The MF Interview- Clarke’s Thoughts and a New Red Flag

Written by Clarke Kent

Lois Lane and myself met with MF at a restaurant on Va Beach Blvd. The interview was set up by a call from Z to MF while we were interviewing Z. MF arrived exactly at 12 noon and joined me at a table, and Lois Lane arrived minutes later. I found MF to be cooperative with a calm manner. We actually interviewed him for 2 hours and 15 minutes and it appeared he was not in a rush to conclude our discussion early. He told us about where he worked now and gladly gave us his cell number. Lois Lane in her post on April 29, 2017, outlined the major points learned.

These are the points I thought important and will share them with you. MF worked the night shift at the 7-Eleven from 11 PM to 7 AM. He also started work at Burger King at 8 am. Remember his mother was in management with this Burger King. He received a call from BK just after 7 AM about 45 minutes prior to his start time there inquiring if he knew where Shellie was. He remembered that he was outside the 7-Eleven cleaning up the area when he observed sirens and fire vehicles speeding toward Kings Grant. This and the call from BK were indications that something was not right and he had concerns that Shellie’s safety was an issue. When BB called him after police visited him at work, he called MF as BB headed home with his parents. They talked and MF revealed that he had a bad feeling when she left and when he heard police sirens and activity heading toward the Kings Grant Rd. He definitely knew something has drastically happened when the BK called him inquiring about Shellie.

MF talked about the fight between Shellie and BB the early evening when they, BB, MF, and Shellie went to Circuit City. My gut feeling was that the fight was manufactured by Shellie to provoke a dispute as she played one boy against the other. The substance of the fight issue was juvenile giving MF an opportunity to be with her. Shellie had a reputation for manipulating young guys and had issues with other females who resented her presence because she came on to their boyfriends.

There were many call calls between Shellie, MF and BB. Of importance, both guys spoke to each other twice prior to Shellie’s murder. One was at the 7-Eleven about 1030 PM and again when BB called him at the 7-Eleven when he arrived home, after his so called reconcilliation with Shellie. This call was unknown to me and set off a Red Flag Alert. Let me explain. When BB left BB tells us that Shellie said to him “call me when you get home” So I’ll know your okay. The alert is BB never called Shellie as the reconciliation promise was requested to call her. BB could never explain that, however, he told us he just forgot. Why would BB call MF to tell him he arrived home and not his beloved Shellie who was his fiance. This just doesn’t make sense and tells us that just maybe be reconciliation never occurred. Think this through as it potentially opens a Pandora’s Box with extensive unseen troubles for BB. Add his rings rationale and his haste marriage. The Red Flag is it doesn’t stand the test of a harmonious conclusion.

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34 Responses to The MF Interview- Clarke’s Thoughts and a New Red Flag

  1. Clarke Kent says:

    A Red Flag emerges when MF tells Justice that BB called him to tell him the he got home after visiting Shellie at Shellie home leaving prior to 1 am on sunday Aug 14th,2005. The cadry that follows BB/Shellie fight & reconciliation knoiws from BB that after making up Shellie asked BB to call her when he gets home. Perfectly understandable with a sincer reconciliation would be a call. While BB tells us about the make up/reconciliation we only know his version as Shellie was murdered before she could tell us her side of the make up incident. The red flag is just another indication of the inconsistence in BB story. It seems everything he tells us about thrir fight and reconcilation has been open to Alerts/Red Flags. How can the boyfriend BB, explain when asked why he never called Shellie upon arriving home that he just forgot when in fact he called Shellie Ex boyfriend MF when he arrived home? Alnost all information Justice learned about the fight incident and the make up is clouded in mystery including the whole aspect of the rings. Ask yourself the same questions does BB response natch reality.Why all the mystery and inconsistences??? Leds me to believe they did not reconcile and presents valid reasons to explore why he persists they had a harmonise reconciliation.

  2. R says:

    I do agree I have always said that Shellie never got her ring back and it was said by bb and also told to Miranda by bb mom that they were bb moms ring and she got them back so who is telling the truth and think logically now if they made up why did she leave her home and then I am going to bring up the smokes why didn’t he go get her a pack

    • Miranda says:

      Wait. I have to correct this here. Esp with my name in it. I was never told, nor did I ever say she got the rings back. I was told that she didn’t get them back and he felt guilty that he had forgotten to give them back to her that night. And for some reason, I am thinking that I was told at some point that she had taken them off and threw them in the car and they weren’t found immediately anyway, but it’s been a while and I might be thinking about a different case with that. But BB always told me that he felt guilty she didn’t have the rings on and like if she had they could have somehow protected her.

