Shellie’s Balancing Act – MF and BB Her Pawns

Written by Clarke Kent

After 7 plus years of talking and learning from her friends I have come to a conclusion that Shellie “free spirit” sexuality of using others as her pawns produced her prowess over teenage boys and one middle age man. Shellie learned and used her sexual appeal to attack and manipulate them for her own purposes. Shellie played guys like pawns. Especially BB and MF and was to cavalier in attitude and created too many conflicts with guys and girls. While that is my opinion of Shellie’s actions, I think it is important to know this Shellie. Was it responsible for her murder? That is an entirely different question. It could of or could not of been a factor, however it’s important to know that Shellie acted the way she did for singularly her own purposes.

BB and MF were caught up as boyfriends and ex boyfriends with both understanding who Shellie was. She manipulated them sometimes were a little rough for their feelings. Shellie however was an expert in hiding things from her parents and brother, as well as her current boyfriend BB. But BB know little about Shellie’s other life.

Now we must take a look at others unveiled with Shellie’s manipulations. Dunn (FB), PH (the guy who discovered the body) and numerous others who are known to us. What we don’t know is who else out there had similar experiences with Shellie. MF was the ex boyfriend who was with Shellie prior to her brutal murder. Justice believes he was always dedicated to Shellie and Shellie always went back to him for comfort and MF mother was Shellie’s second mother in Va Beach. BB was newly in love with Shellie and had very little experience with girls and either didn’t see what was happening or just didn’t want to believe Shellie look at other males.

These are my opinions and thoughts on Shellie, BB and MF. We must seek the truth of Shellie’s murder however we must always look in the context of Shellie’s life style. This 18 year old girl deserves that the murderer should be brought to justice.

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2 Responses to Shellie’s Balancing Act – MF and BB Her Pawns

  1. Miranda says:

    I agree with a lot of this. It is part of the reason that I believe that BB, at the very least, thought that he and Shellie had made up. I remember MF’s mother had said at one point that Shellie and MF were going to get back together, but Shellie needed BB for rides and stuff and until she had all of that worked out….

    I believe that Shellie made whoever she was with at the moment think that they were the one that she wanted to be with. While MF has been caught in a few lies, we also can’t trust anything that he says that she said to him, even if we can prove that she actually said it to him, because she lied to everyone. We already know we can’t trust anything that Shellie said to her parents. It seems that was the norm in all of this.

    We need to stop taking the things that people say in regard to Shellie at face value and stop thinking of this as a normal situation where the victim was someone who was honest at all times, or at least most of the time. Who knows if CT was really even bothering her. I have a hard time believing he only saw her once when there are so many people stating that they were seen together, but who knows what she was telling people. We know she claimed to be held hostage and gang raped at Dunn’s house and we know from multiple sources that this was simply not true. Who’s to say that she wasn’t lying about CT as well? I just don’t feel like we can trust anything that she said. And I don’t know if it had anything to do with her murder, but I can almost guarantee it is a major player in why it can’t be solved.

    • Juliet says:

      I couldn’t agree more with Roth of you, clarke and Miranda. The whole situation from every aspect is just so sad and tragic.

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