CoWorker in HIS OWN WORDS – Part 2

Written by Clarke Kent

Miranda presents questions to CoWorker on Oct 3, 2015 which I quote her exact wording. You said something like when he (PH) “told you something didn’t fit right. Can you say what didn’t fit? What it was that he said that bothered you? Why you had this feeling about it?” CoWorker responds to Miranda’s questions with revealing at the tie of him learning the gruesome scene on the Kings Grant Circle where Shellie’s body was discovered. He gives details of the Monday morning early about 8 AM when he was with his supervisor in his office and PH entered. CoWorker in his own words addresses questions with “Miranda, all I can say is that at the time, it was just a gut instinct. He gave his account of finding Shellie to several of us the day after. At the time of course, we all knew him as a stand up family man, with no reason to question it. In retrospect I think it felt like he was trying too hard to convince too many people of the fact that he was just a guy who innocently stumbled upon a gruesome scene. In my experience, a person with a clean conscious generally doesn’t feel the need to do that. Especially considering we worked with a very tight knit group of special operators during war time. That depth of sharing just isn’t common. It’s a warrior culture – it just isn’t done. In the following months he shared two distinct, related disturbing things that were also completely contrary to the behavior of a person with a clean conscious. None of us is clean and perfect – not a one, but these things were flat odd for anyone to share. Those two distinct events I have shared with Justice and Clarke, so I’ll leave those facts with those folks to keep organized and categorized in the blog.”

Justice in a post entitled “CoWorker to Justice – “PH has Skeletons in the closet” dated Sept 29, 2015 Justice introduces Coworker and states in the post ”

Anon Coworker related his personal conversation with PH Monday morning Aug 15, 2005 which was the day after the murdered body was discovered at the Kings grant Circle by PH himself. Anon Coworker did not have any knowledge about the call to police or PH visit to the abandonded house. He did say, however “he aint what he says he is” referring to him being a family man and a devoted Church person. He did say when he found her she was still breathing and he comforted her and prayed with her. He also said that he tried to put her clothing back on her. This alone stunned Justice and Bill since we are aware as the police are of what was found at the scene and what was missing.

He did say that he covered the body without specifying what covered her body. He did also say that “PH had skeletons in his closet” but that was his observation not at this point in time but a combination of observation over many months. He didn’t elaborate further however his conversation revealed some weird and bizarre behavior. For example, he said his divorce was caused by the events of Shellie’s murder. His words were “event had everything to do with his divorce.” He also disclosed that PH’s ranger training should have prepared him for what he experienced (Shellie’s murdered body). appeared he was incapable of handling further talk about Shellie.

Anon Coworker also exposed the fact that PH had an obsession with young girls and “dreamed about naked young girls.” At another point he relates that PH had visions of “young girls naked.” Anon Coworker did his best to explain that PH had sexual fantasies and this may have been recognized by his wife ushering in a speedy divorce.

Anon coworker also told us that he was observed by others wearing girls underwear. A few months after the murder he talked of suicide. He also mentioned he thought it weird that PH at 49 wore braces for cosmetic reasons.”

Justice concludes the post with the statement ”

Prior to concluding our meeting he talks about others that also knew PH at work and promised that he would see if they had any information that might be shared on the murder case. He also told us he could secure a picture of PH which we requested in order to have the eyewitness who saw who delivered the mysterious letter which tries to pin the murder on the boyfriend (BB).”

In my next post Justice will link the picture supplied by CoWorker to another person who revealed bombshell that may connect PH to Shellie personally.



