Mysterious Call to Carson’s Prior to LE IDing Shellie Creates New Interest

Written By Clarke Kent

There was a telephone call made from an ex boyfriend of Shellie, made to the Carson home phone at 10:06 on Sunday, Aug 14, 2005. No voice mail message was left, however VBPD know that it came from JC, the ex boyfriend while Bill and Charlotte were in church. At 10:06 AM the VBPD did not know the identity of the murdered female found at the Kings Grant Circle. Justice has learned new information from the old boyfriend that pinpoints who made that call. Originally it was thought that it was JC the ex boyfriend, however Justice has learned from Lois Lane some new information that pinpoints another male who was JC brother’s guest at the house the night of the murder and he was the person allegedly who called the Carson household. I’ll quote who Lois Lane passed on to me “He says the night before Shellie died a guy who’s name he can’t remember came to the house from Kings Grant and asked to spend the night. It was his brother’s friend. He stayed the night and the next morning used JC’s house phone to call the Carson house around 10 AM. And then left. JC said police assumed he made that call and he had to get video footage from his job to prove he wasn’t home that night. So whoever that guy was made that call and came from Kings Grant to hide out for the night. That guy had to have something to do with the murder.”

Lois and I will be interviewing the ex boyfriend who is known as JC and who sent a love letter to the Carsons several years after her murder. I will be writing a post on the interview as well as the letter he sent with is a story in itself. Stay tuned.

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3 Responses to Mysterious Call to Carson’s Prior to LE IDing Shellie Creates New Interest

  1. Lois layne says:

    Jc has been extremely cooperative and is working with his brother to find out the name of the guy who made that call. I can tell from our conversations that he really cared for shellie and wants justice for her. I believe he will be a great benefit to helping us finally find out who committed this heinous crime.

    • Clarke Kent says:

      Lois Lane Thanks for your work in opening new avenues of information, I look foward to our meeting with him when I return fron S,C. As you are aware I have his letter to Shellie a few years after her brutal murder and will hopefully have the opportunity to discuss it at our meeting,

      • Lois layne says:

        Thats the plan! Hopefully our schedules will coordinate and we can do this interview asap. He did state. To me that he works alot but i told him we are flexible and will meet at any time. Safe travels back home!

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