R – Questions Re Mysterious Letter Spurs Interest in Writer’s Motivation

Written by Clarke Kent

R in a comment of a post entitled “Why Does Boyfriend (BB) Repeatedly Stumble – Creating Excessive Drama?” post date May 12, 2017, asks the question of BB the boyfriend and his girl friend did it and requested Clarke response. I have reviewed my files and will discuss what was stated in this 2 page letter to Mr and Mrs Carson. I attach it as exhibit “A” for readers evaluation.

The mysterious letters consisted of 3 separate handwritten letters. Bill Cason in a e-mail on Feb 3, 2006 to Det Dennis Herbert. (See Exhibit “B”) states “at least three handwritten letters by one unknown writer were sent to us concerning Shellie’s murder. The first was mailed directly to the police. The second was sent to us through our church secretary and minister. The third was left at the memorial at Kings Grant Traffic Circle. After studying the second letter more thoroughly we are concerned that the letter writer may be mentally unstable and make be Shellie’s murderer.

Previously Justice thinking was that the motivation of the writer was to divert attention from the real killer to BB, the boyfriend. R’s question peaked my curiousness and I focused on what was the persons motive for trying to alert the police and the Carsons was. I never focused on the possibility that this writer may have legitimate information. Now the question before our sleuth cadre is just that. Let’s make an effort to consider that some of the information in the mysterious letter may be correct and proceed from there, in essence he the writer focuses on BB motivation and a new girlfriend and tried to comfort Shellie that he was “break up and call off the wedding.” Mysterious writer continue with he “tried to talk to our daughter (Shellie), but your daughter cried and boyfriend had her knocked out.” Justice has learned that BB met his new wife at Shellie’s funeral and she was Shellie’s friend. If that was true BB would not want anyone to know that he had met her prior for that reason the funeral which obviously was immediately after her murder was an ideal cover to haste marriage to her.

Now that can explain BB motivation, however what is the motivation for mysterious writer? Why does he do work so diligently to expose BB is the murderer, with his girlfriend possible present. Mysterious man also introduces that “boyfriend and new girlfriend will try collect reward to move away, but your daughter’s spirit is haunting him repeatedly.” The reward money as a motivation, if true they would have to involve themselves or maybe he thinks girlfriend will identify BB.

Mysterious writer also tells us he is anonymous and the police dept is corrupt and LE is trying to kill him. He closes with a suggest “the boyfriend will crack if police push him via new girlfriend’s associate.” Consider this was written 2 1/3 months after the murder and anonymous Mystery writer pinpoints new girl friends associate. Interesting letter. Consider his motivation. It must be very important.




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8 Responses to R – Questions Re Mysterious Letter Spurs Interest in Writer’s Motivation

  1. R says:

    After many many years being involved with Shellie’s murder I have given it much thought and prayer. I know that the VBPD knows who killed Shellie and I want to put my thought out here that maybe this is all in Gods hands and God is not yet ready for the identity to be known.
    I believe that when the time is right the killer will be brought in arrested tried and convicted. I firmly will stand to my belief that in the right time it will be known.
    Let us just turn this over and place it in his hands and just pray daily.
    With that said I believe we all know who killed Shellie. We know for fact that Shellie her killer sweet miss char and God knows and VBPD knows

  2. Evidence says:

    Lol, we all knew who killed Shellie from the very beginning. We knew, Mr. Carson knew, the police knew. Somewhere out there is a piece of evidence that will trap this piece of crap. It will happen, it is just a matter of time. Justice really needs to interview the girlfriend/ex wife. The pressure alone, might just be too much too bear.

  3. R says:

    No i believe we just need to let it all rest and let the pieces fall into place on their own just my opinion

  4. Clarke Kent says:

    R Your motivation is sincer,however I firmly believe that prayer alone must be supported by dogged investigation. The LE isn’t proavtive with Shellie’s case and it will only be solved with preasure and efforts. You must understand that in Va Bch alone there are over 7o unsolved murders. I spoke to other people who lost love ones and they prayed constantly and would love a group like Justice For Shellie searching for the Killer. I don’t know if Bill spoke with police but it was many months ago the last time he had contact by LE.

  5. Evidence says:

    I am not religious. The death of Shellie was just evil. The idea of this monster so smugly getting away with this horrendous murder does not sit well with me. On the contrary. It burns me up. I want the SOB caught.
    That little jerk has done nothing to help find the Killer. One of the most self absorbed persons I have ever met or come in contact with.
    I do believe that he is aided with a allied contact and advisor. I have always believed this. Justice would do well to ditch any form of this. Any new evidence would go directly to him with advisement. Advisement on how to interview, how to call for a lawyer when questioned, how to get rid of evidence, how to speak in public or actually NOT to open mouth. Someone right at his side the whole way.
    Clark, I think you may have been played all along. Think about it.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Evidence The only way to prevent more information from getting to him is close down the Website & blog. Is that what you suggest? Something to concider.BB has participated in the web site/blog since the beginning of the Justice For Shellie. He has commented hundreds of times and only concluded after we question him on his insistence that Shellie called to confirm that he got home OK. The insistence that she called from her cell to his home phone.When I introduced the cell record showing no call from her cell is recordrd he became upset and denied it firmly. At that point he left the interview as well as his participation.

  6. Back to Back Faces says:

    I agree. BB and his social manner is all about him. He wants the limelight. He is drama and he doesn’t care about no one. Shellie was warned about this female at Best Buy. MF left Shellie and BB to fight and argue. He may have or may not have known what was happening but he knew better than to take part in the argument. I would say that Shellie was having second thoughts about BB from this day. I think BB knew he was going to lose her then had second thoughts and tried to make up with her and she told him to just get lost and she called MF and was talking to him when he tried to make up with her. I do believe this girlfriend called Shellie that night because BB told her to call and squash rumors. Shellie didn’t believe her and BB became mad her and went home he may have went to sleep who knows. His father said he didn’t want to wake him when he got in. Where was his father working at that time that he got in after BB. Did his father worked overnight or something? If BB got home after meeting Shellie trying to make up (was it midnight that BB was at Shellie’s home) what time did his father come home? Why was the father so late in coming home? Did we miss something here? Need to check. This family has many excuses. Next morning BB goes to work then his mother purchased some shirts and snacks that Shellie may like. This is a crock of —-. No one wants anything to do with BB unless he tries to sing songs that no one really cares about. He is not going anywhere and selling no songs. Wuzes do nothing. BB has always said others murdered Shellie. Did he have help from TN?

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