Juliet “Who are you talking about” – Did Early Blunder create Misdirection

Written by Clarke Kent

Juliet in a comment on a post entitled “Early Informational Leak – Do They Reveal a Truth?” (date posted August 12, 2016) became confused at who failed the lie detector twice. The post deals with the very early investigations of Shellie’s murder. The time period in less than one month after the murder. Justice reviewed an email date 9/10/05 in which Bill writes to lt Perry complaining about information they are receiving from neighbors affiliated with the VBPD in which they earned information that the VBPD in which they learned information that the VBPD in what they learned information that the VBPD kept from the family. He specifically alerts Lt Perry that the information learned did not come from the lead detectives, Det Seabold and Det Gonda. Bill speaks of two reports.

Bill in discussing the reports heard speakers of two, one in which the murder weapon was used to describe the 20 head wounds. Justice will redact the weapon and use tool as a weapon.

Bill describes the first report “The police have their man. He failed two lie detector tests. The police are waiting for DNA results to verify their conclusion.” He then describes the second report “The police knew who killed Shellie. the killer hit Shellie’s head 20 times with a tool. The police were waiting for DNA Analysis to wrap up the case.”

The Carson’s did not know who they killer was, as it was not related, however they knew he fail a lie detector test and in the second report he describes a weapon used. Under both reports the waiting for the DNA match was key.

Now Juliet question of who is never revealed (failing 2 lie detector tests) however in the very early stages there is but one suspect, that being “Wolfman.” We also now know that ct was still on the lbm and wasn’t arrested until October 7, 2005 by a special Unit that took him into custody at his home. We also knew that PH was not considered a suspect early on, so that it narrows down who the LE believed killed Shellie. The early belief was that it was Wolfman and they only need to match his DNA to Shellie’s murder.

Is this early blunder the reason why VBPD didn’t follow the protocol and investigated seriously PH and Don T eye witness observing 2 suspicious vehicles at the murder discovery sight 45 minutes prior to Shellie’s body being discovered?

Justice questions why PH vehicle wasn’t impounded and sat for all day Sunday 8/14/05 at the location of the circle where the body was discovered it was released with no investigation of the interior and PH drove it to work on 8/15/05 by 8 am. Justice questions why LE never took it seriously that Don T also observed a lone female on Suffolk lane at 4:06 AM the early morning of Shellie’s murder.

Justice believes that these oversights, mistakes and slip were compounded by the misdirection of the investigation to follow professional standards and protocols. Even when Bill and Justice pushed to have them look at the possibility Shellie was the lone female bike rider. the LE response was well it could have been anybody and never looked at it seriously. Why? my only explanation is they misdirected this information as not viable. With coworkers and gigi information it now looks like the lone female could very well have been Shellie who was going to visit pH, who lived on the same street of Suffolk Lane and he found her body at 6:20 AM 2 hours after Son T observation. Would it be worth the LE to follow up? Or misdirect the investigation in other directions?

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  1. Mr. Wilson says:

    As a follower of the website I would think the Mr PH would be the very first person of interest. With the sighting of Shellie right at Mr PH’s house then she suddenly is no where to be seen? Why did the police not go to the Don T? Who last saw shellie by Mr PH’s house?

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Mr Wilson Thank you for your participation in our b;og dialogue. The VBPD did visit Don T house and left his business card, however they never considered him important enough to follow except for a telephone a call interview with him. Your question of there follow up is possible indicitive of how they investigated this murder case. Your thoughts and input help in Justices quest for the truth. Please continue,

  2. Juliet says:

    Ok so the fact that “someone” failed 2 polygraph is just hearsay then correct? One of Mr carson friends heard it from someone who works at the vbpd. So who knows if this is really true or not.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Juliet The point I was trying to convey was that the VBPD early on only had Wolfman as the killer. I would assume that he was the one who failed the lie detector test(poltgraph).

      • Juliet says:

        Do you know if they only thought it was him because of where he lived and that he was disabled and known to walk around late night? I would think there would have to be more evidence than that for them to get a search warrant. And the fact that he failed 2 polygraphs (if this is to be taken as fact) just makes it more suspicious.
        Maybe the thing they LE messed up on is how they went about collecting this evidence from him or something along those lines. Maybe he really was the one who killed shellie but LE mishandled evidence, lost evidence, whatever. Maybe it is possible that he really did do it. Did him and shellie know each other? How old is he? Does he still live in the area? Has justice ever tried to get an interview from him? It doesn’t make sense that police would spend so much time and effort investigating him simply because he is a disabled boy who lives in a tent behind his parents house and is known to walk around late at night. I mean, if that made him a suspect, than half the damn country would also have to be suspects. What information did they have early on that made them concentrate so hard on Wolfman? Also, where did Wolfman live in conjunction to where shellies body was discovered?

        • Clarke Kent says:

          Juliet You asked several insightful questions regarding the first suspect Wolfman and I will be addressing them in my next Post along with other info on JS. Your idea of approaching him and the family was never considered. Thanks for your valuable input.

          • Juliet says:

            Clarke, I still say there’s something more to js than meets the eye. LE cannot get a search warrant on speculation. They had to have had some don’t of hard evidence against him. I still think it would be worthwhile for justice to attempt to contact him for an interview or statement.

  3. Ana says:

    Polygraphs are inadmissible in Virginia because there are many birth defects and physical diseases that machine can’t accommodate or adjust any of the variables. So if disabled automaticly disqualified from use and interpretation.

