a suggestion to Justice. I think SH has been protecting her children all these years, and didn’t want her children to think their father was a killer. Who would? They are grown now and if she has any empathy for the family of Shellie, she might be willing to talk to LE with a little nudge from Justice. It may also be that even though she has details that could be incriminating, she believes there is little physical evidence to prove his guilt in the court of law. Short of a confession, I don’t know that there is anything that would prove his guilt. His DNA could be on Shellie, but that wouldn’t mean anything since he claimed he touched her while trying to care for her. Short of producing the murder weapon, there’s probably little she can offer and who would blame her for not wanting to be involved this sort of drama in her age? However, her testimony might be enough to get LE to look over the evidence again.

    • M.O.L.E.S. says:

      Good Luck Justice. Her concern and empathy for Shellie and her family may be enough to help if she can.

      Don’t forget the home of the door he knocked on was under construction and empty. Would love to know who had the keys? Would love to know when the home was painted and carpeted! Would love to know if any windows were left open or broken at that time. Was there pieces of glass near her body if so did this come from the empty home? Did PH repair or make changes to his vehicle after the murder? Were there any foot/bicycle prints from the murder scene to this home? PH went to this home for a reason who or what was hiding there?

  3. M.O.L.E.S. says:

    What if someone else found her body just as PH went to the empty house to see if anyone was home. What if he left Shellie for some reason and then this other person found her and called for help. What if PH then heard the sirens panicked then led the ambulance to her body. This other person is the person we need but LE may know who he is and is waiting for additional evidence before they let anyone know what and who they saw. Someone’s pride wouldn’t let Shellie be with who she wanted to be with or didn’t want to be with. Since Shellie was so brutally murdered I would say that she wasn’t agreeing with the person. I’d say Shellie was standing her ground which infuriated them.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Moles You raise a very interesting point, that maybe another person notified the 911 as the other persons. If so, the call had to be prior to what the LE states in 6:09 AM as the official time they were notified. This is more in line with the time line Justice has created independent of the VBPD. My question to you is why would LE keep his exsistence secret? When I interviewed PH he stated he alone discovered the body.He did state that he arrived at 6:04 and called it in. So he would have called the line 5 minutes after his discovery.

  4. Juliet says:

    Or maybe the person that filled out the report just out ph name in the wrong category. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen a court/le report hat was filled in incorrectly, unfortunately. Do the Io category come before the reporting person category on the form? Maybe he saw the Io section first, wrote down ph info and then when he got down further saw he should have put that info in the reporting person category but didn’t wanna start over so he said heck with it, this scenario would not surprise me one bit,

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Juliet The document Justice refers to is entitled INCIDENT/INVESTIGATION-Internal Copy and Case#2005/052919. It is the official copy indicating facts on the crime of homicide of Carson,Maey Rachel. Under the category “Other Involved” list PH(full & middle name) along with other information( d/o/b :Home and Business Phone; home address) With regard why he was listed he is not listrd as code R(Reporting Person) but instead he is listed as Code IO which means Involved Other.This report does not indicate any others involved.This document is the Official Document on the Carson Murder and was issued 12 days after the murder on Aug 26,2005 10:32,30. VBPD Sys#304315 appears at the bottom of the Document. I believe this is what the records indicated and is accurately transcribed as understood on Aug 26,2005.

  5. Juliet says:

    Maybe the reporting person is not the person who reported the crime, but the person who is writing the report? Maybe?

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Juliet The person creating the Incident Report was focused on the important document and gathered the information at Police Headquarters and was not at the crime scene. The document before being released had to be oked by a Senion Officer.

  6. Juliet says:

    But it was verified thru PH himself, that HE ALONE found shellies body. It was then corroborated by friendly neighbor who says a few hours later, ph tells them he found her body and called it in. Then again the next morning at work when he told Co worker of finding her and calling police. I don’t really think there is any question about whether or not ph is the one who called in this crime.
    The question lies in the incident report, and it is of my personal opinion that this is nothing more than either a clerical error, or the reporting person is not the person who initially reported the crime, but the person who is reporting the information (writing/typing) into the form.
    Again, this is just my opinion, but this incident report does not say to me that ph did not call in this crime. And in fact, had he not been the one to do it, one would assume someone else’s name would be on that report as well.
    And, I can’t see how ph not calling in the crime, but being there with the body when police arrived, telling them he touched her and moved her head to put a towel under it, etc. Would benefit him. Had this been the case, I feel fairly certain that he would have been taken in and arrested right then. If he didn’t call in the crime, why was he there? And why didn’t he call it in? He had a cell phone, right? It makes no sense. In this situation, one must be logical, and logic (along with the confession from ph himself) tells us that he is the one who reported this crime, regardless of how that incident report may read, especially to us normal folks, non law enforcement affiliation, who have no knowledge of how these forms are supposed to be filled out to begin with.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Juliet An error on a document in a murder investigation is very serious . It could have an inpact on a trial where a defense attorney may use it as he defends his client.Please understand that this document the(Incident Report) was finalize at least a week after Shellie’s murder. What it represents is unknown and we can only speculate. Your comment that it tells you that it doesn’t state that he (PH) didn’t call in the crime. The experienced LE who prepared the document would not include a negative , but be focused on the facts. No one was listed as the person who discovered the body. PH was listed as an IO involved other. There is a possibility that PH was seen by someone who could put him at the scene and he therefore involved and he changed course and presented himself as the discover. This could have happened and a distinct possiblility.

      • Juliet says:

        If his were the case though, wouldn’t we or at least, the caraons, have known about it? They know about ph. I just can’t see how any other person was there at the discovery and Noone knows about it after all these years.

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