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19 Responses to CoWorker in HIS OWN WORDS – Part 2

  1. Sureluck says:

    Yet another witness that has no reason to lie to Justice. He knows that this information wouldn’t get him any sort of reward and other than attention, no known motive to lie about PH. He has his story that he told Justice, whatever story he told LE, and then the stories he told his coworkers/neighbors. He’s obviously lying about something, why not committing a murder? If he has nothing to hide, why not tell the same truth every time? The skeletons in the closet are huge indicators of manic behavior if they’re true and the suicidal thoughts aren’t something you’d expect from someone who made himself out to be somewhat of a hero.
    One thing that struck me in the past was that PH described her as not wearing any underwear in the interview with justice. How would he know that she didn’t have underwear on? I mean obviously most people wear underwear, but if I put myself in his position, I wouldn’t say underwear, I would simply say, “she didn’t have any pants on”, or, “all she was wearing was a shirt and socks.”
    Look, this case wasn’t committed by an idiot. Maybe the people investigating it were, but I don’t see a group of young men, or any young man pulling this off and getting away with it. Just no. This person knew what they were doing.
    I’ve been thinking about the blood under her fingernails and it could have easily been her own blood.
    Moles, you asked how I knew she was dragged and I gathered this from the autopsy report: “…On the flank, extending posteriorly a 4 1/2 x 3 abrasion centered at 26 1/2 below the top of the head, consistent with road rash”
    We thought the road rash came from a bicycle fall, but I just can’t imagine what sort of way she could have fallen to get that kind of rash from falling off her bike. It seems more likely that she was dragged by her feet on concrete by the lone killer. Think of someone hastily dragging a body across concrete and what kind of mark that would leave. Also, she would have other marks that would indicate a fall.
    Why drag her you ask? To avoid getting blood on themselves. Think of what kind of person is worried about having blood on themselves after committing a murder. This isn’t someone who was acting out of rage or carelessness, this is someone who was methodical and had a plan. Yes, I believe this was premeditated in one way or another. You just don’t pull of a high profile murder that stumps police for 10+ years on a whim.
    The one thing in the autopsy that I can’t figure out is, “The breasts are covered with dirt.” Of course if she was dragged on her front side she may have got some dirt on her, but there must have been a significant amount of dirt on her for them to include it in the autopsy and I just can’t figure out when it would have happened if PH killed her and then drove her to the dropsite. I know there’s something there but I can’t figure out where or how it happened. Justice and readers of the blog, I ask you to play out a scenario in your mind of a lone killer and figure out why there might be dirt on her breasts.

    • M.O.L.E.S. says:

      They began arguing about something maybe Shellie threatening to tell her father or his ex. I think SH knows what happened and that’s why the quick divorce. If she was murdered with clothes off at the time then she was hit she could have been pulled from that house to the murder staging scene. That’s how the dirt ended up on her breasts. He knew she didn’t have underwear on because he took them off. This person was a sick person his ex knows that’s why she will not help. The family members know something was going on in that home and everyone wants to hide like, just don’t talk about it . PH tried to hide the body left the scene to go to the empty house, why did he go there? He knew the house was empty, had to, so why did he go there because he needed something from that home. What if they were meeting in the home he left something there and went to get it after the murder. He walked all over that crime scene for a reason to have people believe she was murdered at this particular site. Just a opinion and thoughts.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Sureluck You raise another demention regarding PH’s involvement in Shellie’s murder and that is that we are missing information that answers some of the reasons why you can’t figure out when certain things happened.I have written a post for tomorrow entitled “Sureluck Raises Perplexins Scenario-RE PH’s Involvement.” Your response is important let me hear from you

    • M.O.L.E.S. says:

      Was it dirt or mud?

  2. Juliet says:

    Maybe the one thing police need to have this case sent to grand jury is the missing thing (I’m not sure if what was missing is public record or not) that wasn’t with shellie at the murder site. If they had this particular thing, they could very possibly clear up alot of the DNA questions. Just a thought.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Juliet It would be key if VBPD had the missing murder weapon. As Justice has indicated we have information that KU might have disposed of a weapon at CP residency the Monday 8/15/05 after Shellie’s murder. There is a body of water called the Eastern Branch Of The Lynhaven River and KU disposed of a possible weapon there,

      • CT says:

        Clarke, has LE been prompted or pressed on searching that particular area behind CPs for potential evidence? If LE was made aware of this possible avenue of area, have cold case detectives been alerted to it’s existing possibility and can the search be re-suggested? Or does everything requested and suggested just fall upon deaf ears at this stage regarding LE?

