Justice Responds to Issues Raised by Moles and Sureluck

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice has reviewed the comments by Moles and Sureluck that raised several issues pointed to our investigation. I will attempt to clarify me position on what issues were raised. With regard to Moles issue with the discovery of the body, Justice believes that it is still not clear as to who discovered Shellie’s body, because the official Incident report does not indicate the “R” – Reporting Person and only clouds the issue by not identifying PH as the reporting person. Sureluck on this issue states “Involved Other could mean anything really. It could also mean that there was simply a mistake in the report.” Sureluck continues “I think because of the severity of the crime simply putting him as a person wouldn’t be sufficient since he found a body and according to him attempted to care for her. However, I don’t think there’s much significance to this information.” Justice, however believes that there is significance since the incident Report was conduced 12 days later when the printed copy gives a date of 8/26/2005 10:32:39.

In other words the report wasn’t a contemporaneous report but one that he later input and was only official 12 days after the discovery. When Justice filed a Freedom of Information Act Request seeking the following “Documents related to police being notified of a body at Kings Grant Circle. Any recording or written document that notified police of a possible crime. All incident reports of the notification as well as information on who reported the possible crime and person or persons at the site when police arrived at the scene. All documents related to the other departments that were notified and responded to the scene.” the VBPD response was “In response to your request regarding the report you referenced and the material requested, the material is criminal investigation information or material. As such, it is exempted from disclosure, at our discretion under Section 2.2-3706 (A) (2) (a) of the Code of Virginia (Freedom of Information Act). It is the policy of this office to not release criminal investigative information or material without a Subpoena.”

The bottom line for me is why is the VBPD so closed to sharing public information that is supposed to be available to all Va beach citizens. Now they would allow us to look at that was requested and seek a subpoena. this is not what the Freedom of Information Act is about, however that is for a discussion at another date. What is being hidden?? the significance means truth.

Surelock aso brings up the information collected on PH from Coworker, gigi, Friendly Neighbor. Since Clarke Kent discovered this information on the website/blog it indicates that the blog is a great magnet for people to learn and also contribute. Since I spoke directly to all these people, I can categorically states that they are believable and I value their contributions.

Sureluck the issue concerning knocking on the vacant house door, I can state in our interview with PH he states he went there first came back to the body and then called. He also stated the ems were there prior to VBPD who he revealed were at a location on Little Neck Rd and New Castle and it was him who directed them to the New Castle location on Kings Grant where Shellie’s body was discovered.

Justice also agrees with Sureluck that SH knows her husband and could be helpful to le, however she is protecting her family and by extension, PH. She probably knows what type of a guy she married as he was out of the house shortly after Shellie’s murder. She would have circumstantial evidence and that could support other evidence present at the trial. She however will protect herself and her family first pushing the Carson family down on her list of to do list. We agree that her cooperation would certainly help the VBPD to take further interest in Shellie’s case. Moles also concludes that “Her (SH) concern and empathy for Shellie and her family may be enough to help if she can.”

Moles questions the issue of the vacant house and states “Don’t forget the home of the door he knocked on was under construction and empty. Would love to know who had the keys?” Moles also asks questions about damage to the house, etc. Justice reveals in an interview posted as “Justice on Vacant House at the Murder Site“‘ dated Feb 21, 2012 that he spoke to the owner Jimmy C and reveals that the was a person who purchased the house and was getting it ready for his kids to start school in a few weeks. He answered all my questions including his experience with the VBPD. He was a legitimate family man working with another to fix his new purchased home and make it habitable for his family. He did reveal that the VBPD request that they remove a large shrub from his corner on New Castle and Kings Grant Circle. I urge you to read this post as Justice believes this house had no involvement in Shellie’s murder.

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14 Responses to Justice Responds to Issues Raised by Moles and Sureluck

  1. Sureluck says:

    I still don’t understand the significance. Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems like this sort of thing could happen all the time. That is that a report would be filed weeks later. I think there’s too much focus on this small discrepancy that could easily be a simple user-error and has little to no significance from what I can see.

    MOLES, why do you believe that more than one person committed this crime? I don’t know of any evidence that suggests that more than one person was involved. Her body showed signs of being dragged, suggesting that only one person was there. The reason that this case hasn’t been solved is because there was only one person involved. If there were more than one person involved, it would have been solved ages ago because people talk, often times too much.

    The one question that I cannot completely answer by myself is: Why fake the discovery? Why not just dump her and walk away? My only reasoning is that PH watched too many crime TV shows and believed that his DNA would be found on her. That, or that he feared some sort of connection would be made to him and Shellie due to their correspondence. I don’t know. If they truly had some sort of relationship, there would have been evidence of it, and he wouldn’t have trusted her to ensure that there was none. However, my reasoning for why there is no evidence of their correspondence is because Shellie hid it well from BB and in turn, LE and Justice. I don’t know how there could be no records of phone calls from her to him, but either he called from private numbers all the time, or the communicated in a different way. AOL instant messenger was popular during that time. Any sort of messenger service was popular. The computer was confiscated, correct? What a shame, there was probably loads of valuable evidence that was overlooked.

    Last seen in front ~25 feet away from a garage, a place where the sort of tool that was used as a weapon would most likely be found. This is the evidence that is the selling point for me. It is no coincidence.

    “What do we say about coincidences?”
    “The universe is rarely so lazy.”

