A Scenario of Events – Any Validity?

Written by Clarke Kent

Justice is in the process of reviewing early accounts regarding Shellie’s murder and came across a scenario written by a personal friend TD. I believe this scenario was written within 2 weeks of Shellie’s murder on Aug 14, 2005. I had interviewed TD who is a dear friend of Bill’s and both Navy officers. Bill now is humorous but at the time of occurrence it was a daring episode in the cold war. Please see exhibit A and B which introduces the email that Bill sent Lt Dennis Herbert on March 15, 2006 about 6 months after Shellie’s murder. When you read his early scenario you can see some errors, however he introduces again the early CrimeStoppers telephone call that appeared to him to stand out because of the unsolicited evidence called in. TD in fact in the scenario asks the question “Why was the call made to Crime Stoppers providing unsolicited evidence?” It is a question that is worth reviewing and consideration. It infers that CT was with someone not identified (possibly Devon) at the time at 4 AM at his house there by establishing an alibi. Why was someone a day after Shellie’s murder on early Sunday morning calling Crime Stoppers at the days after with info about someone being at his home at the approx time of Shellie’s murder? While TD account of his scenario has inaccuracies is there any reason to question why someone purposely called to establish an alibi. Does it have any validity. CT hope you can respond.

Exhibit A will go up tomorrow when it can be redacted. It is nothing more than an the front page of the email with just the names of Bill and TD and Det Herbert.


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20 Responses to A Scenario of Events – Any Validity?

  1. CT says:

    Clarke, i don’t believe that someone called crime stoppers the morning after her murder. And I could care less as to where this story originated. There’s no evidence to support any alibi attempt or being with D. If there were, detectives would have pounced upon it then. My simple response is that it was false/bad information.

    • Juliet says:

      Ct, you stated that your dad called crime stoppers a month after shellies murder, correct? I’m just trying to clarify the timeline. Because there has always been confusion on this as we all thought he called the morning shellies body was discovered, even before she was identified.

      • Juliet says:

        Also, he wasn’t calling to give you an alibi, as you say front and center you were not home that night. Please correct me if I have this wrong.

      • CT says:

        Again, nobody called crime stoppers on that morning, nor the following morning. Thee above is a terrible scenario thats either based on bad memory mixed with misinformation, made up lies, or a deliberate attempt to bait a potential suspect into acknowledging only that in which would indicate involvement. Best believe, if an individual called crime stoppers to report anything whatsoever on the case, before the victim was identified, law enforcement would have damn near teleported and swarmed on that source.

        • Juliet says:

          Lol. Your analogies crack me up. But yes i agree. Thats why this whole phone call always really really bugged me because i couldnt understand why he would call the police because someone stopped by at 4am. Now that i know it hapened at least a month after the murder, it makes absolute and complete sense. Thank you so muc for clearing this up. Whoever wrote this email, did he say how he came across this information? Because in all honesty, how would this person even know about cts dad making that call and when and what time it was done, unless he was sitting right there with the dad or the dad told him. So did he ever say how he got this unfactual information.
          Ps…. CT i emailed you when you get a chance write me back thanks

          • Clarke Kent says:

            Juliet The person who wrote the scenario was familar with CT and his father.TD drove Chris and his grandson to work earlier , prior to Shellie murder. I interviewed him about 4/5 years ago and learned this from him. He in no ways implied CT involvement in Shellie’s murder, however he was a good friend of both Bill & Charlotte. He is older and worked with Bill in trying to help the family find justice fot their daughter. I will try to re-interview him and hopefully clear up some points of contention.

        • MOLES says:

          What a comment. Probably so CT.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      CT The fact remaines that you confirmed that a Devon visited your home looking for you at Appx 4AM the early morning of Shellie’s murder. You also stated your father thought it so strange that he himself called authorities. I was under impression that your fathers call was made on a timely basis.. When did your father call if it wasn’t the period between Devons visit and the Sun. or Mon.time period?When you say he called the Authorities can you be more specific with where the call was made and to who? What response or follow up was made by LE or your father?

  2. CT says:

    Yes Clarke, I did confirm that D visited my home and he was looking for me around that time frame. And I’ll confirm it again here for you. Spoke to my Dad this afternoon regarding his recollections of this subject. In reality, he never called authorities. He never called LE, homicide detectives or crime stoppers. My Dad simply brought up D’s randomly suspicious behavior on that late night/early morning of the visit, to detective Seabold, that had been there looking for and to speak with me. I questioned whether he still remembers the time in which he told Seabold this. According to my father, it was closest to the time I was apprehended for my misdemeanor warrant. Much longer than I originally thought or stated. It’s looking more towards the 2-2 and a half month period, as to when my Dad mentioned D’s suspicious visit. And finally, according to my Dad, there was no follow up on this information he shared with Seabold.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      CT You were apprehended on Oct 7th, 2005 via aSpecial VBPD unit when in the early morning they surrounded your home on Balwin and arrested you on the outstanding warrant. So you are saying that the suspicious D incident while happening on the early morning of Aug 14th was only discussed when Det. Seabold visited your father house around early Oct 2005? Did your dad ever mention D’s suspicious visit when earlier you were able to enter your home and stay while still being on the Lam?

