Justice’s Facebook Pages – Pay Dividends – “Secret Squirrel”

Written by Clarke Kent

The meeting and interview was entirely written by Lois Lane. I have not read it as this posting but will after I publish it Lois Lane has certainly vitalised interest on the Shellie Carson murder case. People like Secret Squirrel lived in the community and certainly have a greater interest in the case, than the average person residing in Va Beach. the Justice for Shellie website/blog was created to capture local interest of people who might want to help by their participation and sharing of information surrounding the murder of an 18 year old girl riding her bike at night and early morning. Someone holds the key to solving the case and that is why we at Justice for Shellie dialogue about this case, because we believe that information generated on our website/blog might help in solving this horrid, brutal murder. We as all to read as much as you an and if you have information contact the cold case squad or tell us as we share information with VBPD of all pertinent information and have supplied them with many names and phone contact with those persons who want to see justice for Shellie.

Please read the attachment of Lois Lane’s email to Clarke Kent



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