Ana’s Request Honored – Video Reveals An Answer?

Written by Clarke Kent

In my last post entitled “Moles to Justice – Is Ana’s Enigmatic Quest Linked to Video?” date Jan 5, 2017, Ana gave me a reason for revealing what I think she was after. I had no intentions of discussing further the incident surrounding our keen interest in the Meth Lab incident, however by Ana’s presentation of fabricated information I find it relevant to discussing the video Justice has reviewed and documented many still photos of the environment and people on the video. Moles questioned Ana’s motivation stating “What is with the Meth Lab, who were these people involved in this that we do not know? Who were involved that we may know? Who would be on the video?” Moles continues “She is not worried about the video per se, she is worried about protecting someone who would that be and why protect if there is no reason to protect.”

Prior to revealing something that we found on th video and decided not to publish because we felt it was irrelevant to our search regarding Shellie murder. The information we felt at the time was not helpful in increasing our knowledge of information relevant to Shellie Carson. We were not interested in other businesses (drugs) not directly related to Shellie case and therefore closed our Meth Lab incident part. Ana with her insistence in attempting to close the Justice for Shellie website/blog however changed our direction to question why the effort and energy as well as the example was focused on her attempted closure of our effort on behalf of Shellie Carson.

The unit at which the video was reviewed from was not the unit in which the arrest was made regarding the meth lab. There was only 1 link and that was the person who shared this unit # 105 and the video was taken during a 4 day (9/7/14 to 9/12/14) and the one link to the meth lab at unit $101 was BW. For four days a GE Security System recorded 24/7 every movement in the storage unit in which BW was living with RK. The recorder known as a Digital Video Streaming Recorder produced the video. The last frame recorded 3 people sitting on a couch after everything from the unit was removed. It was boring and tedious to watch 96 hours of video.

Justice brought this video to a professional who produced numerous still pictures for the unit and people entering and leaving as well as helping the 2 tenants of this storage facility remove items.

The last photo pictures 3 people on a couch now empty except for the 3 and the couch. It revealed the two tenants BW and RK and a third person, a male, middle aged. We thought that he was BW father, however the professional who I called for a forensic task alerted me in confidence that this middle age man was RK’s father, not BW’s father and he is being investigated by the FBI adding matters. Now I know Ana is RK mother and I can only speculate fro there why Ana is on a quest to shut down Justice for Shelle.

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10 Responses to Ana’s Request Honored – Video Reveals An Answer?

  1. M.O.L.E.S says:

    Geez middle aged man right? Wonder what he looks like now or looked like in 2005? Could he be the one that took the letter to the church? Possibilities are possibilities after all.

  2. MOLES says:

    WOW aren’t puzzles fun?

  3. Rn says:

    Wow is right! This ana person is something! We really dont care anout the meth lab etc all we want is the killer of shellie caught and justice served!

  4. Juliet says:

    So the question is… is ana dead set against closing the blog because her husband was involved with this meth lab that was reported on this blog and she doesn’t want her family’s business posted? (Which wouldn’t really make sense because before she brought herself into this and pretty much ratted herself out, we never had any idea who she was at all.)
    Ooorrrr… is there somehing else more sinister behind her motivation? Her son, rk, did he know shellie? Just speculation of course, but maybe shellie was sleeping with her son. Maybe that made bw furious. Maybe she had her eastern park/kings grant friends help her teach shellie a lesson. Maybe bw had photos of this assault on that camera and that’s why ana wanted it back so badly. Bw links her son to shellie. She doesn’t want this. She wants shellies murder to stay unsolved and to go away to protect her son.
    She wants the justice for shellie blog shut down. This is a fact. Could my speculation scenario be why?

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Juliet No one stated that her husband was involved, my point has always has been relevant to BW and what she knows or was even present at Shellie murder. With her arrest it gave the LE an opportunity of securing information from BW in exchange for leniency with regard to her Meth Lab problem. We had no interest in drugs and only had an interest in information that would help is obtaining info on Shellie murder. We had no interest in RK, however because of all the drama with Ana and what she was up to we figured we hit a nerve. Why so much interest in the Video the logical conclusion there is a link to something more sinister. The owner told me that Ana represented herself as BW mother and insisted on return of the video. He refused and we had the opportunity to study it. The forensic Teck identified a middle age man in the last viewing as RL father and told me the FBI was interested in him for reasons he didn’t reveal. Ana forced Justice to consider her rational for demanding the video and it may have opened a can of worms. If you note Ana disappeared from our web site/blog. I wonder why??

      • Juliet says:

        I didn’t mean the husband was inVolvo with shellies murder. I meant involved with the meth lab. Again… just speculation.

      • Juliet says:

        Clarke my point was about an as motivation for wanting the blog shut down, it could be that her husband was involved with the meth lab, since he was seen on video there, and she doesn’t want anyone in the public that reads this blog to know her business so she’s trying to discredit the blog by having it shut down. But like I said this doesn’t really make sense. There has to be more to it. Thus, my speculation theory as posted above… there is a reason she is involving herself in this. A reason she is showing up at strangers homes, pretending to be an investigator in this crime, snooping around people’s vehicles teying to get statements. She says herself in a recent comment that she spent 7 weeks reading the whole blog and doing research about this crime. Why? After all these years, she just pops up and is just interested in this case? Maybe except for the fact that she didn’t show up until justice introduced a meth lab that her son was involved with, and possibly her husband. She doesn’t pass the smell test. She needs to be questioned by police. Like yesterday.

        • Clarke Kent says:

          Juliet No one at Justice every insinuated Ana’s son was invlolved in the Meth Lab which was in another unit at the Storage Facility. The only link was that BW lived with her son in a unot on the same floor as the Meth Lab and BW lived there with SS at the time of the raid by LE. The fact that Ana starts all the drama about a video only bolsters our interest in who or what was on the video and her husband appeared in the last frames at the video. Very interesting.

      • MOLES says:

        Something is wrong in this whole scenario with the lab. I wonder how many others are sitting on a copy of this video. It’s apparent that she wants this but why? It’s just plain dumb to look into people’s car does she really think people are dumb enough to keep this in plain sight or is she trying to intimidate people. BW, RK related ya think? Research and research more.

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