      • Juliet says:

        MirAnda when r says she got the rings back… I think… and correct me if I am wrong… the she means bbs mother, not shellie…

        • R says:

          That is correct if I am not mistaken didn’t I read a long while back that bb mom confirmed to Miranda that she meaning bb mom got the ring back because it was hers in first place

          • Juliet says:

            That’s what I thought too. So whos lying? Did bbs mom get them back or did they really go to the new wife? If be willing to bet they went to the new wife.

          • Miranda says:

            Oh! Okay, gotcha. Sorry, I misunderstood. I thought it was being said that I said I was told that Shellie got them back and I know for certain I never had said that. As for the other. honestly, a lot has happened in my life between now and then, and I can’t remember if she told me that or not, but I do know that BB DID in fact have them at one time. I will see if I can find my notes or any old posts on it. They all live in the same house, so I know they were in the house at one time, and I was told that the wife took them or they were lost. I was not told that he used them for that wedding. But they do not have them anymore to my knowledge. That’s all I can remember without digging.

  3. Back to Back Faces says:

    I don’t believe they made up. Never have. I believe the family had a say in what BB did or didn’t do. I believe the rings were pawned. I don’t think his wife got them either. Shellie didn’t have them on or did she was there a hint that she was wearing them or was this left out of autopsy? I think the rings were taken off of her after the murder? Who was BB’s sister seeing at his time? Who was Z seeing at this time? Just wondering. I think the sister and mother know what happened. I think they were in the car across the street in BB’s car. People on here didn’t want to talk about this then maybe now.

  4. Juliet says:

    I don’t think they made up either. There is a reason he wouldn’t answer the question about where the rings are now. He feels guilty that he gave them to the new wife. But why lie about it? Only mAkes him look more quality. I mean it is what it is. If the rings went to the new wife… just be up front about it. Why this big lie about shellie throwing them at him and they got lost in the vehicle and never found again. Miranda… I too remember this story.
    If what mf says is true bout the rings… it makes sense thAt they never made up. Doesnt mean he killed her. Just means hes feeling guilty and doeant want tje truth known about those rings. And in all honezty, if he really gave them to the wife, who could blame him. That wasnt a very nice thing to do. Justice o think you ahould try to talk to the ex wife. I bet she has valuable information.

    • Miranda says:

      I wasn’t sure if it was said that they were thrown at him and not found immediately, but I am 100% certain that it was not said that they were never found again. I remember that they were found in the car and BB did have them at some later point, but he doesn’t have them now, from my understanding.

  5. R says:

    Bb should feel quilty about a lot of stuff but we also know Shellie was far from an angel but with that being said she did not deserve to be killed bb lied we all know it and I will never forget the interview with him on tv sitting on hood of his car acting all oh this is all about me

  6. Ocean dreams says:

    So here we have MF stating to Clark and mr c that he saw bb car that morning parked across the street and MF knew something was terribly wrong maybe bb didn’t do this horrid crime but it is already a proven fact that bb momma had previously tried to assault Shellie in her own home sounds like the entire family has major anger issues and you know the facts I have seen on other murders that men rarely beat a female like that it’s usually a female that does that so another senario could be that his “family” was so angry at Shellie that maybe it was not bb in car near 711 but his “family” maybe his family has a big role in this

    • Back to Back Faces says:

      What did the church note say when it was dropped off at the church? Word for word please. Oh by the way do we know of anyone with reddish blonde hair? I’m asking because the HRT bus driver said someone was following Shellie that night she thought it was two guys but it could have been two women. She also said one was older than the other. Was there an indent of a ring on Shellie’s fingers when she was murdered? I do believe MF seen BB’s car across the street. That’s when he kissed Shellie on the cheek and he thought Shellie was in trouble. Whether he thought it was BB or someone else in the family. But MF said he had a bad feeling. Those rings where are they now? I don’t believe BB’s ex wife has them. I believe BB still has them or he knows where they are at. This was a set up with Shellie no premeditation here. They destroyed Shellie’s face this was a jealous rage murder. This is like an adult that gets mad with there child or two teens fighting for control and we all know there was no controlling Shellie. The person or persons that murdered Shellie are keeping secret no boys could keep this secret for so long. CT is right about one thing BB didn’t have the know how to pull this off and keep quiet. This was a family matter people that felt better than Shellie like they were more important than her. They are worse than Shellie, Shellie had the power to influence to get what she wanted the persons that murdered Shellie had nothing but anger this was an idiot that murdered Shellie real losers, these people are trash.

