Early Records on JC Does it Have Any Probative Value?

Written by Clarke Kent

The Carson family has turned over all the records of Shellie’s murder. With regard to JC we have a statement from Oct 17, 2005 about 3 months after Shellie’s brutal murder on Aug 14, 2005. (See Attachment “A”) We also have a document from Feb 23, 2006 that reveals “History of Shellie Carson, JC and DK.” See attachment “B.” Justice reveals these documents for your consumption. It is heavily redacted, however they may be of value for others to contemplate JC as and ex-boyfriend as well as a person who called the Carson house phone at 10:06 AM prior to Shellie being identified as the victim of a murder. These early documents predate a handwritten note left at the Carson home on March 25, 2008. Read these exhibits as well as the “letter” when published with the idea of gleaning and hidden value. Justice thru Lois Lane has learned that the call to the Carson house was made by a friend of JC’s brother. Justice also suggests you also read the attachment “C” written to Det Tucker, from Charlotte and Bill Carson on April 21, 2008. Justice asks our sleuth team to determine if there is any probative value learned with regard to Shellie’s brutal murder or is it just a love letter to Shellie from an ex-boyfriend who just had to express his feelings with the Carson family. your opinion and comments are requested.

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2 Responses to Early Records on JC Does it Have Any Probative Value?

  1. Juliet says:

    Clarke im a little bit confused. I emailed you with a couple questions i hope you can answer for me.

  2. Clarke Kent says:

    juliet Early on the Carsons knew of a relationship with a guy call Devon. In an effort to find out who he was Drew looked in the First Colinial High year book and discovered several Devons. We have finally discovered the true identity of Devon. It is NDR with the middle name being Devon. I sent you info that pinpoints him and his criminal records.

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