  3. CT says:

    Correct, Clarke. That is what I’m saying, after asking my Dad these questions yesterday. While out and running about to foolishly dodge my warrant, my Dad did mention that D came by and I was taken by surprise to hear this. That was MS1’s friend, not mine. He had never been by before like that, by himself, looking for me. Nor did we ever hang out together, just him and I. So it was strange. For example, it would be like MS2 randomly stopping by MS1’s house, at 3 or 4 in the morning, by himself to see if MS1 was there to talk/hang out, knowing that CT wasn’t there. It just wasn’t the norm and it hadn’t happened prior. When I’d go to MS1’s house, sometimes I’d bring MS2. Sometimes I’d bring TN, and maybe the next week I’d bring by MA. But MS2, TN, and MA, although they’re cool with MS1, wouldn’t go solo to his house, without knowing I was there, without an invite or plan to do so, especially in such a random manner at those hours. For D to do as he did, was a surprise visit and out of character. He had been by maybe once or twice in the past but never without MS1. Now I was able to gather, that during that particular period of time, D was heavily involved in auto thefts. My Dad said D was in a vehicle. Surprised I was by that, because D didn’t own a vehicle. But based on the info i know now, it’s safe to assume that D had probably just stolen a vehicle and was looking for someone to ride with him. Thus, the random visit. It would make sense that if D couldn’t get MS1 to joy ride with him, he’d move down the line looking for anyone, such as myself, to accompany him. However at that time, and after hearing about Shellie’s murder, it struck me as extremely suspicious. Remembering that D had relations with Shellie, on top of the fact he had never been by like this before, it was worth investigation in my opinion. But yes Clarke, my Dad spoke to Seabold about this when he came by looking for me in the month or weeks prior to my apprehension. According to my Dad, Seabold had heard some buzz and just wanted to get me cleared and out of the way (which ultimately ended up happening on the night of Oct. 7th, 2005).

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Chris I understand all you nreveal and D is DNR and was into stealing vehicles. Earlier in 2003 Shellie wasd active with DNR and MS 1 also had activities with Shellie. Do you recall MS1 girlfriend who had a distinct dislike for Shellie? Is this the girl that MS1 eventually married? I believe she did not like Shellie hanging around her boyfriend. Can you tell me anything regarding MS1, the girl friend and girls dislike for Shellie especially around the girls? It appears from some people I interviewed Shellie got between some of the guys and their girl friends causing friction and resentfulness. What is your opinion?

  4. CT says:

    Clarke, MS1 was with JK back then. Yes, she was very territorial over MS1. Obsessive and possessive. JK had a dislike towards every other girl thay MS1 knew or talked to. JK even hated MS1’s friends, because she wanted MS1 all to her self, everyday and night. She got jealous and angry if he spent his time with others. It’s very fair and fitting to say JK had a distinct dislike towards Shellie. To the point of murder? Certainly a possibility. LE focused on getting all the local male’s DNA. Considering J’s jealous behaviors over MS1, the fact she always snuck/stayed out late night hours, frequented the park and that 711, if I were investigating this case, JK’s DNA/interogation would have been top ten priority. If LE didn’t pursue this possibility, then I submit that JK should still remain a strong person of interest. Now MS1, to answer Clarke, no, he married someone else. JK went her own way and had 4 children with at least 2 other men. In addition, today, there’s no relation between MS1 and JK. From my understanding, it’s been this way for many years. This is all I have on the subject with facts and opinion.

  5. Juliet says:

    Im confused ct. Wonder if you can help me understand. You told me your dad called crimestoppers about a month after the murder. This doesnt make sense given the above scenario, written by TD, that was written 2 weeks after the murder. If this call hadnt even happened until a month later, then how did this man know about it 2 weeks before it even happened?
    Either one of two things, you are mistaken about when your father called or he called twice but you only know about the 2nd call. Just guessing here.
    Ct, have you ever talked to DNR after that night? Did you ever find out why he came to your house?

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Juliet TD statement was an approximation and our interview was over 4 years ago. My new assistant has learned that TD moved and doesn.t reside in Kings Grant. Lois Lane (LL) and I will make an attempt to interview him in his new location and will share all that we learned in our follow up interview.

  6. Juliet says:

    Is there any way you can get your dad to interview with clarke or at least speak with him on the phone so the matter can get cleared up strait from the horses mouth.

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