Why Does Boyfriend (BB) Repeatedly Stumble – Creating Excessive Drama?

Written By Clarke Kent

I have been pondering for many years in the investigation of Shellie’s murder, the relationship between BB and Shellie and I am leaning in the direction that Shellie wanted to break off the relationship and that in fact so called reconciliation was a sham. That in fact the only person revealing the make up was the boyfriend BB. Everything we know about BB reunion back with Shellie in the early morning of Sunday Aug 14, 2005 came from BB, however he has repeatedly misrepresented what transpired. Why all the drama? Justice believes that the make up was “make believe” and his revealing were created to bolster his case that it was an amicable reunion. Almost everything BB discusses about his early morning visit can be refuted.

Justice has covered in our website/blog BB own statements he wrote on the blog himself and everything can be refuted by his contradictions, his slips and mistakes. Justice has brought this out numerous times. If we take simply the reconciliation issue we can show that all discrepancies can be refuted. Look at some of the issues we discussed and decide for yourself. Starting with the ring issue, then to the cell call issues and then there is the reconciliation itself, as well as Shellie’s texting during their make up. Ass to these issues the rationale for not calling Shellie when he arrived home as promised as he claims Shellie did was false, add to that BB called MF instead obviously of confirming this reconciliation.

We also know that Gigi the next morning received a call from BB prior to the start of his job at JC Penney at 10 AM in which he told Gigi that Shellie was murdered via being run over by a vehicle. And he requesting Gigi to call the Carson’s before speaking to police. She also described her opinion of BB fake crying. I know from talking with both Bill and Charlotte that police arrived at their home about 10:30 Am on the morning of the discovery of Shellie’s murdered body and she was identified by Charlotte who matched the sneakers worn by Shellie with the ones the victim was wearing shortly thereafter.

Put all this with the fact that the police arrived at JC Penney after 11 AM and told BB of Shellie’s murder. BB and his parents were driving him home from work when he called MF while he was working at the BK. So we know that BB called MF when he arrived home after being with Shellie and he called him again after police alerted him of her murder. However we know that he promised to get her cigarettes the next morning (Sunday) but never did, however he called Gigi telling her of Shellie’s murder prior to learning that from police.

Put it all together and it leads to someone so inconsistent with what happened, you must ask yourself a basic question. Why does BB repeatedly stumble, slip, blunder on the truth. What is he hiding by all the drama he produces when addressing simple basic questions about his reconciliation with Shellie? And the last time together.

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12 Responses to Why Does Boyfriend (BB) Repeatedly Stumble – Creating Excessive Drama?

  1. Evidence says:

    I will never forget the time I first saw him. It was right after the murder and he was on local TV. I was with family at the time, and we were all amazed at his behavior while he was being interviewed. He show absolutely no remorse. He actually appeared to be enjoying the spotlight. We even commented on this. I remember saying at the time, “He did this”.
    Later when we (justice members) met at 4am to go over the crime scene/timeline, I had the occasion to meet him in person. I studied him pretty hard that early morning. I do not recall a single word from him. I expected someone talkative, instead he was abnormally quiet. I had the feeling he had been told to not say anything.
    At one point of the time line, I asked him directly “BB, was Shellie ever known to have left the house without her cell phone?”
    He had no reply, nothing. Finally Shellie’s brother came forward with the answer of “NO, she never left the House without her Cell.”
    Later, we were at the scene where the body was found. I looked Directly at him and asked. “BB, who do you think killed Shellie”? A quiet pause and then, “I don’t know”. That was it, nada, nothing else.