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  5. Night owl says:

    Could PH of been the man watching me at the park in 2003 at night???how close did he live to the park? Was the park in his back yard??? ” Could Shellie of had an illicit affair with this coach as a minor. Could the reason Shellie didn’t cash her paychecks from BK is because she was being paid to hangout with him or blackmailing him. Is this PH a freemason or have any personal connections to the police…did PH own a white sedan?? Did he keep tools in his garage?…couldn’t a garage be a good place for a secret night time affair??? Plenty of time to hear someone coming from upstairs and also accessible to the outside…the farthest door to open without waking up a wife…Could Shellie of hidden her bike on the side of his house…coaches, teachers, and even pastors are often the people who sometimes target children because of these trustworthy titles…so close to child…Shellie was barely an adult and looked like preteen with no makeup and her glasses…his story PH it doesn’t add up…I think he was a stalker and a pervert and was stalking her that night…and he got jealous and when he did…Shellie threw his wife in his face…and he lost it…she tried to leave…he ran at her with the tool…the tool from his garage…the garage near their meeting place…this is just my opinion…the police know….and THEY are protecting him…it’s a conspiracy…and that’s why all these falsified truths and scenarios swirl around….the devil is in this case….the truth needs to come to light….people need to pray and I mean really pray because there is a darkness in this tragedy beyond understanding and we need PRAY that God lifts the veil and that the logically, statistical, and prolifical miracle will happen…he will get punished…this possessed demon who took her…just pray.

    • Ana says:

      Did u file report with police about watcher in park 2003? If so we may be able to help and disclose our findings with your assigned officer or detective.

      • Night owl says:

        No I never reported the incident…I was face to face with the man watching me…he was sitting on a swing…I walked towards the swing…and almost sat on him….it was the glow of the street lights on his white straight perfect teeth that I saw…he was in his late thirties or early 40s…from the perfection of his teeth, over the years I have eliminated my idea of it being a encounter with a homeless person…it wasn’t wolf man…and not a druggie….a pervert….a voyeur….he had to be…because I was there smoking a joint with a boyfriend…I never reported the incident…

        • Juliet says:

          Interesting you speak of how perfect this man teeth were. Didn’t coworker specifically point out that he found it odd that ph wore braces for cosmetic reasons as an adult? Could these braces have given him that “perfect strait teeth smile” just a coincidence?

          • Clarke Kent says:

            Juliet Coworker did mention that PH wore braces in 2005 which he considered very odd for a middle age man. The Park where Night owl saw him on a swing is on Suffolk La. and Kings Grant Rd.

  6. Night owl says:

    Considering I saw Shellie on her bike leaving the night she was murdered… find it very odd the detectives have never PHYSICALLY come to my house or met with me…they have corresponded via phone…I would like to see a picture of this coach in a line up style…I want to see if I can pick him out…if he was the one at the park…I just want the police to stop hiding the truth to make up for their lack of professionalism in the beginning of the case…I think the person who found her is the person who did it…I also believe he went there twice…once to dump her…once to dump bike…I ALSO believe someone else found her before he allegedly found her…I think it was the blue truck….they got scared and left…because of drinking and driving they couldn’t report it….the water near PH….needs to be checked…all the scenarios I had over the years….THIS is the one most logical….most likely….and definitely most disturbing….PH needs to be questioned….needs to have discovery court ordered….EVERYTHING about him needs to come out…he FOUND her!!!!!! Wake up VBPD! Maybe this scenario isn’t entertained by our police because it puts it in the FBIs hands…takes it out of their jurisdiction and shines a spotlight on their inability to solve a decade long unsolved murder…who is this guy to just have nothing happen to him…his face wasn’t even on the news….I wonder if he is hiding because Shellie wasn’t the only victim….maybe he made other teammates of hers feel uncomfortable….why hasn’t this guy been put in the hot seat??

  7. Night owl says:

    Not to mention…our social services is to blame for having wolf man not locked up in a mental institution…here we had a bother and sister both severely mentally ill living with I believe an elderly parent, and the state just lets them slip between the cracks…wolf man has been witnessed swimming naked by the apartments, he was reported as scaring children in the woods and did so on Halloween, he was banned from the apartment property…adult social services is just as guilty as VBPD in unprofessional tactics of procedure….too busy harassing the wrong people…clearly the 100,000 homeless people in our region is a huge problem with our mental health care in our state…we have some very bad people who live in this neighborhood…just look up the sex offender registry…the oceanfront and this area is loaded with sex offenders…the registry which really is useless now considering our city is full of illegal immigrants….how are we to know if these immigrants haven’t committed sexual offences….I think the police really don’t have the control they used to…I remember people saying that an illegal Mexican “Verizon sub contractor” at the time of her murder the fiber optic cable was being installed all over KG….and I entertained the idea for about two seconds but thought…nope…her body would have been buried with the cable line….not dumped in the darkest area of the circle…

    • M.O.L.E.S says:

      I got ya. Mental health individuals now have there own court its called get off court. How many people have we read about that have been killed by a person with mental illness then they make excuses and get sent to institutions and out in a year. No punish I am sick of hearing about excuses as to why these people murder but we as a state and nation fall for this when it is clear they know what they are doing its an excuse and flaw in the system that needs to get fixed. I don’t care who you are you deserve prison just like everyone else.

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