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Justice in an effort to bring reality to readers this last few days has been looking through my files concerning PH and CoWorker! Because CoWorker is the second person Justice is aware of who had contact with PH after the discovery of Shellie’s murdered body at the Kings Grant Circle. This is besides VBPD and detectives at the discovery location.

The wording that CoWorker revealed will be presented exactly as he wrote them in the quotes. The quotes start with his introduction to the website/blog. After he was introduced by Justice in the post entitled “CoWorker to Justice – PH has Skeletons in the Closet” dated Sept 29, 2015. He tells us that when he saw a news article about Shellie’s murder that it tripped a mental light that allowed him to contact Justice for Shellie website/blog. On October 3, 2015 he wrote this following:

“I am said coworker. If you have any questions for me, I will gladly answer them. I will just share that it wasn’t until very recently that I had seen a news article about the case, that things I remembered from from the time of the incident tripped a sort of mental alert. That’s when I found this blog, and those alerts became red flags that had to be shared. I wasted no time on that count. Sometimes I guess it just takes something small to take a few unrelated facts and suddenly glue them together to make them relevant. I am currently trying to track down other witnesses that we worked with at the time as well so hopefully something can be gleaned from that. Bottom line – I’m in his for Bill. I’m a father too. If there’s a way I can help, I’m going to help. It’s not even an option for me. The fact that PH failed to take this same attitude / approach being so closely involved in events is one of the biggest red flags to me. That just doesn’t fit. I had, until recently finding and reading this blog, been of the assumption that PH would be front and center on laying this matter to rest. Instead I see what looks like outright avoidance from him. Troubling. I feel just as taken as anyone else.”

CoWorker tells us that finding the website/blog helped alert him and his reading on the blog sent up a reg flag that he just had to share his information with us. A meeting was set up with him at Bill’s house and he divulged details that revealed that a person (PH) who he was closely involved with on his team were “eye opening.” He revealed details that helped Justice focus on who he really was, and who he is, and a motive was introduced.

I will continue CoWorkers own words in the next post.

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4 Responses to CoWorker IN HIS OWN WORDS

  1. Ana says:

    A military member would not speak of another member outside of command and clearance. This would violate code and is punishable. They are bound to never speak to person of no authority, rank, or access/clearance to unit detail or missions. This entire source was heard by Bill n Clarke. Clarke posted what he heard or summarizes his.’understanding’. This is biased hearsay reported by 1 person Clarke. If a soldier or sailor talked to you instead of police authorities there integrity and motive is in question. This is not reliable, relevant, nor evidentiary information.
    All interview info used by participants are only hearsay from 1 person Justice (Clarke). This is perfect example of telephone game.

    • Juliet says:

      Ana, this blog repeats itself over and over and over again that everything posted is hearsay and/or speculation, unless otherwise stated. But thanks for reiterating that again for us,

    • M.O.L.E.S2 says:

      Are you for real lady? I am military and no one tells me who to talk to or who to listen to military or not. If that was true they wouldn’t end up in our courtrooms they would be punished by the military. Really lady you need to read more or stop trying to declare what you think is correct. Clarke is one person if I didn’t feel he was being truthful I would tell him that. But you sound and resemble a harassing person that needs drama to keep up your anger. I think you have anger issues and like to blame others when they don’t agree with you.

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