    Clark touched on just a few of the odd ball, behaviors of BB. Only a few of the many inconsistencies, lies, refusal of help.
    I spent months on the Blog asking him over and over to describe the car he was driving at the time. He refused to answer. This went on for months. Someone else asked him directly and he lied about the color.
    Given the timeline of events of the 24 hrs before Shellies death, the breakup of a engagement, the cheating on him by Shellie, the humiliation,the betrayals, his explosive anger shown on this website and threats made, you begin to see a pattern.
    Statistics? Satistics alone will show that something like 95% of all female murders are done by the boyfriend or husband.
    Did he kill her? A ton of circumstantial evidence, but sadly not enough.
    BB left Shellies house in the early morning darkness just hours before her death. After a day of breaking up a engagement, high stress, fear of loss and on and on. He left, and hours later Shellie was found bludgeoned to death.
    BB basically tells us that he left and every was just bliss. Engagement renewed, everyone happy, and he went and had sweet dreams.
    Well, we know one thing for certain. Everything was not bliss. Far from it. At least that was the case for Shellie and her family.

  2. Lois layne says:

    I sent bb a message via facebook asking him a simple question.. something about the rings. Instead of a normal reply, I get an all caps “F YOU” and then he blocked me. Lol. Sure doesn’t seem like someone who loved his fiance and would go to the end of the earth to find out who killed her. Seems like a coward to me.

  3. R says:

    Lois that’s what anyone ever gets from bb is his immature behavior etc bad mouth threats etc he is a coward
    Now I have a question I would like to recall the letter that was first delivered wherever it mention that the bf and his gf did it am I correct or incorrect Clarke? I remember a letter note or something saying the bf and his gf did it I do not believe that bb only met his x wife at Shellie’s service

  4. Lois layne says:

    Does anyone know the ex wifes lAst name? Please send clArke or myself a message if you do. I think it’s importAnt we try to talk to her.

  5. Evidence says:

    Once again I mention the way BB adds to his statements. I remember the day RN called me concerning BB’s statement about the Cigarettes. As a smoker or former smoker, she commented on the fact that Shellie’s last request to him, after reuniting the engagement, was to get her a pack of cigarettes. Of which he refused. Many comments were later made to show how preposterous this refusal was.
    I now believe BB added that comment into his statement as a subterfuge for later inquiries as to why Shellie went to 7/11.

    In other words, I believe he is telling a damn lie about her request for Cigarettes. But the question is why would he make up this lie. I believe it is because he knew she would be going to 7/11 for a completely different reason. He DID NOT make up with her. Quite the contrary.
    I bet she also told him she was going to see MF at 7/11 and I bet he was furious.

    Ps, He also stated that he would bring her the cigarettes in the AM. Yet he never even called her that morning.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Evidence I agree with a lot of your thinking on this relation and agree that BB was aware of Shellie wild behavior and in the end gave up on her. The meeting of his wife at the Funeral may have occured prior to Shellie’s murder. Please read my post going in today as it speakes of motivation his and the Annonymous Mysterious writer. We always assume the the fight the night of her murder was amically settled with his 12PM visit to her home.

  6. Workingclass says:

    Bb could have re met Shellie later than midnight say about 3am. Who else did bb know in 2005 that could have went with him to meet Shellie. He didn’t go by himself. He presents like a tough guy but really would have had help. The stripper girl used in his videos may provide some additional info.

    • Lois layne says:

      Working class … I spoke with some of the girls in his “strip tease” video. Although it is new video, made many years after shellies murder, they were paid actors. They met bb the day the video was shot. As far as any videos made just prior or right after shellies death, I have no knowledge. I haven’t seen them and don’t know which girls he actually knew in those videos, if any. The guy that produces his videos told me in a brief conversation that he is the one that has everything to do with the videos. He hires the dancers and bb has no knowledge of who will n in them or even what will happen in the video, until he gets the script and meets the girls the day of the shoot.
      Just a little bit of knowledge I’ve gained since starting this journey with clarke.

  7. Clarke Kent says:

    Workingclass He (BB) left the 7/11 at 3:50, was observed by a Navy Seal at about 4:01AM and then we believe she traveled past her St Queen Eliz and was observed turning off of Kings Grant Rd with a left turn at the Park onto Suffolk La where he lost visual sight with the sharp bend .Don T. put the time at 4:06AM to 4:12AM when he lost sight of the bike rider believed to be Shellie. BB could have re-met her after that time. He could have gone with a female family member, his sister or mother.

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