Lois Lane/Facebook Advise “Stay Tuned. We’ve Learned Some Interesting Stuff

Written by Clarke Kent

Clarke’s new assistant Lois Lane and her introduction of the Justice for Shellie facebook pages is starting to garner a new following and dividends will follow. I coordinate with her almost daily and I asked her to prepare an email with information we learned because Lois Lane is putting periodically actual post of past posting and a lot of new people are now discovering the Justice for Shellie website/blog and new information is be9ing learned. I will attach her email and you can read word for word about what she is learning. Clark suggests that readers also read a post dated Feb 22, 2012 entitled “Web Snooping at Work” and a post entitiled “Behind the Scene – Web Snooping – What is Learned” dated Feb 27, 2015. Of particular value is the 1st Web Snooping at Work had 145 comments from community participants which is worth the read.


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6 Responses to Lois Lane/Facebook Advise “Stay Tuned. We’ve Learned Some Interesting Stuff

  1. Juliet says:

    Very interesting. I wonder if any of these guys will have any reply to this. Probably not. But i do know that if it were me being accused, id make damn sure to prove myself innocent.

  2. Back to Back Faces says:

    Now L JP is in witness protection (is this right?) how will this play out? He seems to get away with all. I can’t see him being a big time drug dealer. I don’t believe this. He was an idiot that made probably many pre teens druggies that probably still are druggies. Now I can see LJP and MS2 a very bad match up. I guess LJP was the smarter one here because MS2 seems to have faded from grace. Now mix TN with all and now we have just simply more idiots running together. But would they murder Shellie I do believe they could in the right circumstances. But who or whom was pushing BB to a breaking point. Still say all these people knew each other. BB can appear lacking but even he is smart enough to know when he is being used. People want to say that he didn’t know what Shellie was or wasn’t doing. He knew and his family were fully aware of what was going on. I think the mother was more aware than anyone as well as well as his sister. We need to keep these two front and center with BB. I don’t believe his father either someone was guiding this murder. It started with the fight at Best Buy. Two weeks prior was someone’s breaking point. Was BB sleeping with ex at that time. People say no but I do not believe this. People were shoving this girl in front of BB as a pawn. It’s almost like we know Shellie is leaving so we want you to hook up with someone else. This was a planned act and I do believe family played a part. But what was the pay off? Was his sister into drugs at that time? Was she helping LJP or sleeping with him?

    • Juliet says:

      I have yo agree with you about bb. At first i thiught he was so naive he didnt even know what shrllie was up to. But after all these years, i think he knew exactly what she was doing. I yhink bb is smarter than he tries to portray. I just cant figure out why someone would try to appear dumber than they actually are? Hmmm.

    • Evidence says:

      Back to Faces, you said this very well. I am in full agreement with you. However never considered the father may have aided him. This makes sense. Thanks for posting.

      • Back to Back Faces says:

        BB is street when he has to be or when others are around him. He is like all others living a certain life. He likes to be liked and his music provides that comfort zone. On the other hand he played a part with Shellie and her family as the parents did especially his mother. Sister to if I had to say. They want to be valued and respected so they try to be kind and nice when in certain circles. But at home totally different story. They didn’t have to pretend with Shellie she was open. But to Shellie’s parents they are the ones that needed to fit in. They guided BB as to how to fit in like his job at JC Penny’s. Fitting in playing a part that’s all. I’m thinking personality disorders are alive and well within the circles of family. Anger and betrayal, family and BB took this to a whole new personal level. Family and sister control BB but what’s going to happen when he decides to break free. When people have drastic changes in family, family home or when a new person enters and break bonds then we will see more. To blame others for Shellie’s murder was the first real red flag then bring in the argument resolved or not then the rings then telling MF his car was or was not his car then MF seeing car like BB’s sitting across the street or driving by, it’s like the truth is here but people want this to live on why because personality disorders want to stay in the limelight. The story is just about done.

  3. Clarke Kent says:

    We will beinterviewing Anonomous H and i will relate more information on what she observed and learned from others concerning Shellie’s murder.

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