      • Miranda says:

        No. A car fitting BBs description was not seen at 7/11 across the street. Lois said in her description of the MF interview that he didn’t see the car at 711 as was reported before. He saw it leaving the area right after he left Shellies house that night. This was given a lot if attention when it was reported that he initially saw the car late that night, but only managed to make a single sentence in the statement by Lois on the interview so it seems it was missed.

        • Lois layne says:

          Miranda you are correct. Mf said he saw bbs car at the light at n lynnhaven and kings , leaving the area. He said he never said he saw bbs car sitting in the parking lot or across the street. He simply saw him driving away after leaving shellies house. He also said BB called him about 10-15 minutes later.. after he had gotten home.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Oceans Dream Your point that MF stated that when I interviewed him BB car was parked across the street is incorrect. I report that MF saw BB car the night of the murder. Because of circumstances concerning the interview we never established 2 important facts. 1) location of the car &2) time observed. I was handicapped because the only way we could do interview was BB had to be present and drive him to Bills house. With the MF statement authored by BB in a comment on the blog he said that in BB cell call to MF at the BK after finding out that Shellie was murdered he mentioed he had a bad feeling when she left the 7/11.

      • Clarke Kent says:

        Another point to to Ocean Beach is that BB mother visited Shellie home agitated because Shellie gave a pill/drug to BB’s sister and she was furious, which could be understood.

  7. Evidence says:

    So BB makes a call to 7/11 after leaving Shellie’s house and later a car that fits the description of BB’s car is observed by MF at 7/11.
    BB previously stated that he was tired, had to get to bed. Could not even go get her cigarettes.
    However, he is not to tired to make a phone call to MF when he gets home that early morning.
    So the question begs, why would he call? It seems reasonable that he would call for information. What information? I say he wanted to find out if Shellie was there or would be coming by. MF would of course not tell him or did not know, but BB probably had a haunch. After all, this was his Rival. And he had to be suspicious or possibly believe that Shellie was going to see him late that night.
    BB’s mother knew of the break up of marriage. BB and Shellie were both over BB’s house that day, and BB was upset and his mother knew it. Was she just unhappy at the breakup, or was she possibly furious at Shellie? After all Shellie was constantly using him. And now Breaking up with him.
    I have posted before on the way BB speaks. He will say things that really do not relate to the story he is telling, but will add something that always seems to be a divergent. Something that worries him, something on his mind that may come out in the future. As in his quote “Shellie and his mother hugged goodby”. How his mother called him the Next day and told him she had bought Shellie some of the things she likes to eat” or whatever. He just throws these meaningless tidbits in and it comes across as he is throwing off future suspicion.
    I have a strongly suspect that His mother and Possible his sister may have been furious at Shellie.
    His mother already had established a pattern of how she reacts to Shellie when she is mad. (as going into his house and looking for her as reported).
    There was a lot of high Drama going on all day, and it did not end with BB just saying goodnight to Shellie. They did not all go to bed and have sweet dreams. Instead, I believe it is highly possible they went looking for Shellie, which they knew would be at 7/11.
    I believe it was a female that did the attack. A female that was really mad. BB, may not even have been in the car. But I believe it was his car. Too much of a coincident that a car fitting that description was there that time of night.
    (By the way, this is not the first time I have posted this theory, have done so many times)

    Later will discuss the rings. This was heavily discussed over the years. And even some pictures from a face book if I can remember correctly.

    • Miranda says:

      No. A car fitting BBs description was not seen at 7/11. Lois said in her description of the MF interview that he didn’t see the car at 711 as was reported before. He saw it leaving the area right after he left Shellies house that night. This was given a lot if attention when it was reported that he initially saw the car late that night, hut only managed to make a single sentence in the statement by Lois on the interview so it seems it was missed.

      • Clarke Kent says:

        Miranda You are correct MF confirmed that he observed BB car, however the car was heading down Kings Grant passing the 7/11 towards BB home. My question is MF also saw Shellie on her bike heading toward the 7/11 from a direction not consistent with the area she would have traveled if she was at a Party near the 7/11. My only thought was why was he so observant on activity outside the store.

      • Back to Back Faces says:

        It was not seen at 7eleven but was seen across the street according to MF and blog. People keep changing the story. So is MF lying again? He seen BB’s car kissed Shellie goodbye had a bad feeling and let Shellie go home. Previously walked her to the duck pond then retracted that side of the story so what is he saying now that he didn’t see the car not buying that. Either BB, MF or the family is hiding information. The family knows more its as if someone is trying to keep others quiet about what really happened. No one’s face gets smashed in and destroyed and no one knows nothing. If the mother previously assaulted Shellie then she would do this again under the right circumstances. These are red flags that has not faded over all these years. Shellie was not the girl that bullying tactics worked on that’s a fact.

