Clarke’s Corner – An Update

Written by Clarke Kent

I have been very happy with the progress we are getting through the assistance of Lois Lane. We are both in close contact and communicate almost daily. We have learned many new things concerning Shellie and her murder. We have interviewed a number of cooperating peers of Shellie and am happy with our progress. I will share with readers a few things we learned.

BB is using his facebook page as a dating website, according to several females. I quote from one female. “BB is her friend via facebook and he is really annoying always hitting on her and actually I have heard that from a few different people. Apparently, he uses facebook as a dating website and females find him weird and very annoying. I did go thru his page and it is true he seems to be hitting on every female he comes in contact with.”

Lois Lane as identified BB’ s wife who has remarried and has 2 children.

Learn thru a source that LJP “has been put in witness relocation program. He said he verified this somehow.”

Justice with Lois Lane has identified several sources who knew Shellie and actually played softball and basketball with her on the team. Lois relates the following. “She will have a team photo of Shellie playing basketball with PH as the coach. BA was also on the team as well as 2 or 3 other girls that she knows she actually plays softball with her. The main buzz was that Shellie told people that she was being sexually and physically abused…and that she was extremely scared of him. She says a lot of people have always assumed it was him. She did say that she does know Shellie lied a lot and was sleeping with multiple men. Also LP and EW and CT (female) were her good friends. they were all very promiscuous and in fact kinda LP and CT (male) were friends with benefits and she believes LP will lie at any cost to protect CT. She has a lot of interesting info?

One last thing – Lois Lane reveals in this email the following:


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  1. Lois layne says:

    I’m above post where it says illegible. It should say that i have identified bbs ex wife who is now remarried with 2 children.

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