        • Clarke Kent says:

          CT Welcome back. The cold case unit does monitor , our web site/blog Det Tony is aware of what we post, however we at Justice never receive an up date from any one in the VBPD. We have passed this info to them via the web site blog and upon their request have passed the names and contact information to them of person that state to Justice their okay, With your regard to it falling on deft ears I can not honestly tell you anything since our relationship with VBPD is a one way street. We post what is revealed to us, they determine what is helpful and absolutley decide on it’s importance and don’t convey their thinking. On another thought regarding your progress after the ABC caper I would like to meet with you again and get an up date on your progress. I will call you and hopefully we can set up a meeting.

          • CT says:

            I appreciate the welcome back Clarke, but would like to stay on subject though an add that I think it’s great for detectives to be monitoring this forum. For LE to actually invest time within this blog , is only a plus for justice and a positive sign that this case isn’t at rest within their offices. CP’s water area should still be searched in my opinion. In some cases, weopons have been recovered from the water some 20 years later. Makes no sense to not give it a shot. Apart from the topic, as far as my progress, I really only see it as doing what I should have been doing many years ago. Just thankful everyday for this breakthrough within my life. Honestly not interested in meeting again, as that has proven in the past to not benefit me whatsoever, as well as not benefit the case realistically. I am , however, up for staying on subject and being viewed as CT the participant, oppose to CT the suspect ( or POI ).

            • Clarke Kent says:

              Ct well stated and understood. Justice always welcomes your participation and input. My congratulation to your new perspective and only wish you further success. My point about a meeting was to facilitate your age and friendship experience with other persons in the local Va Bch community in your opinion on other POI who are now are serious suspects.I am retired and in my seventies and lack local history and would appreciate your input into others who might be involved. Sometimes me asking you a question on the web site/blog would inhibit ones expressions. If so private email is available between us. I will recognize you as CT the participant as you requested.

              • CT says:

                Thank you Clarke. I appreciate the level of understanding. I’m not much on emails, but you can text me. I will participate here too as time permits. And thanks for the wishes of success. I’ve defied some serious odds and overcome some challenging obstacles, but as long as I’m alive, I know that this climb will continuously test my endurance and be full of resistance.

              • Ana says:

                The police were aware of every kid in 2005 with arrest record, using drugs and alcohol, fighting domestic and in groups, party houses, cliques, nerds, groups, gang like cliq, hang out locations and all of them were interviewed. All cooperated even ones with convictions. Many helped bring all their neighbors and friends to meet police at various prearranged KG locations to offer any info the police needed. KG kids all came forward and police were attentive and explored all leads.

          • Juliet says:

            Clarke what happened to you and your men searching the 2 bodies of water yourself? If anything was in there, it may not be now, or it just may be too late. But if I remember correctly, weren’t yall gonna try to do that if possible?

            • Clarke Kent says:

              Juliet We had legal advise advising me that if we found an object in the water that we thought was a murder weapon. The evidence may never have been able to be introduced at a trial because of questions concerning the issue of evidence collect & custody of this evidence would be attacked by defense attorneys. With LE recovery it could be testified by experts in the field and therefore could be introduced at trial.

              • CT says:

                Clarke, that only makes sense from a legal perspective. Just as LE monitors this site, the killer equally could too. Consequently, anyone who possesses or knows where the murder weopon is located, could have or still could toss that item into that area of water, thus throwing KU under the bus to be the scapegoat. Personally, I think that scenario of KU tossing the murder weopon into that water is bogus bs. Who carries around an object used to blodgeon a victim they murdered? who carries such a thing with them to a party or get together and chooses to suddenly dispose of it with such risk of being noticed? Highly unlikely. There would be a higher likelihood that someone with no murder experience like KU, would have disposed of such a damning piece of evidence as soon as possible with panic.

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