        • Miranda says:

          According to this post
          He did not see it when kissing her goodbye. He saw it when leaving the area after BB left Shellie’s house, long before Shellie got there. You can draw your own conclusions on who is lying and who is telling the truth. I am just letting you know that his car being there is no longer the most recent story.

        • Clarke Kent says:

          Back to Ba/ Morning prior to Shellie MF stated at our last interview he observed BB car passing the 7/11 at after BB reconcilation attempt. He also told Justice that he saw BB car the on the period prior to her murder.

          • Miranda says:

            Okay, so Lois, in her statement on the interview said “Another important factor MF gave us were the full details of seeing BB’s car when he was at 7-Eleven. He simply saw BB’s car riding away from the area after leaving Shellie’s home around 12 midnight. This was before Shellie ever came to the 711 and before she ever left her house.” This would seem to indicate that he is now saying that he ONLY saw the car when BB was going home from Shellie’s house and not once she arrived there for the second time that night.

            Are you saying that he said this in the last interview and also, in the last interview said that he saw her in the period prior to her murder and Lois left this part out/forgot about it? Or are you saying that he said this in the latest interview, but said something else in the first interview?

            • Lois layne says:

              Miranda… yes you are correct. Mf said he saw bbs car one time. When he was leaving shellies house around midnight. He never saw his car in the parking lot or across the street. This sighting was BEFORE shellie snuck out of her house and went to 711 for the second time.

            • Lois layne says:

              Mf never said he saw bbs car after shellie for to 711. At least not at 8th interview I had with him.

  8. R says:

    No lets go back to the interview that Clarke had with MD AND BB AT THE Carson house MF did state he saw bb car

    • Miranda says:

      Agreed. We should go back to that. But if we are going to give weight to one statement, we need to give weight to all statements. And this goes for anyone making any statement. If their statements are different we need to look into a few other things. For example, have they made inconsistent statements in the past? For this particular statement that is inconsistent, did he claim that Clarke initially misunderstood, or did he just change the statement as if no one remembered? There is a lot that was not covered where this was concerned. All we really know is what was stated before and what was stated by Lois after the interview. It should be looked into further. But not just look at the previous statement. All of the statements matter.

      • Lois layne says:

        I asked him point blank…” So you told clarke that you and shellie saw bbs car parked outside. Do you know why he was there. Did you tAlk to him?”
        His response… “no i never saw his car parked anywhere. I saw him at the light headed home after he left her house. I know he waS going home because he called me about ten or fifteen minutes later to tell me he squashed the argument with shellie and he had just gotten home from her house”

        • Clarke Kent says:

          Lois You are correct that he saw BB passing in his car and called MF when he arrived home.The question that perplexes me why is he calling him and forgetting to call Shellie as promised in the so called reconciliation?? Something is missing. See my next post.

  9. Back to Back Faces says:

    I am not referring to any interviews related to Lois Lane. In the blog way before Lois Lane it said that Shellie and MF were at 7eleven. He was talking to Shellie when he seen BB’s car across the street. He kissed Shellie on the cheek because he thought she was in trouble. Shellie left, at first it read MF walked her to the duck pond then he said he didn’t leave 7eleven. So are we to believe him now or is this another diversion or does he want to continue to help BB. He had a chance to tell his story at the Carson’s home and during the initial interview he said he seen BB’s car and then BB interrupted him and said he didn’t see his car. I don’t know about these two they seem to cover up each others lies. I wonder if they would also like to go to prison for life to protect each other. I think his sister and mother stalked Shellie and was looking for Shellie this night. They knew BB was upset and very mad over this break up. To many coincidences with family BB and Shellie prior to her murder. I think MF had better sense and sooner or later he will give up BB and family. He’s getting older and does not want this murder to follow him any longer. I don’t think the rings were given to new wife they are family heirlooms no way they went to her. And why didn’t BB’s mother know Shellie had the rings BB didn’t steal them to give them to Shellie they had been engaged prior to, how long does anyone know? It was said that Shellie kept a journal. Were there any pages missing like, torn out? It has been stated that after the funeral BB’s mother went to Shellie’s room and was in there for a few minutes when someone went into the room because they couldn’t figure out why BB’s mother was in room so long. What was she in there so long for what was she trying to find if anything? I think the mother instigated the girlfriend on BB. I think she knew how to control BB and she liked being a part of the Carson family. I think she enjoyed the benefits of this relationship.

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