Justice Interviews MF – Shellie’s EX/ 7-Eleven Clerk – Her Last Words

Written by Clarke Kent

Both myself and my new assistant Lois Lane met MF at 12 Noon on April 15, 2017 for an interview that lasted 2 hours and 15 minutes. I asked Lois Lane to write her own version of the interview. I have learned that my astute assistant has a shrewd mind which I appreciate and of great value.

As you read her post you will learn from him several things about Shellie’s funeral, what happened to her rings, MG take on their non-discussion of the party believed to be where Shellie arrived from at MF’s 7-Eleven.

I think it is important to put this interview reported by Lois Lane in perspective. There are no words changed or edited but just the exact words appeared by Lois Lane. Lois did a very commendable job and is definitely a major asset to the Justice for Shellie website/blog.

I will follow up her comments with my own version and my own opinion. Please see the following attachment of Lois Lane’s interview with MF.



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15 Responses to Justice Interviews MF – Shellie’s EX/ 7-Eleven Clerk – Her Last Words

  1. Rn says:

    Did we not read somewhere here that she stayed there with Dunn willingly and lied to her parents about it. If I am also not mistaken did MF state to you Clarke at the one interview that he saw bb car while Shellie was at 711 or shortly thereafter
    Still there goes the ring therory that I kept bringing up that he was lying about the rings and that they never made up. Still believe that there is more to this what exactly did MF say she said why was MF so worried about her there is more to the bb story and so many people have been covering for him I hope that the police have all this info direct from MF and the carsons knew the girls mom he married she was a teacher and if I remember correctly her mother was very worried while she was bb does MF believe bb died this horrendous murder that’s the question I would like known and I believe the police know who did this again DET T told me straight up they went for warrants many times and were told to go back and get the one thing that was missing for a solid case they were not going in on circumstantial evidence with a 50/50 crap shot so let’s rethink the boyfriend theory he was always so point blank on putting the blame on Ct which he claims to have never met

    • Miranda says:

      We did know that she was lying about being held hostage. We knew that her dad took her to the police to file a report, and she refused. We know that he wrote her a letter from prison talking about how much he loved the time they spent together in the apartment during that time and spoke about how nice it was to have her laying on his chest and he asked her to give her family his best (none of the letter would be the type of stuff that would be written by someone who had threatened her family or held her hostage), and even admitted to ripping the necklace off of her neck and apologized because he was upset that he had caught her cheating. And there was one other thing, but I can’t remember what it was.

      We were also told that MF came in and got her out of there, but he said that he took her straight home…him keeping her at his house for two days is new.

  2. R says:

    Lets pull my comment out of moderation

    • Miranda says:

      You comment was pulled out of moderation in less than 60 seconds. You guys have to give me a second.

        • Miranda says:

          LOL! You guys gotta just give me a sec. I have the phone set up for notifications now when they go to moderation, so I can approve them straight from the phone and they get done right away now, provided I am not asleep. If they don’t get approved right away, I am most likely sleeping, and with the babies, there is very little chance I will be sleeping long if I am!

  3. Juliet says:

    Very interesting. BB needs to come on here and defend these allegations… Or confirm them.

  4. R says:

    Yes he does because he apparently lied to us if this is in fact true from MF still think MF knows more

  5. Juliet says:

    I guarantee the bit about the rings is true. I thought this a possibility all along. It made no sense his story about throwing them in the car Nd they got lost. Come on now. Does he really think we are all that stupid?
    I have different feelings about bb lately. After Reading the entire blog againRe his story just doesn’t add up. Doesn’t meAn hes guilty. It just means he hasn’t told the whole story. He knows more about something. This argument is key. And why didn’t mf tell you guys exactly what shellie dId about the argument. Was the fight really over someone old.girlfriend of bbs? Or was that just an excuse shellie came up with to start a fight to get away from him? Something isn’t adding up.

  6. R says:

    I agree set up a meeting she probably has a lot to
    Tell I know that her mother was very worried about her being with bb she made that clear to Shellie’s mom

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