Shellie Sighted on Va beach Blvd Four Hours Prior to Murder

Written by Clarke Kent

This post deals with an alert to Justice from a bus driver for the HRT who wrote the following email. “I saw shelly rideing her bike on va blvd that night she looked very young to me I wondered why she was out so late I was driving a city bus at the time I did notice a white or cream color car following her pretty close with two men one driving was white and husky and a passenger small white the car was med sized I didn’t get a lience plate I wish I had . im sorry I never thought I could help but after all this time it still bothers me ! god bless you !”

This comment appeared in the Justice for Shellie website on Jan 4, 2016, written by Anon Linda. I was quick to contact Anon Linda and have had two separate meetings that were also attended by several other people associated with Justice.

The basic reason these interviews and info were held in abeyance was because of inconsistencies in the time line. Anon Linda claims that she was the bus driver on Va Beach Blvd and because the route requires that she arrive at each pick up location at specific times. On this evening she started around 11 PM and was traveling East on Va Beach Blvd. She arrived at one of her appointments pick up shots early and while parked on the East Bound Va Beach Blvd she observed a single young female riding a bike on the opposite side (VB Blvd) going westbound. As she watched this young lady ride her bike she also observed a white sedan medium sized following at a distance. She because transfixed on watching the bike rider and the white sedan. She explained her intense interest was because she was molested as a young girl and some how she sensed possible danger. the time line she observed the young lady was between 12:20 and 12:25 AM. She continues as the bike rider passed in the westbound lane she saw the whole vehicle had two riders. the driver was taller than the person on the passenger side she could not see the driver but could only see a smaller image of the passenger. She describes the car as white or cream in color and it was following who she believes was Shellie, at a close distance. When prodded she feels that the bike rider (Shellie) was unaware of the car. Anon L continues that the car was in the far right lane and for obvious reasons was driving at the same pace as the bike, thereby traveling 15 mph in a 45 mph sped limit on Va Beach Blvd. As the bike passed she watched as she approached the Little Neck Rd corner and did observe that the bike turned right followed by the medium sized sedan.

While Anon L stands by her timeline of 12:20 to 12:25, Justice feels we should re-examine our information.

If she was inaccurate about the time and it was 11:20 – 11:25 it would fir into Justice’s timeline We know Shellie was talking to BB on his home phone for the period of 10:54 to 11:44 PM. That would be corroberated by the telephone records. Remember I was always concerned about BB demanding he speak to her on his home number and that Saturday he wouldn’t answer his cell, but only accept calls on the home line. I was suspicious of this pattern, especially on the period of time of her muder.

The car matches BB vehicle however BB could not be in the car since he was home talking to Shellie unless there was a way to transfer the call to his cell phone.

Justice is requesting our cadre to contribute to the information Anon L supplied as she claims a picture helped identify Shellie as the bike rider. The white vehicle was similar. Could the bus driver have been incorrect in her timeline? Could Shellie after leaving the 7-11 traveled via Va beach Blvd instead of a more direct route of Kings Grant Rd? If this was indeed Shellie who was following her on Va Beach Blvd?

If the time line o the bus driver is accurate this was not Shellie. Even the bus driver stated that she looked so young, was alone and she felt in a dangerous position and identified her from news clippings. Was the car following the bike rider a parent following their daughter for safety? Your opinion?


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3 Responses to Shellie Sighted on Va beach Blvd Four Hours Prior to Murder

  1. Anon says:

    I’m just curious if there is a sequential timeline of events from the case on this website? I no longer live in the area but I was a senior in high school when this happened and have never forgotten about this case. I don’t have any knowledge of the case other than that Shellie was murdered in my neighborhood and it has never been solved, but I’m so happy to see people are still working on it. I see there are several posts on here regarding facts of the case, but a timeline of events (again if it’s posted then please disregard) would be very helpful.

    • Lois layne says:

      Anon we have many posts concerning the timeline of the last 24 hours of sHellies life. I will ask clarke to post this timeline again for you.

  2. Evidence says:

    When I was in college, I got a job through the school working in the TRT Planning dept. We assisted in timelines, routes and ridership data and planning routes. The timelines on each route is extremely close. Drivers are very keen to the accuracy of each stop and Since each stop is done so frequently. Too much information presented to not have been Shellie. Odd that the Justice time line and hers is exactly one hour difference. This could be a mistake by her given the amount of years. Right time, just wrong on the hour. Easy to due. Drivers have a tendency to remember the minutes of the hour more precisely than the hour.
    It once again, brings the “White Car” into the crime scene. A White car, just like the car BB refused to describe when asked so many times on this very blog.
    Could the driver have seen BB and a female in the car? BB’s car has alway’s been a big thorn in his side. That and his constant evading of the truth and downright lying.
    Justice, what is the route from BB’s house to Little Neck Rd? When was the Time Shellie reported home by her father? How much time would it take to ride the bike from the Blvd to her house?

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