    • M.O.L.E.S. says:

      If two people want to see each other people find ways if they can’t call each other. Could have been driving why flashed lights and she knew where to meet. She could have waited for his home to be empty no one around knocked on door with him it would only take a younger girl and him two minutes then away she goes. When being untrustworthy the game is the excitement not the actual performance. You say she was dragged how do you know? Being dragged from where to where my opinion is from the empty house or from his vehicle to the murder scene. Since the missed opportunity to search his vehicle, yeah I would say lazy fits the protocol for believing him upon site scene. So did anyone determine where she was dragged from what direction to where she was found. All this was done within the time frame of Don T walking around, he didn’t hear anything and didn’t see anyone except for a girl that looked like Shellie close to PH home and flashing lights. I do believe there were two people involved very close to each other as well. PH in his professional experience knew better than walk all over that crime scene and touch Shellie she was alive when he found her he said but left her alone to go to an empty home he knew for a fact that was empty. He went to that home for a reason not for help he either ditched something near that home or went there for another reason. Did anyone try to track that vehicle or find who has it or did PH just junk it. He got divorced moved and came back what for to just get away or to take some mental health appointments, private or through the military? We are lazy because no one is trying and sweating to find the truth. It’s like oh well a woman is dead who cares. There is something missing and we keep missing it because someone keeps distracting us. I agree that people talk but two people could be secret especially if protecting children or others affairs. What did Shellie know of this person he was married had a wife and children. I think Shellie wanted to continue this affair and PH wanted to chill but Shellie pulled out the leverage and anger ensued. Who would help PH with this someone he could count on someone he was close to someone else he has known for many years not co-workers because I believe co-worker words. I do believe this co-worker may know of who or he has a idea of who it maybe. The reason he panicked is because of who he talked to after the neighbors and Co-worker. Fantasy is fantasy until reality fast checks. Initially the brain doesn’t want to believe what was done then the longer we have to process the information the easy it is to just live with what one has done. But spouses, children that have been true to their beliefs maybe more readily to talk because deep down they are still hurting and want this case to end. What the murderer didn’t understand is that the brutality of this murder will live on until the murderer is found.

      • MOLES says:

        We may have missed something. What if GIGI lied about Shellie and PH just trying to get BB for herself. What if she told Shellie and Shellie was the one that told her parents about was her friend was doing after all he was her coach. I believe GIGI has the anger and she knew Shellie was getting everyone’s attention. I believe she was jealous of Shellie.

    • Juliet says:

      I have to agree surelock. I think more is being looked into this report than should be. Maybe reporting person simply means they called it in. Maybe they would bump ph up to involved other because he did more than just call it in. According to him, he held her and tried to help her, pray with her, etc. Maybe that makes him more than just a reporting person and makes him actually involved. Or again, it could have just been an error. Who knows, really. But the fact is, we’re all pretty sure ph is the reporting person. He has admitted to this himself, he was alone that morning. Idk why he would lie about that. If anything, I’d think he would have wanted someone else to be there with hi to be his witness.

    • Juliet says:

      It’s interesting that you bring up shellie and ph corresponding thru private calls. I was thinking about this, and would it be logical for ph to have called shellie from a BLOCKED NUMBER around 12:5am and told her to meet him at his home at 5 or 6 am or whatever.. so shellie decides not to go to sleep since she has to meet ph after he takes his daughter to work. She decides to go see mf. On the way she runs into ljpand ms2 and they tell her about a party so she makes a pit stop there. Afterwards goes to see mf and decides to leave early and get to ph house before he leaves with the daughter so she can watch him or whatever. What if somehow shellie was seen by ph and he decides to sneak her in before leaving for daughters work. Somehow daughter finds shellie in the home with dad and she goes crazy. Kills shellie out of rage. Ph helps “clean up her mess” thus dumping the body and then calling it in to explain his dna on her.. just speculation, of course…
      But that call at 12:53 am and the missed calls afterwards are very important. There has to be a way to find out who made those calls. Could a pi find out this info? Even without vbpd cooperation?

      • Clarke Kent says:

        Juliet beside Justice the VBPD would have records of Shellie, BB , Mf and possible PH. The LE can always get these records if they request it regardind a murder investigation.,There is tecknology even in 2005 if requested could be really important. We always anticipate that an investigation into a murder would mean that they the VBPD have this information, however we learned to doubt that all procedures were initiated early in the investigation. Becauce of this opinion we may never know. We can only work with what we know and are finding out from others.

        • Juliet says:

          What about a private investigator. Could they get he’s phone records without a subpeona? I’m not sure how that works.

          • Clarke Kent says:

            Juliet The problem with a PI is that for him to get started he would need someone in VBPD to help secure access to Det records and that is not going to happen. Most PI are associate with contacts in LE and rely on there information.

  2. Juliet says:

    Clarke, above you say that the information that you requested thru foia is public information and should not be allowed to be withheld. I dont believe this is accurate. I was researching this very thing last night because I couldn’t sleep. In reading I saw that any open investigation is protected from the foia. Meaning unless there has been a charge AND conviction or acquittal, nothing about this ongoing investigation is public information. It is not until this case has been closed that any of this information becomes available to view with the public eye thru foia. Bummer. But I guess this is what miranda has been saying all along. According to what I read, NOTHING is public until the case is closed.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Juliet We see all the time that public information being released prior to the trial. People calling emergence to LE on crimes happens in all states. In Chicago you see and hear information when it benifits the Plolice. We have seen evidence of violance all the time on TV/Radio as well as in News Papers and see videos from the public of a crime prior to them even finding the killer Sometimes you see videos from numerous sources on an event like in Fla when the guy shot all these people at a night club. Many people had video evidence that was from LE.

      • Juliet says:

        This is true. I guess it would be at police discrection what info they will allow to be released beforw the discovery is released.

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